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The Flash: The Flash Reborn – Season 4 Episode 1

With Barry locked away in the Speed Force, Iris has stepped in as the new leader of Team Flash.


It’s been 6 months since Barry went into the Speed Force. Vibe and Kid Flash have been fighting metas with Iris guiding them from Star Labs. Julian has moved back to London and Joe and Cecile are preparing to move in together. Everything is kind of moving forward, but Joe is concerned that Iris has never really taken the time to mourn Barry. On top of that, without Barry, HR and Caitlin, the team is stretched thin.

A mysterious Samurai appears in Central City demanding the Flash. The new team is quickly dispatched when they try to face him. This leads Cisco to reveal that he’s been working on a way to get Barry out of the speed force. He believes that now is the time to use it. Iris is resistant because she can’t take the idea of getting her hopes up only to be let down. Even so, Cisco is determined to move forward. He finds Caitlin, who’s now working as a bartender at a dive bar, to help him with the process. They use the speed canon to blast Barry out of the Speed Force, but it doesn’t work exactly as planned. At first, they think they failed. What actually happened is that Barry emerged from the Speed Force in another city.

The authorities find Barry naked on the side of the road, but he’s not in his right mind. Cecile summons the team to the police station where they find Barry scribbling symbols all over the walls while ranting and gibbering seemingly unconnected thoughts. The team scrambles to try to figure out how to fix Barry, but nothing seems to be working. The samurai reappears and Wally decides to pose as the Flash to meet his ultimatum, but that just ends in Wally’s leg being badly injured. The team redoubles their efforts to fix Barry, but nothing seems to be working.

When the Samurai’s deadline comes, Barry is still in no condition to fight. When Samurai demands the Flash, Iris takes a leap of faith and tells him to take her as a hostage. She believes that Barry will come to save her no matter what state he’s in. When Joe rushes back to STAR to tell him that Iris has been taken, Barry’s eyes light with lightning and he takes off in his new Flash suit after Iris. As the team monitors Barry moving faster than he ever has before, he easily runs down the Samurai and saves Iris. He unmasks the Samurai to reveal that he’s a robot. As his body sparks, a voice comes from the robot saying, “Flash. Welcome back.”

The entire experience seems to have brought Barry back to his normal consciousness. He and Iris return to STAR labs where they confirm that Barry does seem okay, but he also says he doesn’t really remember anything that happened between walking into the Speed Force and saving Iris. Even so, things are looking up. Cisco has dubbed the robot Samurai, “Samuroid”. Caitlin has decided to return to work at STAR. Barry and Iris return home, before Barry has to run off to be the Flash again.

Of course, things wouldn’t be right without a bit of a cliffhanger. The last scene of the episode looks in on a pale man wired into a large chair. He was apparently behind the Samuroid and has plans for the Flash.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • The episode beings with Kid Flash, Vibe and Joe all chasing down Peekaboo.
  • Wally really wants to
  • “Does anybody speak Japanese” – Vibe
    [Kid Flash speaks Japanese]
    “Tell me he did not just speak Japanese” – Vibe
    “I can do things” – Kid Flash
  • The episode does offer a minor spoiler for Arrowhen Cisco says that he consulted with Curtis and Felicity on getting Barry back. It hadn’t actually been revealed that they had survived the explosion on Lian-Yu when this episode aired.
  • Caitlin has Killer Frost under control, but it’s not really explained how she got to where she is now. She seems to have some control over Killer Frost, but only in sealing her away, not controlling her actions.
  •  We learn that Caitlin has been working for someone named Amunet. She unceremoniously breaks her ties with her employer with some help from Killer Frost.


This is the episode of The Flash that I was looking forward to the least. I knew that a big part of it would be “how do we get Barry back”. This was never going to be very interesting because we all know that Barry would return. You can’t have The Flash without the Flash. Thankfully, it was less of the episode than I thought it would be. Overall, I thought they managed to do what needed to be done while still having a bit of fun, especially in the beginning of the episode.

With Barry back, the next thing that has to be set up is what Team Flash will have to face throughout season 4. When Barry is babbling, some of the things he says are from previous episodes of the show. He regurgitates things he said while training with Oliver and fighting with Wells. So, it stands to reason that some of the things he said are also from his future. “This house is Bitchin'”, “We’re gonna need more diapers”, “Your honor, I didn’t kill that man” are all phrases that suggest things from Barry’s future. The house line is yet unsolved, but the diaper line likely refers to the Barry and Iris’ kids aka the Tornado Twins and the plea likely refers to the “Trial of the Flash” story line. Both of those stories are things that could happen during season 4, but are unlikely because of how much more development would be required. For example, both of those stories would require Barry and Iris to actually be married. And, in the trial of the Flash, Barry kills the Reverse Flash who is currently not present in this universe.

Instead, it seems more likely that the obvious answer will be the correct one. The Samuroid was being controlled someone. Based on interviews, this character should be the “Thinker” a known Flash villain from the comics. There’s also the issue of what’s going to happen with this Amunet character that Caitlin just blew off. I suspect that those will be the main issues going forward, with just a little bit of Barry dealing with what happened to him in the Speed Force.