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The Flash: The New Rogues – Season 3 Episode 4

Sam Scudder (Grey Damon) and Rosa Dillon (Ashley Rickards), old associates of Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) aka Captain Cold stir up trouble in Central City.


Despite the impending threat of Doctor Alchemy, Team Flash is in pretty good spirits. Barry and Jesse are training her in how to master her speed powers before she and Wells head back to Earth-2. The team mentions how much they’ve missed having Wells around, hoping that they can convince him to stay. Instead, he tells them that they should search for another Wells. With a whole multi-verse out there, he’s sure they can find another him to take his place. Barry and Iris’ dating relationship is going to the next step, which involves Barry getting comfortable with being affectionate with her in front of Joe. Speaking of kissing, Jesse and Wally are out spending time together. Jesse takes the opportunity to give Wally a kiss, but Wally backs off because he’s worried about her leaving to go back to Earth-2.

Elsewhere in the city, Sam Scudder appears from a mirror asking for the location of Leonard Snart. Scudder, and his girl Rosa were former members of Captain Cold’s team. They had a “disagreement” when the particle accelerator exploded. Rosa was thrown through the air and Scudder was thrown into a mirror where he apparently had stayed until now. He goes to visit one of Snart’s old associates and throws him into a window…and out into the street. The attack puts Scudder on the CCPD radar. Barry tells Joe that Snart’s gone somewhere that Scudder could never find him. Joe goes to see Rosa in prison to get information, but he’s surprised when Scudder appears in the cell and walks through the glass wall with her.

Wells dubs Scudder “Mirror Master” based on the similarities between him and a criminal on Earth-2. When Scudder and Rosa reunite, she tells him that Snart is gone but that they can rule the city if they take out the Flash. She also reveals that she has vertigo inducing powers, for which Cisco names her “Top”. When the duo hits a bank, Jesse Quick and the Flash arrive on the scene. Jesse disobeys Flash’s order and ends up being knocked off a roof by Top. When Flash saves her, it allows Mirror Master to get the drop on him and trap him in a mirror.

Barry’s imprisonment gives everyone a little time to work through some issues. Wally gets over his fear of Jesse leaving and tells her that he does want to “hang out” with her. Wells has been getting testy while interviewing his replacements. He starts to reveal that he doesn’t actually want to be replaced. Barry tells Iris that he has to get comfortable with the fear of having things to lose, like her. While all of this is happening, Wells and Cisco are working on a cold engine to stabilize the mirror so Barry can escape. While they’re trying to freeze it, the alarm goes off. While everyone runs to see it, Caitlin secretly uses her power to give the machine the boost it needs to allow Barry to escape. Having been trapped in the mirror long enough, Barry comes up with a plan of how to trap Mirror Master. He baits him with a hologram of Snart. After getting him into position, he traps him in an infinite reflective loop using the mirrors.

With Mirror Master and Top imprisoned, Jesse and Harry prepare to head back to Earth-2. Before they do, they bring in a newly recruited Wells from Earth-19 who introduces himself as “HR”. Before they take off, Wells lets Cisco know that they didn’t get Barry out of the mirror. In the tag scene from the episode, Caitlin’s powers start to go out of control as she freezes the water in her own shower. When she looks at herself in the mirror she has faintly blue lips and strands of white hair, which she immediately cuts off.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • “Oh my god, I’ve become Oliver” – Barry
  • “I care for you to, you jackwagon” – Wells to Cisco
  • Another version of Mirror Master in the comics is Edward McCullogh. According to Wells, that’s the Mirror Master from Earth-2.
  • According to Caitlin, the present Mirror Master creates worm holes through solar reflections.
  • “You ever see Twin Peaks. Of course not, why do I ask” – Cisco
  • “Do these pants make my butt look big” – Iris
    “I’m literally stuck in a mirror” – Barry
  • This episode also introduces District Attorney Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet)
  • Barry reveals that, as part of dating Iris, he’s going to move out of Joe’s place.


This was a decidedly more light hearted episode for this season of The Flash. They even removed Julian for an episode so there was no one harshing on Barry. Most of the interactions were lighthearted and revolved around hopeful or heartfelt relationship stuff. There was even one point in the episode where everyone left Barry alone to deal with the new metas because they were dealing with their own stuff. It was so casual that it was almost weird. Almost, but not quite. The Flash has always been the more whimsical of the DC TV shows, so this kind of thing really doesn’t feel out of place at all.

My favorite part of the episode was that they gave Tom Cavanagh the chance to play four different Wells. We had a cowboy Wells, steam punk Wells, and our eventual winner, Earth-19 wells. Ironically, the steam punk looking version of Wells probably “should’ve” been from Earth-19. It’s not a huge thing but, that version of earth is still in the industrial revolution. It’s the setting of the Elseworld story, “Gotham by Gaslight“. Whatever the new Well’s world is like, he seems like he’s going to be an immediately more upbeat member of the team. It must be fun for the actor to get to play a new version of this character every year. Not to mention, that our old crotchety Wells is still available just one breach jump away.

What I didn’t love about this episode was the villains. It’s hard to build a decent conflict when everyone’s clearly more interested in dealing with other issues. It’s even more difficult when your character’s tie-in to the story revolves around a character that’s either dead or time traveling, depending on when you’re referencing him. Then, even harder when the bad guy’s powers aren’t really much more than an inconvenience when the heroes get used to them. There was just so much else going on in this episode that it almost felt like they could’ve completely ignored them and the episode wouldn’t have changed much. It’s also kind of disappointing because we only get a limited number of Wentworth Miller appearances in this season and having him show up as a memory and a hologram felt a little hollow.

What I did like, which is unusual for me, is all of the relationship beats that they hit in this episode. It may be more accurate to say that I liked the idea of the beats. Barry being awkward about PDA with Iris in front of Joe was kind of charming. I also liked how they continued the sweeter, more innocent tone of Wally and Jesse’s relationship.

These are things that are kind of staples of a CW show. Every now and then the superhero-ing is going to be put on hold for some romance. As long as it’s lighthearted and done well, I can tolerate it.