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Arrow: Human Target – Season 5 Episode 5

While Church tortures Rene for information, Team Arrow (with the newly freed John Diggle) uses all their resources to find Rene.


After a montage once again reminding us that you do not want to get on the Green Arrow’s bad side, the team is able to locate Rene. They find him with Church and his men. Church had taken Rene out to have him dig his own grave before putting him in it. Church retreats with very little struggle, which surprises them. Rene tells them that the reason they gave up was that he had already given up the Green Arrow’s secret identity. So, Tobias doesn’t need to kill the Green Arrow because he can just kill Oliver Queen. Rene feels terrible about giving up Oliver’s secret, but the team understands. Oliver hands him over to Diggle so that he can work through the trauma and, maybe, remember something that can help them.

Oliver Queen is unable to go into hiding because he’s trying to convince the city to do some rezoning. He’s being stonewalled by Councilman Kullens (Greg Rogers), who claims that the Queen family’s legacy of profiting off of these kinds of projects won’t permit him to allow the rezoning. Oliver and Thea quickly do their research and find out that the Councilman was actually one of the people who pushed poor people out of the previously rezoned neighborhoods. They also found out that he was opposing the rezoning in order to protect his investments. They use the information to pressure him into supporting Oliver’s plan. Just as Oliver is walking out of City Hall, and masked gunman (he is supposed to be the character “Scimitar”, but is never named in the episode) appears and peppers him with bullets. Oliver is pronounced dead by Deputy Mayor Lance the next day on television.

Of course, given the name of the episode, we know that Oliver’s not dead. Oliver’s immediately shown to be watching Lance’s address. The Oliver that was shot, walks into the Arrow Cave and introduces himself as Christopher Chance aka The Human Target (Wil Traval). Turns out that Chance did more than just take a bullet for Oliver. Using his study of Oliver, he was able to get Susan William’s phone number, get the Councilman to cave, and he finds out that the newest member of the ACU is Felicity’s boyfriend. This leads to Oliver paying Felicity a surprise visit (by scaling the side of her loft). He tells her that he’s hurt that she wouldn’t tell him about Billy, but that he doesn’t oppose it.

With Oliver “dead” the Team is sitting back to wait for Church to make his move. That coupled with the information that Rene gathered while he was being tortured, leads them to Church. With Spartan back in action, and the Human Target in tow, the team heads out to break up Church’s deal. They are met by Scimitar and Church’s men, but they are all quickly dispatched. Wild Dog takes on Church, but loses him when an explosion knocks him off his feet. When Church tries to escape, he is cornered and taken down by the Green Arrow. Before being knocked out, he tells Oliver that someone named Prometheus is coming after him.

With Tobias in custody, Oliver reveals his deception to the city and reassures everyone that things are better than ever. However, as usual, there are more problems brewing for Oliver. Susan Williams is meeting with a mystery man who has connected Chance with Oliver’s time in Russia. He shows Susan a picture of Oliver in Russia at the time when everyone assumed he was still on the island. In more dangerous news, Prometheus makes another visit to Tobias Church. He had given Church a second warning about going after the Green Arrow and there wouldn’t be a third. Church tries to bargain for his life by telling Prometheus the Green Arrow’s secret identity. Despite Church’s revelation, Prometheus kills him anyway.

The Island / Flashback

Oliver is being sworn in as an official member of the Bratva. Despite having Anatoly in his corner, there are some members of the Bratva who will not accept an outsider. The most outspoken of these dissenters is Viktor (Mike Dupod). Viktor sets an ambush for Oliver at his own party. When Oliver walks right into it, he’s saved by a man that turns out to be the Human Target. It turns out that Oliver may have found himself in the midst of a Bratva power struggle.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • At the beginning of the episode, Church flips Rene a gold coin as he is digging his own grave. This is a reference (one of the few) to Church’s nickname: Charon, the ferryman of the dead. In mythology, souls had to pay a coin to the ferryman in order to be taken to the afterlife. Otherwise, they would remain as ghosts.
  • Susan Williams (Carly Pope) is shadowing the Councilman, bringing her into contact with Oliver again. Oliver proposes that she give him a month to win her over without trying to submarine every thing he does in the media. She agrees and gives him her phone number.
  • Chance points out to Oliver that it seems like he’d rather be “the hood” than Oliver Queen and encourages him to embrace the Oliver side of his life.
  • “When it comes to guilt and recrimination, the line forms behind me” – Diggle to Rene
  • “Speak of the Devil” – Human Target
    “Oh, am I the devil now?” – Felicity
    “That would definitely be my cue to leave” – Human Target


As Diggle pointed out, it’s starting to get really crowded in the Arrow Cave. Diggle’s back, Rene’s back (after being gone for like half an episode) and now Billy Malone seems like he’s going to be getting closer to the action. It almost feels like Oliver is going to end up with a small army between the ACU and his new recruits. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I get concerned by big casts on these DCTV shows after seeing what happened with Legends of Tomorrow and how they had such a hard time managing a cast of characters. There were just too many people to give focus to.

I don’t think Arrow will suffer quite as much from that problem because they clearly prioritize who to focus on. Even in this episode, with everything else going on, they stopped to give Felicity and Oliver a beat and made sure to highlight Diggle and his usefulness to the team. I would say that Rene got shortchanged a little bit in the episode only because they could have really drawn out his whole trauma ordeal. They kind of fast tracked his story but, I suspect, that’s because Church wasn’t going to be around much longer for him to work out his issues with him.

Of course, the most significant moment in this episode (outside of Olicity ‘ship stuff) is Prometheus taking his place as the series’ new main villain. Having him just off Church with a throwing star was definitely an eye opening moment. It was also very suggestive that he didn’t seem to care about the Green Arrow’s secret identity. Of course the big theory at the time was that he didn’t care because he already knew Oliver’s secret. Of course, by now, we know for a fact that that was the case. Prometheus knows who Oliver is and he’s coming for him.