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The Flash: Invasion! – Season 3 Episode 8

Wally’s powers have arrived just in time for the annual Supergirl/Flash/Arrow crossover.


While the team is still recovering from the events of the previous episode, they get notice of a meteor heading towards downtown. When Barry races to check it out, he finds a ship full of aliens that storm out of the ship. Argus Director, Lyla Michaels, shows up in Central City but the local authorities are shutting her out. She meets with Barry and the rest of Team Flash to tell them that this is a race known to them as the “Dominators”. They landed on Earth before in the 50’s to gather information on humans. They killed lots of soldiers before inexplicably leaving. After seeing them up close, Barry is convinced that the military is outclassed. However, he knows he can’t deal with them on his own either. So, he sets out to recruit a team.

Barry makes a quick trip to Star City and snatches Green Arrow and Spartan out of a firefight with Vigilante. He brings them back to the loft where he informs them that aliens are attacking. Diggle isn’t thrilled to hear this, but Thea’s all-in on fighting aliens. Team Flash tries to leave Wally out of what’s going on because they’re worried about him getting hurt. The next step is having Felicity and Oliver send a message to the Legends. They arrive but leave Amaya and Commander Steel, the newbies, on the Waverider. The final step is heading to pick-up Supergirl. The group comes together but they’re having a little trouble getting coordinated, so they (or really, Oliver) elect Barry as their leader.

Before they get started, Dr. Stein and Jax approach Barry about a message that they found on the Waverider. A version of Barry from 40 years in the future reached out to Rip Hunter to warn him about the timeline changes caused by Flashpoint. Barry reveals to Firestorm and Oliver what happened with Flashpoint. Once they hear what’s happened, Jax wants to let everyone know what’s happened, but Oliver doesn’t think it’s a good idea to compound everyone’s burden by dumping another sci-fi problem on them. Despite Oliver’s wishes, Cisco finds the recording and confronts Barry about it in front of everyone, forcing him to reveal the results of Flashpoint.

The revelation causes a rift in the team at an in opportune time. Lyla sends them a message letting them know that the President has been kidnapped by the Dominators. Barry offers to stay behind as the rest of the team goes off to stay the President. Oliver thinks this is ridiculous and says he won’t go without Barry, which leads to the team wanting going without either of them. While the rest of the team runs into a Dominator trap, Oliver talks with Barry about what happened. He relates the stories of how he lost his own parents to Barry to make him understand that wanting to change something like that is normal. He also reminds him that he’s not a god and that people make their own choices, which also plays a part in how things turn out.

Barry and Oliver get a message from Cisco letting them know that the heroes who went to save the President have been put under mind control by the Dominators. Oliver and Barry race off to try to help, but they’re quickly outmatched by the other heroes with Supergirl’s help. Wally can’t stand on the sidelines anymore and races off to help. He manages to buy them some time, but he’s immediately knocked out by Supergirl. That gives Felicity and Cisco enough time to trace the source of the mind control. Once Barry knows where it is, he tricks Supergirl into following him to it’s source and destroying the building around the mind control device.

The heroes reconvene after getting their memories back. Ray voices everyone’s sentiment that they’re more than willing to follow Barry despite what the message said. Before than can plan their next course of action, yellow beams of light shoot down from the sky and snatch several of the heroes up. Barry orders them to take cover, but the last one to get taken is the Green Arrow.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • Honestly, there’s too many one-liners in these episodes to list them here. Needless to say, the writers were having a lot of fun with this one.
  • During the prep for training, Ray updates Barry on Snart’s death.
  • The Flashpoint change seems to have had an effect on Dr. Stein. He has flashes of a baby and returns home to discover that he now has an adult daughter at home.
  • Oh yeah, the Dominators killed the President…so that’s a thing that they’ll probably have to deal with.


So, this whole series of events is very much about having fun. From the first moment that Barry starts interacting with Team Arrow, this episode turns into a constant barrage of gags, inside jokes, and one-liners. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, either. Especially when you do it as well as this episode did. I don’t think I’ve seen an episode of any of the CW superhero shows that was as successful at being funny as this one. Not to mention that, out of all of the episodes of this crossover, I think this one did the best job of balancing the fun nature of the hero romp with advancing the plot of their own show.

They stuck with the idea that Cisco and Barry are on the outs after revealing that Barry creating Flashpoint had, in effect, cost Cisco’s brother his life. Even though it felt a little frustrating to have Cisco airing out his dirty laundry during an alien attack, that conflict created directly led into the conflict that drove the back half of this episode. They also found yet another person to tell Barry to give himself a break over Flashpoint. Oliver, who’s had way more than his share of parent-based tragedy was actually an appropriate person for Barry to hear this message from. Here’s hoping that he actually starts to listen and we don’t have to keep going back to this well too many more times this season.

More than anything else, though, this episode is all about the fun.