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Arrow: What We Leave Behind – Season 5 Episode 9

With Prometheus still on the loose another vigilante appears and starts taking out criminals.


Now that the shenanigans with the aliens have passed, the members of Team Arrow are preparing for the Christmas season. Diggle, Rene and Rory are joined by Evelyn in the Arrow Cave while Oliver is throwing a party as the Mayro. Felicity’s also decided to finally introduce everyone to her new boyfriend, Billy Malone. Unfortunately, while introducing him to Curtis and his husband, Paul, she punches a hole in the story Curtis has been telling his husband about working on a start-up with Felicity. This leads to a fight that takes Curtis outside. While he’s arguing, Curtis is attacked by Prometheus. He manages to put up a fight, but Prometheus puts a knife in him before leaving him on the street. Curtis wakes up in the hospital with his husband wanting an explanation for how Curtis was able to go toe-to-toe with Prometheus. That conversation is put on hold while Oliver and the team focus on the revelation that Prometheus knows who they are.

A chemical on the weapon that Prometheus used is a clue that leads Oliver to believe that he is Justin Claybourne, someone Oliver killed back in season 1. Following the clue, Team Arrow walks right into a trap created by Prometheus. Green Arrow manages to get the upper hand on Prometheus, but Artemis launches a sneak attack on the Green Arrow and reveals her allegiance to Prometheus. Oliver also discovers something that he didn’t expect. During the fight, Oliver sees Prometheus pull a very specific move that he was taught by a “woman he met in Russia”. This reaffirms for him that Prometheus is definitely someone connected to his past.

These recent activities have also cause some relationship problems for people other than with Evelyn. Paul finally gets out of Curtis that he is working with the Green Arrow. This leads Paul to deliver the ultimatum to chose between being a vigilante and being a husband. Billy and Felicity get into a fight because Felicity wants him to stay away from the Prometheus case despite Billy wanting to follow his instincts as a cop. Of course, Billy doesn’t listen and he digs into Prometheus. This ends up with Billy getting kidnapped by Prometheus.

Remembering his pursuit of Claybourne, Green Arrow surmises where Prometheus is holed up. He gets to Claybourne’s old building to find it littered with dead bodies. The bodies are left in the same positions as the people he killed when he was last there, clearly sending a message to him. Green Arrow finds Prometheus waiting on the same rooftop where he killed Claybourne. After a brief fight, Prometheus lures Oliver into a mirrored room. He switches himself out with Billy, whom he had staged to look like him. When Oliver sees the double he fires, killing Billy.

Shocked, Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave to deliver the bad news to Felicity. He tells the team that Prometheus is trying to prove that everything he touches meets with ruin. Still in shock from what’s happened, Oliver tells everyone that they should get away from him. Diggle tells him that they’re all right where they need to be and the rest of the team gathers around Oliver and Felicity. Despite his claim, the end of the episode shows how everyone has been negatively affected by Oliver as Oliver vaguely describes his fears to Susan. Paul has walked out on Curtis, Felicity is mourning Billy, and Diggle has been ambushed by the authorities looking for him after his escape.

Not knowing about all of this yet, Susan gets Oliver to feel better. He returns to the Arrow Cave to find Laurel standing in the middle of it.

The Island / Flashback

This episode features a flashback to season 1 Oliver and Diggle. Oliver is going after Claybourne and Diggle warns him that his intense pursuit of Claybourne (or just people on the list, in general) may have farther reaching results than he realizes. We also see an interaction between a younger Oliver and Felicity.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • Speedy tells Oliver that the aliens didn’t take a happy life from her, they gave her another chance to see her parents.
  • Diggle still doesn’t know what to make out of learning that he had a daughter before Flashpoint.
  • Oliver’s favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard followed by It’s a Wonderful Life.
  • Even though she doesn’t see action, Speedy suits up in order to backup the Green Arrow.


It’s funny how quickly things get back to “normal” after the events of the crossover event. Save a couple of lines from Diggle and Felicity, you could easily go on without acknowledging that it ever happened. I suppose that’s just as well since the crossovers are really just supposed to be there as these big fun events not necessarily as world-changing events.

This was a very appropriate episode to use to kind of shock viewers out of the sense of fun that we all had from the crossover event. Prometheus definitely came out swinging in this episode and has quickly gotten the upper hand on all of Team Arrow, not just Oliver. The beginning of the episode reaffirms that his target is definitely Oliver but I wonder how much of the collateral damage in this episode was planned. He managed to deal big blows to Felicity and Curtis as well. I guess it’s also safe to assume that Diggle getting arrested was also his fault but that’s harder to say for sure. At least Paul managed to get out of town before he ended up like Billy. RIP Billy Malone.

I do think the reactions from the cast was a little bit weak. I’m going to attribute that to the fact that they were probably trying to portray the trait of shock more than outright anger or mourning. I think they were trying to hold that for the very, very end of the episode where everyone’s just sitting in bed crying. Curtis had already stated that he wasn’t planning on giving up his life as a vigilante. It remains to be seen what Felicity is going to do with the knowledge that Oliver just killed her boyfriend. Granted, it definitely wasn’t Olivers fault. Even so, I’m sure Oliver’s going to waste no time blaming himself for it. My question is whether or not Felicity will blame him for it.

I believe we’ll get an answer to that in the next episode. However, their first order of business will undoubtedly be trying to figure out why Laurel is suddenly back from¬† the dead. As Felicity pointed out earlier in the episode, people seem to come back to life very regularly in Star City. So, it’s not out of the question that this could be the real Laurel. However, after everything we went through with the League of Assassins, I doubt that she would’ve been resurrected via Lazarus pit.¬† That leaves Flashpoint or the Legends as being the primary method that she could be brought back. I doubt it would be the latter because it hasn’t really been brought up on the Legends of Tommorrow. If she is from Flashpoint, the other question would be is she a good Laurel or a bad one.