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Arrow: Monument Point – Season 4 Episode 21

Facing the threat of nuclear fallout, Felicity decides to reach out to an untrustworthy ally.


The team calculates that there are roughly 21 hours remaining until Darhk has control of the world’s nuclear weapons. Knowing how Rubicon works, Felicity realizes that they need to reach out to her father, Noah Kuttler aka The Calculator (Tom Amandes), for help. Darhk realizes the same thing and sends Brick and Murmur to kill Kuttler. Unbeknownst to Team Arrow, there are a lot of moving parts surrounding them as they search for Kuttler. Merlyn is inside of the arc with Thea, trying to convince her that kidnapping her is for her own good. Anarky has made his way inside the arc and is searching for Darhk. The Palmer tech board is starting to get fed up with Felicity as their absentee CEO. Then, just for some more added flavor, Felicity’s mother decides to lecture Lance about signing and affidavit saying that he didn’t know that Laurel was the Black Canary. For some reason, she thinks that Lance telling the truth is more important than him getting his badge back. Oh yeah, Oliver is also wanting to confront Diggle about lying to Lyla about why he shot Andy.

Green Arrow and SpartanĀ are able to save Kuttler from Darhk’s henchmen, but he needs some better tech to get the job done. Fortunately, the tech they need is at Palmer Tech. Unfortunately, Felicity has been fired by the board for wanting to “give away” the spinal implant technology. That means that Felicity and her father will have to break in to Curtis’ lab in order to steal the tech. They manage to get what they need from Palmer Tech, but that’s not enough. To upload their fix, they also need to break into a server farm.


Inside the arc, Merlyn recruits Thea to help him deal with Anarky. They find out that his initial plan is to destroy the devices that recycle the air in the arc. Thea tries to talk him down before Merlyn takes a shot at him. Anarky escapes, but Merlyn is able to disarm the bombs that he planted. Thea returns to her Stepford home to find that Anarky has knocked Alex out. Anarky implores his “mommy” not to be enslaved by all these different men. The two exchange blows, but Anarky gets the upper hand and kills Alex to “liberate” Thea. Thea is able to subdue Anarky, but she can’t save Alex.


Darhk sends his men to the server farm where Felicity and her father are set up. The rest of the team is able to hold off most of the forces, but Kuttler is shot in the crossfire. He is okay, but the distraction allows for one of the nukes to be launched. While Kuttler works to stop the rest of the nukes from launching, Felicity is tasked with trying to stop the nuke that’s in the air. It can’t be stopped, but the next best option is to divert it to a less populated area. Felicity is able to redirect the missile from Monument Point to Havenrock, but it still kills tens of thousands of people. Green Arrow and Spartan figure out that this is what Darhk wanted control of City Hall for and search for him there. They find him, just as he’s being infused with the power of all those deaths.


The Island / Flashback

Tiana and Oliver are trying to free the rest of the hostages. They are able to steal the idol from Reiter and flee to the jungle with it. However, before they can get away completely, Taiana is overtaken by the power of the idol.

Favorite Moments

  1. “That’s why he sent last year’s greatest hits after you” – Felicity
    A great little meta reference to the fact that Murmur and Brick were big characters from previous seasons that have been downgraded to henchmen.
  2. “The fate of the world is resting in the hand of a criminal, an IT girl and two guys in Halloween costumes” – Lyla
    “They’re not Halloween costumes” – Green Arrow


This episode just went from bad to worse for Felicity. Even so, it’s interesting to think that, as Darhk’s plan is finally starting to take shape, she’s the member of the team who’s become the focal point of the action. Between her family drama and her technical expertise, there’s a lot of Felicity in this episode and that’s not a bad thing. In the end, she ends up having to do something that’s probably more terrible than any single action that anyone on the show has taken. Felicity’s always been the idealistic straight shooter of the group. To have her be put in a position where she either had to lose millions of lives or take thousands is really unexpected. The IT girl who first joined the team definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle the backlash of that kind of decision. Felicity has grown a lot since then, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she just walks away from this whole life, or retreats inwards after this.

It was mild by comparison, but Thea’s also had a pretty rough time of it in this episode. She’s got to deal with her father and her “son” while still being trapped in that weird arc. It was weird, but kind of cool to hear Thea refer to herself as Anarky’s “mommy” when she was trying to get through to him. I’ve always found the relationship between the two of them kind of fascinating. That’s mostly because he really was born out of some of the darker parts of Thea. I’m sure she’ll also be somewhat saddened by the death of Alex, but I don’t think the audience really cares about Alex. I know I didn’t really care about Alex.

Maybe this whole season is just supposed to decimate Team Arrow. Laurel’s dead, Felicity just killed a bunch of people, and Thea is beset on all sides by a “family” of lunatics. It’s starting to feel like they’re going to have a hard time recovering from all of this even if Oliver can beat Darhk.