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The Americans: I Am Abassin Zadran – Season 3 Episode 12

Philip and Elizabeth are trying to continue arranging for the CIA-Afghan meeting while managing Paige’s access to new information.

The Mission:

The Jennings have set-up the hotel room of the most radical member of the Afghani group, the Mujahideen. The man is named Abassin Zadran and he is a stone cold, radical killer. They arrange to pose as CIA agents ahead of the actual meeting. They fill Zadran’s head with lies about his cohorts wanting to undermine the meeting with the CIA. They then unleash him with a plan to kill his betrayers in order to have the meeting for himself. At least, I think that was the plan. I’m not really sure if the CIA will still meet with him given the fact that he was last seen covered in a lot of blood with guns pointed at him. I know the Russians are supposed to be the bad guys, but this dude is straight up murder-crazy.

Martha and the FBI:

Philip’s next move is to go meet with Martha. When he gets to her apartment, Hans drives by and waves him off. He saw a man get out of a government car and enter the building. Hans, and subsequently, Philip had no way of knowing that the man in question was Stan Beeman. Stan was following up his hunch that something’s going on with Martha. Once again, Martha surprised me by being really good at deflecting Stan’s questions and getting him out of the apartment. The next day Hans delivers Martha to a secure site where she meets Clark. He assures her that Beeman doesn’t know it’s her, but also knows that they do have to figure out something before things get worse.

In the end, he doesn’t have a chance to figure anything out. While Philip is dealing with all of the other craziness that his life is throwing at him, Martha is having a hard time coming to grips with everything that’s happening. The next time Clark comes over, he finds her packed and ready to leave for her parent’s house. In a move that I absolutely do not understand, Philip decides to take off his disguise in front of Martha, leaving her in shock. I was always worried that Martha might die but, now, I’m sure she’s gonna die. You don’t get to see Philip’s real face and live unless you’re going to become a full fledged operative.

Paige, still getting outta line:

After setting up at the hotel, Philip and Elizabeth come home to find a note from Paige saying that she’s staying at Pastor Tim’s. They quickly rush out to retrieve her and turn on their parent voices to let her know that she’s not going to be able to get away with that. Later in the episode she shows up to give another performance of “yell a bunch of questions and storm out of the room”. Philip tries to let her know that the parts of her family with them and Henry are real. He also insists to Elizabeth that she take Paige back to Russia in order to see her grandmother before she dies. Initially Elizabeth is resistant, but after their meeting with Zadran, she decides to risk it.

Other Observations:

  • Elizabeth has Lisa snap some photos at Northrop, but Maurice continues to inject himself into the situation.
  • Gabriel and Claudia meet at a diner to discuss the situation with the children of Directorate S after the disaster of the boy killing his family and having the potential to try again with Paige.
  • Stan is accused by Aderholdt of planting the pen in Gaad’s office.
  • Arkady decides to scrap the FBI listening program because of the excess of information, but Oleg and Tatiana persuade him to keep it going.