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Arrow: So It Begins – Season 5 Episode 6

The conflict between Prometheus and the Green Arrow begins.


Prometheus uses Church’s cell phone to lure the Green Arrow and Spartan to a warehouse. There they find a phone. When they answer it, they hear a person’s breathing. The call ends an a message bursts into flame in front of them: “So it begins”. They have pieced together that Prometheus is after the Arrow and that he’s killing people to get to him, or to prevent them from killing him before Prometheus can. Felicity and Diggle (the OG Team Arrow) are in on it but Oliver wants to keep the rest of the team out of it before they get more information. Before they can more information, Prometheus starts dropping random innocent people. He starts with a house wife, then a cab driver and the death count starts to jump up quickly. Before anyone can get in front of it, Susan Williams breaks the story of Prometheus’ killings, dubbing him the “Throwing Star Killer”.

Soon after the report breaks, there is a Prometheus sighting at a public shopping area. Oliver is forced to mobilize the team, but when they arrive they don’t see Prometheus, just a bunch of random people firing into the sky because they think Prometheus is there. The team does some quick crowd control before returning to the cave and filling the team in on what they know. The new recruits are offended that they weren’t told about Prometheus immediately, but Oliver keeps them in the loop when they find out the message behind the killings. Prometheus has started killing people who’s names are anagrams for people who’s names were in Oliver’s father’s book.

At this point, Oliver has to fill the rest of the team in on his actions as “The Hood” during the first year of his mission. He claims that he hasn’t even looked at this list in four years, but the rest of the team has some reservations about this new information. Ragman figures that the message that Prometheus is trying to send is that it’s Oliver who’s the serial killer. Evelyn agrees and takes exception with Oliver’s past activities, given that he stopped her from getting revenge on Ruve Darhk. Really, out of all the recruits, Evelyn is taking this the hardest. While Felicity starts working on finding a list of Prometheus’ next targets, the new recruits have to try to figure out what to do with this new information and Oliver contemplates how much he has or hasn’t changed.

Despite the hurt feelings, the team reconvenes to go after Prometheus. Artemis decides to cut off her communicator so she doesn’t have to talk about Oliver. So, of course, she’s the one who runs into Prometheus on a train. Suspecting that something’s wrong, the Green Arrow arrives to give her backup. They are able to save the train conductor, but the train has a bomb on it that they can’t disarm. The whole event seems to have been enough to get Evelyn and Oliver back on the same page again. With everyone seemingly okay, the team heads out to enjoy the concert that Thea’s organized to help the city.

While they’re at the concert, Felicity reveals to Oliver that she believes that Prometheus’ throwing stars are made from old arrowheads that Oliver used and were taken into police evidence. That means that Prometheus has access to police evidence, making him a likely member of the SCPD. At the same time, we see DM Lance wake up with a gash on his arm, and a throwing star on his table.

The Island / Flashback

While Anatoly is teaching Oliver to make bombs, Kovar’s men open fire on the Bratva bar. The leads to a meeting with Pakhan Gregor. Gregor decides to use Oliver as bait to lure Kovar out. The lure works, but Oliver ends up getting kidnapped. He finally gets to meet Konstantin Kovar (Dolph Lundgren), but it doesn’t seem like he knows Oliver is a member of the Bratva.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • “‘And so it begins’, who knew Prometheus was a Babylon 5 fanbody” – Felicity
  • Thea has decided to throw a big concert in order to bring some life and commerce back into the city. Quentin is supposed to be helping her, but flakes out. When looking into it, Thea discovers that Quentin has been drinking this whole time.
  • In order to get a lead on the Throwing Star Killer, Felicity steals evidence from her boyfriend and ACU investigator, Billy Malone. After seeing Oliver keeping secrets again, Felicity decides to come clean to him about working with the Green Arrow. The conversation actually goes really well, and Billy is supportive about Felicity’s nighttime activities.


This is one of those episodes where doing the write-ups in hindsight gets very interesting. This one is going to contain more spoiler information than normal, so continue reading at your own risk (again, this being written months after season 5 finished airing).

This episode does a few things. First, it kind of gets us past this revolving door of the team getting upset with Oliver by showing them continuing to work together even when they’re upset. The new team learning to trust each other was a big part of the first part of the season and it’s always there but, after this episode, it’s less at the fore front. They even go out of the way to make sure that Billy and Felicity don’t have any trust issues. With the threat of Prometheus hanging over everyone, it is nice that they aren’t going to make this an issue of the team fighting themselves and the bad guy. Instead, everyone’s going to be focused on Prometheus, meaning he’s going to have to be very good to beat them all.

The second thing it does is provide some very interesting hints about things to come. The first one happens very early on when we see DA Chase at the crime scene of Prometheus’ first victim. This entire situation is strange. The Green Arrow even points out that Chase shouldn’t be there, but the attention is then shifted to him trying to figure out what Prometheus is up to. What we don’t know at the time is that this is also Chase doing recon on the Green Arrow. I wonder if he’s there to monitor the progress of his plan or if he’s genuinely trying to learn if Oliver’s put the pieces together yet.

The other thing that’s interesting is much smaller. Prometheus ends up alone with Evelyn on the train while Evelyn’s microphone is off. I had always wondered when Prometheus would’ve had the chance to recruit Evelyn. It’s possible that, knowing who everyone is, he could have gone to her to begin with. Seeing this scene made me realize that this moment could’ve been the inception of Evelyn’s betrayal.

The last thing this episode does is plant the mother of all red herrings by suggesting that Quentin Lance is Prometheus. He checks all the neatly laid out boxes: knows Oliver’s secret, works for the police, mysteriously disappears. Much like a Scooby Doo mystery, it’s all about painting the picture of a suspicious person while the real criminal is the guy who’s quietly lurking in the background.