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The Flash: Shade – Season 3 Episode 6

Wally starts to have dreams about Kid Flash.


The episode starts with Wally telling Joe about dreams he’s had of being Kid Flash. Barry and Joe are both immediately concerned that this is the same pattern that they’ve seen with metas who’ve been given their powers back by Alchemy. Given the situation, Barry decides to tell Wally and Iris about the Kid Flash part of their Flashpoint lives. He also tells Wally that he got badly hurt in Flashpoint. Of course, Wally pitches a fit about this and makes it about Joe not trusting him with powers like he does Barry. Later, Joe reveals that what he doesn’t trust is the way that Wally is getting his powers. He also tells Wally that he reminds him a lot of himself as a kid, which makes him nervous.

Fortunately, they have another meta human attack to deal with. They are called to a crime scene where a business man was attacked and killed by a shadow. When they look at the footage of the attack HR identifies the meta as one they called “Shade” on his earth. HR is also up to some other tricks at STAR. After finding out that the Wells of this world is a criminal, he uses Earth-19 technology to disguises himself as Randolph Morgan, his old partner.

Cisco also suspects that Wells stole some power dampening cuffs from the lab. However, Caitlin eventually reveals that she stole the cuffs. She tells Cisco about her meta powers that started developing a few months ago. She asks Cisco to vibe her so she can tell if she’s going to be a danger to her friends. Cisco vibes he and Killer Frost fighting each other in full gear. Cisco doesn’t tell Caitlin at first, but eventually admits what he saw. The two contemplate what that means if one of Cisco’s visions hasn’t ever been wrong.

About the time Joe apologizes to Wally, he starts to hear Alchemy’s voice in his head and collapses in pain. They take him back to STAR labs where they decide to place him in the pipeline until they can figure out what to do. While they’re waiting, some of the members of the team accompany Joe to his first date with Cecile in the park. While they’re at the park, Shade attacks. With the help of the rest of his team, Flash is able to put down Shade but Doctor Alchemy uses the opportunity to attack Wally. Wally baits Iris to let him out, but Iris knocks him out when he tries to leave.

The Team ponders their next move but, before they can figure out what they should be doing Cisco forces Caitlin to reveal the secret that she has powers to everyone. Initially, Caitlin freaks out telling Cisco that it wasn’t his secret to reveal. Barry tries to talk to Caitlin and regrets that so many things are happening to his friends because of Flashpoint.

Instead of doing nothing, Wally decides to allow himself to be used as bait to draw out Alchemy. Everyone reluctantly agrees and, with a swat team escort, Wally heads to the warehouse where Doctor Alchemy is waiting. When they spring their trap on Doctor Alchemy, the Flash is suddenly attacked by a mysterious force. To everyone else, it looks like he’s being attacked by the air, but he can see an armor-clad figure in front of him. When he asks him who he is, the figure responds that he is “Savitar, the God of Speed”.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • Joe and Cecil have their first date set up in this episode.
  • The episode opens with Wally doing Barry’s normal narration about being the fastest man alive.
  • “If you step foot outside this lab, you’ll be arrested” – Caitlin
    “You’re just telling me this now?” – HR
  • Julian tells Barry that he has a girlfriend. Who knows if that’s actually true or not.
  • “There is no Flash without Iris West” – Barry


So, obviously, there’s only one thing that matters in thisĀ  episode: SAVITAR. The big bad of the season has finally been revealed. He is the God of Speed (not to be confused with the character “Godspeed“). You can follow the links and find out pretty quickly that it doesn’t look like this version of Savitar is going to share much with his comic book counterpart. This armored speedster does actually look a bit more like the character Godspeed, but it’s actually pretty unclear who this Savitar is.

So far, we can assume that Savitar is probably the thing that Doctor Alchemy was preparing the world for. It’s possible that Savitar could be some kind of minion of Doctor Alchemy, but not likely considering that he introduces himself as a “god”. It also appears that Barry is the only one who can see him, even though Savitar obviously has a physical presence. He’s already killed the Rival and is holding the Flash up in the air even though no one else seems to be able to see him. This will likely have something to do with speed force mumbo-jumbo. I also suspect that having another evil speedster will require the assistance of the show’s version of the Flash Family: Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick and Kid Flash. At this point I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that, one way or another, Wally is now about to jump into the fray as Kid Flash.

With a new, bigger battle on the horizon it’s a good thing that we’re at a stasis point with the members of Team Flash. Some members, like Caitlin and HR, are in some more tenuous positions but they’re still firmly rooted in the team for the time being. That’s going to allow for a full speed ahead story with Savitar.