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Sword Art Online II – Episode 10 : Death Chaser

Kirito stops Death Gun from assassinating Sinon, but she’s still paralyzed. The two have to find a way to get away from him and give her time to recover.

Picking up right where the last episode left off, Death Gun is standing over a panicking and paralyzed Sinon. As he’s about to take the shot, Kirito hits him in the shoulder with a bullet from a long range weapon. He follows it up by throwing a grenade, which causes Death Gun to seek cover. It turns out that it’s just a smoke grenade and he uses it’s cover to grab Sinon and flee to a vehicle. He takes the motorcycle because it’s easier to drive but leaves a faster horse behind. He tells Sinon to destroy the horse but seeing that gun has paralyzed her with fear and she can’t pull the trigger. Death Gun makes it to the horse and pursues them and Sinon degenerates to being a helpless little girl begging for Kirito to save her.


With Death Gun in pursuit Kirito’s got no time for her to recover. He tries to take control of her Hecate as well as the bike. That’s enough to get her to attempt to fire the gun again since she considers Hecate part of herself. She still says she can’t fire the gun but Kirito tells her it’s not that she can’t, it’s that she doesn’t know if she should. Kirito assists her in firing while still driving the bike. He launches them into the air and gets off a shot. The shot misses but manages to cause a huge explosion that gets Death Gun off their backs. During the entire thing Sinon continues to marvel at Kirito’s strength and wonders how he can be so calm when in the middle of a situation like this. However, she realizes that it’s not that he’s calm he’s just fighting as hard as he can without making excuses. I should also point out that the action here is ridiculous. Kirito is flying a 3 wheeled motorcycle, firing a sniper rifle, and consoling an panicking girl all at the same time. The dude is pretty awesome.

This explosion, also awesome.
This explosion, also awesome.

Once they get away from town, Sinon leads them to a cave in the middle of the desert where they can hide out. Once they’re inside, Kirito begins to break down what happened. After finding Gunner X and defeating her, he saw Sinon on the ground. At that point, he took her gun and grenades and used them to save Sinon. He tries to reassure Sinon by saying that Death Gun would’ve gotten the drop on anyone with his invisibility cloak. Sinon realizes that she’s being coddled and becomes even sadder that the man she sees as a rival realizes that she’s weak and needs such attention. However, Kirito reveals that he’s also scared but that he won’t run away because he’s worried about how many others Death Gun would kill if he did. This once again causes Sinon to regard him as strong.


Sinon offers to go after Death Gun with him but Kirito says that it’ll be more dangerous for her because she’s a sniper. Sinon tells him that she’d rather die than be weak like she was when they were fleeing. As the conversation continues Sinon gets more emotional before eventually breaking down in tears. During her fit she blurts out that she was a murderer and has a flashback to other kids rejecting he for having killed someone. This flashback just further confirms the idea that kids are dicks. Seems really backward to despise a kid for doing something heroic just because the bad guy died. Once she calms down she tells Kirito the full story about her past and the reason she’s trying to become stronger in GGO. In return, Kirito tells her about his past in SAO and how it relates to Death Gun.

…and the sun rises on Kirito and Sinon’s new relationship

Episode Rating: B