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Suits: One-Two-Three Go… – Season 4 Episode 1

The Season 4 premiere of suits picks up with our main characters being happy. Well, at least, most of them are having sex. Mike and Rachel are still together, Harvey is with a random girl (with Scottie still being gone), and even Jessica’s with some random guy. Of course, we know that this can’t last as the world of Pearson Specter can’t seem to ever exist without some kind of conflict.


After the montage of everyone coming getting out of bed with someone and making it out into the world we get a quick glimpse of the state of the world. Mike has been working as an investment banker at the Sidwell Investment Group (SIG) with Amy, his own version of Donna. Rachel is now pulling double duty by working under Harvey at Pearson Specter (PS) and attending Columbia law school. Harvey is back to his single life which means new girls at night and Donna during the day. We also see that Jessica’s even getting in on the action as she’s seen leaving the bedroom of a mystery man in the morning.

In the business world Mike is being put under pressure. During his first 3 months his continued to land acquisitions but not the way Sidwell wants. Mike’s been continuing in his benevolent ways and trying to help people rather than gut them, which is only gaining him moderate returns. Now he’s being charged to bring in big money no matter what the cost to his targets. So Mike comes up with a plan to take over a big company (owned by Mike Gillis) amicably by convincing the owner that he’s there to help instead of to show up and take the company apart. In order to do this, he goes to Harvey. PS is still employed by SIG which makes Mike Harvey’s client. Unfortunately, Harvey also doesn’t agree with Mike’s way of doing things and advises him to go about things the normal way, the same as his bosses are telling him to. The problem, which Mike neglects to tell Harvey, is that he’s trying to do this without having to spend money because it makes it more appealing to his firm. This role reversal doesn’t sit well with Harvey and he decides to send Mike a “message” by letting Rachel go home early. This tells Mike that Harvey isn’t taking his idea seriously and that he’s not trying to work on it. In response Mike comes to Harvey’s place to tell him that he’s putting PS into review and is interviewing new firms to help him. Harvey later admits that he was being a dick to Mike and intends to make things right, but something else gets in the way.

Of course, there’s other things going on at PS. Louis Litt and Katrina are back to their scheming ways again. They find out that the SEC is going to send a lawyer with a vicious reputation after their firm. Louis realizes that it’s going to be a big case that he’s uniquely qualified to handle. He also believes that it could lead to him being a name partner. However, when he hears Harvey talking about the idea of making a client come to them, Louis decides to employ the same tactic and waits to have Harvey and Jessica ask him to help with the problem when it arises. Later, Harvey and Jessica are surprised by the same lawyer that Lewis knew was coming: Jeff Malone. The problem is (for Louis anyway), that Malone hasn’t actually been given the order to go after PS yet. Before he gets the order, he’s decided to come to PS to switch sides. Later on we find out that he’s also the one who’s been having “morning meetings” with Jessica. After he leaves, she confronts him in his office. He tells her that he wants to have their relationship as well as working with her. Jessica refuses to have a relationship with a co-worker or to be strong armed into bringing someone else into the firm. After an impromptu dinner with Harvey, she decides to bring Jeff on but only after one last night together. This means, no chance to step-up for Louis.

The other thing that’s happening at PS is that one of their billion dollar accounts is under new management. That new management is Logan Sanders, the sun of the former company owner. Harvey decides that he wants to make Logan chase him in order to make the firm seem more appealing. The only goal is to keep Logan from switching to a new law firm but the ploy works. After being put on the back burner, Logan storms into Harvey’s office and pretty much demands a meeting with him. After the two feel each other out for a moment they quickly begin to develop a rapport. Things are going well until Logan reveals that he wants to go after Gillis’ company, the same one that Mike is going after. Unfortunately for Harvey, this all happens before he could go tell Mike that he was going to do things the way he wanted. Harvey has to immediately stop the meeting with Logan because he has a conflict being that Mike is also a client. However, because mike put PS into review, Harvey is obligated to go with Logan instead.

In the act of letting Mike know that there is a conflict, he also tips Mike off that there’s another competitor going for the same company he is. This ramps everything up for Mike and Harvey. The presence of another buyer means that Mike will have to put up his company’s money in order to make his plan succeed, which makes it risky for them and him. It also means that he and Harvey (as well as Rachel) will be competing against each other directly. That is, if Mike decides to sign the papers that absolve PS of their conflict. Harvey goes to Mike with paperwork for him to sign to allow him to work with Logan. Both of them know that this means that they’ll be pitted directly against each other if Mike signs it. Even though they don’t seem to have the same amount of animosity that they had at first, Mike has already anticipated this and has drawn up and signed the papers himself and has them waiting on Harvey when he gets there. After exchanging a couple of verbal jabs with each other Harvey leaves Mike’s office and they prepare to let the games begin. Right at the end of the episode, there is one last bomb dropped. When Mike talks to Rachel about the new case she reminds him (and the audience) that she once had an affair with a married man. It turns out that that man was Logan Sanders.


BUM, BUM, BUUUUUUMMMM! That last bit of information from Rachel just let me know that this whole season is going to be completely wrapped up in this Harvey vs. Mike competition. Not only is it going to provide the interaction between the two leads but, it seems like, it’s going to provide the relationship drama between Mike and Rachel. While I don’t believe that Mike’s separation from Harvey will be a permanent thing, I am really looking forward to a season (or at least part of a season) of them being able to go head-to-head against each other. In the episode Mike compares Harvey and himself to Jordan and Lebron and who wouldn’t want to see those two face off. I’m also looking forward to Jessica having her own independent story from the outset of the season. Normally, her influence has been as a support or device for some kind of issue that Harvey and Mike are dealing with. Now she has to make a similar choice to the one Harvey had to make with Scottie. Clearly, it didn’t work out for Harvey and Jessica’s made her choice but it doesn’t seem like it’s one she’s going to be able to abide by easily. I’m sure it’ll make for some nice development for her character.

In general, I think this season could be really interesting for the main female characters at PS. We already know that Jessica’s got some stuff going on. Rachel’s going to be caught between school, Mike, Harvey and Logan so I’m sure that won’t be easy. The only one left to need a significant story is Donna. Although, given how bright her personality is, her effect can easily be felt on the show in short bursts without having a primary story. With Scottie out of the picture and so much relationship drama abound I don’t think the show would play with the idea of teasing the Donna/Harvey relationship again but, right now, it’s the only interesting thing we know about her character that hasn’t been resolved. I’m still not sure if all 3 ladies will get big stories, but I noticed early on, that there was a scene that just featured them which seems strange for the show. I’m hoping it’s a sign.

suits s4e1 ladies
the women of suits

I do wonder where Louis is going to fall into all of this. The SEC is still going to come after PS but now they have Jeff Malone on their side he may have no role to play in it. If we’ve learned anything in the past it’s that Louis is can be a great asset or an unfortunate hindrance depending on how he thinks Harvey and Jessica are treating him. Even though this situation is of his own making, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets petty again and ends up harming the firm in some way during the SEC investigation. I really don’t want that to be what happens in this season but it almost feels unavoidable. I’d much rather have the hopeful Louis and his humorous exchanges with Katherine than I would the Louis who’s trying to be vengeful toward the firm.

All in all, it’s an interesting set-up for a season that feels like it’s starting off as what will ultimately be a kind of stop-gap for the show. Having Mike out of the office makes things different and breaks the cycle of the show, so to speak. However, I think we all know he’ll end up back there with a whole new set of issues to deal with. I think this season will just inform us about what kind of state the relationships of everyone at the firm will be in after going through this precarious situation.

Episode Rating: B+