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Sword Art Online II – Episode 5 : Gun and Sword

Kirito and Sinon make it to the Battle of Bullet 3 registration on time and are able to enter the tournament. Kirito gets his first taste of GGO combat but, soon after, meets the man he’s been sent to find.

Even though he’s been playing around, Kirito’s clearly still nervous about finding Death Gun. When registering for the BoB3 tournament he hesitates to enter his real information not wanting to link himself to the game or any potential danger. Even without giving his information, he’s able to register and Sinon takes him to prepare for the tournament. Even though Kirito is intimidated by all of the scary looking players brandishing their weapons, Sinon tells him that it’s a mistake to let people see your primary weapon before you fight. With that lesson learned, they go to get into their combat gear. When Sinon starts to change clothes in front of him, Kirito finally drops the ruse and introduces himself as a guy. Sinon reacts in the way that 90% of anime girls before her reacted when caught in their bra and panties and Kirito ends up with a big red hand print on his face.

sao-II-episode-5-kirito-sinon sao-II-episode-5-kirito-slap

I had kind of wondered if Sinon would overlook this since, this time everyone is just using avatars. It’s not like in SAO, where their body looked the same as their real bodies. Although she did make the statement earlier in the episode that she felt like her real self and her game self were two different people. Either way, she’s now decided to become Kirito’s enemy and wants to face him in the finals. If both of them make it to the finals they’ll both qualify for the main tournament, so it won’t really matter which one of them wins. Of course, that means that Kirito has to make it through the tournament. As a high ranking player, Sinon isn’t worried about getting through herself. Before the tournament begins Spiegel shows up to meet Sinon and tell her that he’ll be rooting for her. Sinon takes the opportunity to tell him about Kirito and Kirito re-introduces us to his ability to be a bit of a dick as he teases Sinon in front of Spiegel.

Before the match begins Kirito wonders if Sinon could be Death Gun, but he puts that out of his head to concentrate on the fight. Kirito’s matched up against a player, Uemaru, with a machine-gun style weapon that fires more bullets than he can completely dodge. After taking a couple of small shots and being pinned down, Kirito has to rely on his other skills to take over. Using the games built in bullet tracking system, he figures that he can use his sword to deflect the bullets. Before he can do that he has to track his opponent, who is now camouflaged, using his sense of hearing. At least, I think it’s his sense of hearing. If it’s not then that means that Kirito has gained yet another overpowered ability in a game, which wouldn’t really be that surprising. Either way, he manages to locate his target and, after some fancy looking bullet deflecting, runs him through with the laser sword and wins. I think it’s kind of funny that Kirito keeps trying to sheath his weapon after using it. It’s like he’s got some kind of Final Fantasy style victory animation built into him that he just can’t override.

sao-II-episode-5-kirito-deathgun sao-II-episode-5-lauging-coffin

After winning he’s teleported back to the waiting area. By the way, I really like the way that teleportation effect looks on screen. Once he arrives in the waiting area Death Gun sneaks up behind him and asks him, “are you the real thing”? Kirito jumps back and Death Gun repeats the question. At this point Kirito doesn’t know that this person is Death Gun but he begins to wonder if he knows him from somewhere. Death Gun tells Kirito that he saw his fight. Because of his name and sword skills, he wants to know if he’s the real Kirito from SAO. At this point, Kirito realizes that he has met this guy before and that he must be an SAO survivor just like Kirito. As Kirito’s mind is racing to figure out who this could be from SAO he sees part of a mark on the player’s arm. He recognizes it as the mark of the player killing guild from SAO: Laughing Coffin.

Episode Rating: B+