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Arrow: Lost in the Flood – Season 4 Episode 22

With his power at unimaginable levels, Darhk sets out to regain control of Rubicon.


Noah and Felicity’s efforts have given them about 24 hours to solve the Darhk/Rubicon problem, but he’s pushing back. Felicity is still grieving about having caused so many deaths, but her father snaps her out of it because they have to keep pushing back at Darhk. They don’t know it yet, but Darhk has enlisted the help of another former nemesis of theirs. One of the people Darhk helped break out was Cooper Seldon aka Brother Eye (Nolan Gerard Funk), Felicity’s ex-boyfriend and assassin/hacker. Curtis comes to Felicity’s apartment because of all the news. She quickly fills him in on what’s going on and leaves him at her apartment with her father. She’s received a 911 text from Thea and informs the team that Thea’s somewhere in the city. After getting Thea’s text, Felicity is quickly able to find the ark.

As soon as Green Arrow and Spartan are inside the ark, Felicity is immediately pulled away by a message from Curtis. She gets back to her apartment to find him drinking a beer, not because they’ve solved the problem, but because Felicity’s mother is there arguing with her father. Donna will not leave anyone in peace until Felicity reveals that she is working with the Green Arrow to stop the bombs. They are in the middle of coming up with ideas on how to stop Rubicon, when Brother Eye takes over their system. Thinking quickly, they’re able to piggy back on Seldon’s attack and use it to stop Rubicon and blow Seldon into a wall for good measure.


Green Arrow and Spartan penetrate the stronghold to find Thea. It just so happens that Ruvé has also arrived with her daughter in order to help Merlyn deal with Anarky. Merlyn has drugged Thea to make her more compliant, but he’s still got a growing list of unwelcome guests to deal with. When Green Arrow finds Thea, she attacks him and tries to turn him in to Merlyn. Spartan causes a distraction and they’re able to get away, but they have limited places to hide inside the ark, especially with its entire population being controlled by a supply of yellow pills and under the influence of Ruvé. While hiding out in a home, they find out that not everyone there is under the control of the pills. They point out that Darhk has offered them hope, which is more than the vigilante’s have. Before they spend too much time contemplating their own actions, they are found again. They manage to free Thea from Merlyn’s mind control and get the upper hand on him.


Just as they think they’re in the clear, Anarky appears on the TVs using Ruvé’s frequency. Realizing that everyone in the ark is in danger, they rush to try to stop Anarky. This time, they’re unable to stop him from enacting his revenge. During the fight, an explosion is set off that takes down the ark. Anarky also manages to kill Ruvé. She begs the Green Arrow to save her daughter and they manage to get out before everything goes up in smoke. With his plans in ruins, Darhk changes his goal. Now, he just wants to burn the world down. Apparently, his plan starts with trying to force Felicity to help him.

The Island / Flashback

After being shot at by some of Reiter’s soldiers, Taiana is overtaken by the idol. She uses its power to take out the soldiers and realizes that she can use the power to do so much more. She wants to go back to her homeland and fight some man named Kovar, but Oliver tries to convince her to remember what her brother would do. They hurry to save the other hostages, while Taiana struggles with the Idol’s influence. Oliver tries to save her by betting his own life that she won’t go through him to get the idol. Before their standoff ends when Reiter reappears.

Favorite Moments

  1. Felicity finds out the truth
    Her parent’s arguments reveal that it was actually Donna who took Felicity away from her father and that he had just let her believe that he abandoned her so that she wouldn’t lose her mother too. Even so, Donna still tells Kuttler to leave.
  2. “It’s called gallows humor” – Thea
    At least someone is able to recognize how morbid their humor is sometimes.
  3. “Oh Frak” – Curtis and Felicity in unison
    I love these two together with her parents.


I hate felicity’s mother in this episode, the entire world is in danger and all she can worry about is petty jealousy over her relationship with her adult daughter. Felicity’s a grown woman and all of this “protecting” her stuff is just juvenile, silly, and makes the character hard to stomach. That being said, I love how Felicity and Curtis got to interact with this whole situation. Apparently, a looming threat of annihilation and dealing with your parents can cause you to forget that you just murdered thousands of people. Was the levity inappropriate…maybe, but since when do comic books have to be appropriate. Even Thea points it out at the end of the episode. When your whole life is crazy, you have to find a way to make it funny. Plus, that keeps it entertaining for us as viewers.

What also keeps things entertaining is a dash of the unexpected. I didn’t expect to see the continuing parade of the husks of bad guys past, but this episode saw the return of Brother Eye to the show. Even more surprising was the failure of Darhk’s plan all together. I mentioned this during a previous episode, but I feel like Darhk has been significantly nerfed over the last few episodes. He seemed untouchable before and now, thanks in large part to Anarky, he finds himself with his plan in shambles and his only recourse to just take everyone else down with him. At this point, I should feel like he’s more dangerous than ever but, really, I just feel like we’re waiting to see him finish failing.