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Arrow: Vigilante – Season 5 Episode 7

With Prometheus still on the loose another vigilante appears and starts taking out criminals.


When two flesh peddlers are strung in front of the SCPD in the shape of a “V”, the city becomes alerted to the presence of a new vigilante. Initially, there are no leads on this new player, but Oliver is determined to stop him. When the mystery man stops an armed robbery, the team (minus Oliver) shows up to find one of the crew members dying. He sputters out that the name of the man who did this is “Vigilante”. Some of the team members hesitate to fight against someone who seems to be on the same side as them. Oliver tells them they can’t have it both ways. They can’t be mad at The Hood for being judge, jury and executioner but look the other way at what Vigilante is doing.

The team hits the streets to find a lead on Vigilante. They’re able to chase down some criminals that vigilante is hunting, which leads them to him. While Vigilante is attacking some bank robbers, Team Arrow arrives to take them all down. Most of  the robbers are killed, but their leader gets away. Vigilante and the Green Arrow have a conversation, but it ends with Vigilante opening fire and escaping. When they get back to the cave, Oliver reveals to Diggle and Felicity that the existence of Vigilante might mean that what they’ve been trying to do as heroes might not be working.

Meanwhile, after the revelation that he’s been drinking, Quentin hands in his resignation at City Hall. Of course, Thea is the only one who even knows about this. She goes to see Quentin who tells her that he’s been drinking so much that he’s losing time. Now, he’s found one of the throwing star killer’s weapons in his house. He doesn’t believe that he’s secretly Prometheus, but he believes that he’s an easy target for him because he’s damaged goods. Still Thea refuses to give up on him. She checks him in to a rehab facility called New Oasis so that he can get help with his drinking and working through the grief of Laurel’s death.

Chase is able to get one of the Bank robbers to give up their leader’s hiding place. The Green Arrow finds him just as Vigilante does and is able to save him, but three people are killed by Vigilante’s attack. The unchecked killing is enough to put to rest any hesitation the team has about stopping Vigilante. When they run into a dead end, the team comes up with the idea of posing as bank robbers in order to draw Vigilante out. Their ploy works and Vigilante shows himself. Granted, he knocks out Artemis and takes Mr. Terrific hostage. When Vigilante threatens to give Green Arrow a “push” by killing Mr. Terrific, the fight kicks off. Green Arrow is able to stop Vigilante. Green Arrow tells him that he understands that they’re in a war and that he intends to fight it the right way. He goes to unmask him an explosion goes off and gives Vigilante a chance to escape.

Despite the escape, Vigilante seems to have gone off the grid. Again, there’s no rest for the weary. Thea shows up at Oliver’s office with the throwing star that was left in Quentin’s home. Based on the fact that Prometheus’ targets are so precise, Oliver believes that Prometheus knows that he’s the Green Arrow already. We also see that Artemis is having a rooftop meeting with Prometheus.

The Island / Flashback

Kovar has discovered that Oliver is Bratva and he is trying to figure out how he could have made such a unique enemy. During questioning, Oliver reveals the name Taiana. Kovar realizes that Taiana and her brother are the missing children of one of his maids. First Kovar parades the mother in front of Oliver. Then, he tries to convince Oliver that the Bratva is simply using him. Oliver responds by stabbing him in the hand and holding a knife to his throat. Kovar is eventually able to overtake the weakened Oliver. Ultimately, Kovar proves to Oliver that he and the Bratva have made a deal when Gregor appears at Kovar’s home.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • When Oliver refers to Vigilante as a crazed killer, Evelyn quietly questions his authority to distinguish between who’s a good guy and who’s not.
  • Evelyn and Ragman team up to shake down a guy for information. Part of their ploy involves Evelyn playing damsel in distress in a ridiculously tight red dress.
  • “I’m not here for you” – Vigilante
    “THEN STOP TRYING TO KILL US” – Mr. Terrific
  • After seeing how run down Mayor Queen looks, Susan Williams invites him to have a drink. It may be the start of a new relationship, but we already know that Susan is digging deeper into Oliver’s past.
  • After Diggle confides in Rene and Curtis that he’s frustrated about missing out on his son’s life, Rene arranges for Lyla and John Jr. to comes to the HIVE base to meet him.


One of the great and not so great things about Arrow this season is that they don’t let cliff hangers lie around. If you’re watching the show live, this is great because it gives you a week to speculate about what’s going on or what’s about to happen. If you’re binge watching it, it’s not so great because it can start to feel like questions get answered so quickly that there’s not much of a point to asking them. For example, the idea that Quentin was Prometheus was cleared up within 40 minutes of actual show time. I’m mentioning this only because it’s worth taking into account if you’re a “wait and binge” kind of viewer. This is absolutely not something that the people writing or running the show should be concerned about. I think they’ve got the week-to-week pacing of the show down in this season.

Now we know that Quentin’s probably going to be gone for a few episodes in order to get his life together. We also know that Evelyn has betrayed the team. After making her go out in that ridiculous (while fetching) red dress, I can’t say that I blame her. Although, I did enjoy the team’s interpretations of hitting the streets to get information.

What isn’t really cleared up in this episode is if and when we’ll see Vigilante again. It’s a pretty safe bet that no villain on this show can go away without being caught or killed, but his fate really is left completely up in the air. It’s been established that he’s completely not on the side of Team Arrow, even though he thinks he’s one of the good guys. At the time this aired, I thought he might come into play a little more when the final fight with Prometheus happened.

As far as Prometheus is concerned, we get another look into DA Chase’s character when he interrogates one of the bank robbers. He tells her that he’s already been through hell. This is actually the 2nd time we’ve seen him basically threaten a criminal. It plays off like he’s just a “do anything to get results” kind of guy. At a certain point though, you (or maybe Oliver) should start questioning if there’s any substance to some of the stuff he says. Like, in this case, maybe ask him what he means when he says he’s been to hell. Probably the most unfortunate things about this whole situation is that Chase is consistently a big help to Oliver while simultaneously trying to take him down. Too bad they couldn’t just be best friends, they’d be a pretty good team.