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Agents of SHIELD: Hot Potato Soup – Season 4 Episode 12

The Koenigs (Patton Oswalt) return to help Agent Coulson secure the Darkhold.


Coulson handed over the Darkhold to the Koenigs for safe keeping. After being tipped off by his May LMD, Radcliffe relays this information to Senator Nadeer and her cohorts. Billy Koenig is abducted by the Watchdogs and taken to the same submarine as Radcliffe. Billy is introduced to the sub’s captain Anton Ivanov (Zach McGowan). While Billy is being interrogated, Sam Koenig meets up with Coulson’s team to try to find him. They discover that Nadeer and the Watchdogs are also tied in with the Russian politicians that got Bobbi and Hunter disavowed. It seems like all of them are united under the goal of hating Inhumans. Ivanov later reveals that his ultimate goal is to stop the thing that he perceives as the cause of the alien problems that have engulfed the world. He blames everything on the man in who’s always in the shadows, just out of focus: Phil Coulson.

Fitz-Simmons and Mack take another approach by reactivating and interrogating the Radcliffe LMD that Fitz shot in the head. While digging through the Radcliffe LMD, Fitz discovers code that’s way beyond Radcliffe’s capabilities. He also brings up a lot of the history between Fitz and Radcliffe, including some things that Fitz didn’t know. The LMD brings up Fitz’ father and says that Radcliffe knew Fitz’s father. The two lived together in Glasgow, Scotland. Before Radcliffe can deliver a message from his father, Fitz shuts him down and walks out of the room. Simmons reveals that Fitz’s father was always putting him down and walked out on the family when Fitz was ten.

After a brief discussion with Simmons figures out why he can’t crack the code he found. It turns out that the code is irrelevant and that the LMD has an actual brain. He opens its head to reveal the light brain that Aida was constructing. When the LMD slips and reveals that there was more than one mapped brain, Simmons realizes that May’s brain has been mapped as well.

Both SHIELD and Radcliffe hit a dead end when they realize that the Keonigs have been playing “Hot Potato” with the Darkhold. Radcliffe only knows that Billy gave the book to someone just like him. Sam tells Coulson’s team that he handed the book off to L.T. Koenig (Artemis Pebdani). This Koenig happens to be the big, butt-kicking sister of the Koenig family. She’s hiding out at a comedy club with her peace-loving brother, Thurston. The bad news is that L.T. reveals that she gave the book back to Billy, who hid it in the “Labyrinth” a SHIELD vault that is only known to the Koenigs. They find this out as Radcliffe has finished using the Framework to dig through Billy’s memories.

Coulson’s team heads to the Labyrinth to retrieve the Darkhold before it’s compromised. While en-route, the May LMD steps up her advances on Coulson. Just as the book is retrieved, she kisses Coulson. But, as soon as the book touches the LMD’s hands, she turns on Coulson. As Coulson wonders how long she’s been switched, Quake gets the drop on the LMD and damages her leg. Fitz-Simmons had tipped her off just in time. The Watchdogs arrive with Billy as a hostage and a fire-fight ensues. Radcliffe sneaks in the backdoor and steals the Darkhold in the confusion. Having recover Billy, but lost the Darkhold, Coulson’s team destroys the LMDs except for the May model. As they leave the incinerator, Daisy promises Coulson that they’ll get her back.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • “Agent Coulson this is Agent Koenig. I repeat, they’ve got Agent Koenig”.
  • Ivanov identifies himself as the “Superior Man”. He hates the Inhumans because they have power without having to work for it. It’s a little unclear, but this is the man that people have been referring to as “The Superior”.
  • Sam starts to tell Quake about online fan-fiction about her. Apparently, people are quite fond of shipping her with Black Widow.
  • Sam and Billy are part of the original LMD program. They worked on it as technicians, not robots.


Poor Coulson, his first girlfriend (that we see in the show) thinks he’s dead. His second girlfriend got shot by Ward. Now, it looks like he might have some long waited for romance in the form of May and it turns out that she’s a robot. Yes, there is all the stuff that indicates that the LMD is just acting out on feelings that May already has, but that’s just going to make things more complicated when Coulson has to face the real May again. It’s been interesting that the writers have decided to really push the May/Coulson relationship forward in this way or, really, at all. I had kind of thought that any hope of them actually being an item had been erased with the introduction of Andrew back in season 2. Up until that time, it did seem like the characters had some kind of romantic spark, but it has been long muted while May worked out her last relationship and Phil worked through several of his. Now, the spark has been rekindled but in a very “artificial” way. It’ll be interesting to see if this ever does amount to anything when the LMDs are out of the equation.

Speaking of the LMD’s the Radcliffe LMD dropped another big relationship bomb in this episode. It revealed more information about Fitz’s father than we’ve every heard. It also revealed that Radcliffe and Papa Fitz were old friends/colleagues. This season seems like it’s been doing that a lot. May’s repressed feelings have been revealed. Mack’s tragic family past, specifically with his daughter, has come to light. Now, we find out that Fitz has daddy issues. Is there some reason that everyone’s past seems to suddenly be coming to light in this season? Maybe it’s just a way of fleshing out some characters who haven’t had time to develop in front of the audiences eyes. Then again, it could be a set-up for something bigger coming down the line.

Bigger issues aside, this episode delivered a big ball of fun in the form of the Koenig family. I especially enjoyed the revelation that there’s a Koenig that’s not Patton Oswalt and she’s the one who seems to run the family. Her brand of boorish humor was a great counter balance to Oswalt’s referential nerd humor. It was also good to get confirmation that the Koenig’s are just good ol’ fashioned … quadruplets? Whatever they are, I’m glad that they’re still around. Even if it is only for an episode or two.