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The Flash: Magenta – Season 3 Episode 3

Team Flash receives a surprise from Earth-2.


The episode begins with Barry excitedly preparing for a date with Iris. However, their first date doesn’t go too smoothly. Conversation is a little awkward and they get interrupted by robberies and alerts from STAR Labs. When they rush back to the lab, they’re surprised to find a breach opened. They’re even more surprised to see Harrison Wells appear with Jesse Quick as a newly minted speedster.

This revelation stirs up a bunch of different feelings for some characters. Wally is clearly disappointed that he didn’t get speed and is still holding out hope that he could get it. Barry sees this and is concerned about Wally becoming Kid Flash after seeing what happened to him in Flashpoint. Wells is concerned about his daughter wanting to be just like the Flash and running into danger. Jesse thinks that they came there to train, but Wells is actually there so that Team Flash can talk her out of being a hero.

While the STAR crew is dealing with Jesse, Barry and Joe head back to the precinct to deal with another incident. Frankie Kane, a young woman who lives in an abusive foster home has developed meta powers to go along with a split personality that she calls Magenta. After one abusive episode, Magenta attacks Frankie’s foster father with a light post. Frankie isn’t initially a suspect, but Julian is suspicious of her. He runs a sample of her DNA and determines that she’s a meta-human like The Rival. When he confronts her in the police station, Magenta resurfaces and attacks Julian. The Flash arrives to save her, but she gets away by hurling a police car into the air. Even though she got away, they’re sure that she’s another meta created by Alchemy.

When Jesse gets excited about helping with Magenta, her father’s meddling becomes apparent and she gets upset at him over it. Wally goes to talk to Jesse as well. While she’s trying to drop hints to Wally that she likes him, Wally’s more interested in trying to figure out how to get speed. He jumps out in front of a car and Jesse has to save him. This leads to more shouting back at STAR labs. Jesse and Harry are shouting at each other about her using her powers. Barry and Joe are shouting at Wally about putting himself in danger. Caitlin is shouting at Harry about supporting Jesse instead of acting like her powers are a bad thing. Eventually, Barry and Harry have a conversation about how to move forward with all these changes.

While everyone’s sorting out their feelings, Iris heads to the hospital to talk to Frankie’s foster father. Magenta shows up and tries to drop a tanker on the hospital. The Flash shows up and keeps the tanker from crashing, but he can’t hold it up and stop Magenta. Harry takes the opportunity to show Jesse some support and tells her to go help Barry. While Jesse continues to hold up the tanker, Flash talks Magenta into not killing everyone in the hospital. As she does, Frankie returns and collapses into the Flash’s arms. They take Frankie’s father into custody for what he did and start trying to get Frankie the help she needs.

With the danger averted, people can get back to normal life stuff. Joe and Wells both reconcile with their kids over the decisions they’ve made. Hearing Frankie’s first hand account of having to deal with her powers seems to have slowed Wally’s impulse to race towards getting his. Wells apologizes for being over protective and presents Jesse with her speedster outfit. Barry and Iris try going on their date again. Barry figured out what made the first date so awkward was that they were trying to be who they were before he was the Flash. This time he embraces it and speeds her off to a romantic location. Unfortunately, he has to race back to Central City because Joe and Julian have just found the video of Clariss being killed in his cell by a mysterious force.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • Wells, Jesse and Barry are introduced to the Speed Lab, which is a new room in the lab that wasn’t there before Flashpoint.
  • Wells is able to figure out that Barry changed the timeline because of the new room.
  • “Wally’s different than you, Barry. You’re like a second daughter. You overshare your feelings” – Joe
  • “That’s Iris’ panic button” – Joe
    “Her what?” – Barry
    “Her panic button. We installed them on everyone’s phones…because we kept getting kidnapped” – Cisco
    “At least something’s an improvement in this timeline” – Barry


Lots of feelings to talk about in this episode so, I suppose, it’s appropriate that they chose a villain who’s powers were largely based out of emotional distress. The character of Magenta is very different in the comics. She’s a former childhood friend and girlfriend of Wally West. She has magnetic powers (it’s unclear if this version is magnetic or telekenetic), but does maintain the split personality aspect of the character. Ultimately, the differences aren’t that big of a deal because she’s just there to inch the plot a little bit closer to alchemy. The bigger question is, “what killed The Rival”. It seems like their initial theory is that it’s Alchemy, but the hand we saw in the last episode didn’t look like it belonged to the same character.

As far as all of the Jesse Quick stuff goes, I’m glad that we’re getting Harrison Wells and Jesse back on the show. Wells has already reminded us that he’s important to Barry’s development as a kind of mentor, even if he is a little unstable himself. The conversation about them dealing with guilt in different ways was really well crafted and a great way to open up an issue that seems to perpetually plague Barry.

I’m also a big fan of the Wally/Jesse relationship. I think it might be because they feel like they’re legitimately the closest things to kids on this show and there’s something kind of sweet and more innocent about their interactions. While I’m sure that the end goal is to have them dating, it feels a little bit less heavy than something like Barry and Iris.