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The Flash: Killer Frost – Season 3 Episode 7

While trying to help Barry, Caitlin unleashes her powers.


Savitar continues his surprise attack on Barry, whipping him across the city so fast that it seems like he’s disappearing and reappearing. HR suggests that Barry get some back up, so Cisco vibes himself and Caitlin to where Barry is so Caitlin can use her powers to freeze him. Everyone seems to end up alright, for the most part. Caitlin remains in control of her powers for the time being. Cisco’s brain is showing symptoms reminiscent of a mini-stroke. Barry is healing quickly. Wally, however, is stuck in one of Alchemy’s cocoons.

It’s soon revealed that Caitlin isn’t quite alright. She goes to the police station in order to interrogate the Alchemy follower that the police had custody. Her plan quickly gets messy. She ends up icing several police officers, and kidnaps Julian when he has the bad luck of crossing her path. This starts a city-wide manhunt for a new ice-wielding meta. The police don’t know it’s Caitlin and Team Flash is racing to get to her before they figure it out. Caitlin is quickly losing control of the situation even though she knows what she’s doing is wrong but she’s desperate to have Alchemy get rid of her powers. The Flash races to save her but her darker persona comes out and reveals to Cisco that, as part of Flashpoint, Cisco’s brother Dante was killed. The police show up and open fire. The Flash instinctively saves Caitlin, but she stabs him in the leg and escapes.

Cisco is obviously torn up over what Caitlin said, but he agrees that priority #1 is saving Caitlin. He finds the addresses that Caitlin had Julian look up. He heads to one while HR and Joe head to the other. Killer Frost shows up at the house Cisco is watching, hoping to get information on Alchemy from one of his followers. Instead, she gets a message that Savitar has big plans for Killer Frost. After a brief skirmish in the streets, Cisco is able to capture Killer Frost. They bring her to the pipeline, but she’s only interested in accusing Barry for all the bad that’s happened, including what’s happening to her. While Barry’s lamenting how creating Flashpoint was screwing everything up, Joe is trying to cut Wally out of the cocoon.

When Wally emerges, he doesn’t seem to be all there but he does seem to be a speedster. They realize that they need Caitlin to help Wally, so Barry appeals to her sense of humanity by releasing her and telling her that she’ll have to kill him to leave. The ploy works and Caitlin comes back to her senses. She concocts some science-y magic to help Wally and Joe intuits where Wally likely ran to. They bring Wally back in and he seems to be fine, but they do want to run more tests.

Barry gets word that Julian is awake at the hospital after he knocked him out to protect Caitlin. He goes to see Julian to ask him to keep his mouth shut about Caitlin. Julian agrees, but only on the condition that Barry agrees to quit being a CSI. According to Julian, Barry is unfit to work in law enforcement if he’s going to place friendship over justice. Barry agrees, and tells Joe and Iris that he’d do anything to protect the people he loves. Later that night Julian is approached, almost chased, by Savitar who tells him to once again become Alchemy.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • “I am the future Flash” – Savitar
  • “You and me, All-Star Team-up” – HR
  • It looks like Caitlin’s already warmed up to one of Killer Frost’s go to moves, a freezing kiss. Barry is the (un)lucky recipient on this day.


This episode is not a strong look for Team Flash. For a moment, HR’s idea that Barry needed Cisco and Caitlin’s help seemed accurate, but it also started the chain of events that led to the team starting to fall apart. Caitlin’s powers may have come back under control by the end of the episode but, thanks to Cisco’s vibe, we all know where this is heading. This seems like it’s the beginning of the end of her time with Team Flash.

Taking a step down from the big picture for a moment, this episode had a neat little subplot regarding Joe. Early in the episode, he remarks that he convinces himself not to trust his gut and his detective skills because he doesn’t understand the science of what’s going on. He struggles with the idea that not doing that could’ve caused Wally to be harmed. Then, when he tries to take matters into his own hands, Wally comes out of the cocoon not as himself. By the end of the episode, he gets his redemptive moment where he leads them to the place that Wally would likely go to. I feel like this whole thing is a bit inconsequential, but it does help fill out the episode.

Most of the big emotional shots in this episode were fired by Killer Frost. She seemed to be really focused on getting Barry to slide back into the self-pity spiral where he seems to like to spend so much of his time. Fortunately, Iris is there to snap him out of it, which is her primary purpose. Even so, it looks like the bomb that Dante was alive before Flashpoint may have some resounding implications. It’s not surprising given how broken up Cisco was after Barry returned from Flashpoint. I’m honestly surprised that Cisco’s not taking it worse.

I’m sure they will spend a good episode or so on that, but the episode’s other big revelation will likely take precedent. Now that we know who Alchemy is, it’s only a matter of time before Team Flash finds out. Even though Julian has the Alchemy mask, it didn’t seem like he was all that willing to go along with Savitar after hearing his voice. So, it looks like he’s also a pawn. That means that Barry might end up trying to save him too.