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Arrow: Canary Cry – Season 4 Episode 19

Laurel hasn’t even been dead 12 hours, but there’s another Canary running the streets.


Laurel’s death is announced to the public and Darhk is the leading suspect in the murder. The story is that she was killed during the Iron Heights prison break. The team reconvenes in order to put their hearts into going after him, but they’re interrupted when Captain Lance comes into the cave and points them to a story about someone in the streets using a sonic device. Quentin, almost in a state of delirium, thinks it might be Laurel come back from the dead. After they pay a visit to the morgue to confirm that Laurel’s body is still there. When they do, they find that her body is still there. Oliver gets a lead that someone who frequently visits the hospital may have stolen some of Laurel’s effects.


While they’re searching for this girl, Thea is out with Alex trying not to think about Laurel. The girl, wearing a Black Canary outfit, attacks Alex. Thea stops her before she shoots him, but she pauses when the mask comes off, giving the girl a chance to use the Canary Cry to escape. Thea calls Oliver, who confronts the girl. She accuses him of leaving people for dead and only saving his friends before escaping again. They find out that the girl is Evelyn Crawford Sharp (Madison McLaughlin). She is the daughter of two people who were at the Reddington Industries complex, the place where Darhk held Diggle, Thea and Felicity hostage. At the time, they believed anyone else at the complex was there of their own free will, but Evelyn’s parents were found dead a couple of days after the escape.


While the entire team is contemplating what happened, Oliver finds himself in the unusual position of trying to get Felicity and Diggle not to blame themselves. Diggle’s part in Laurel’s death is obvious, he let Andy betray them. Felicity’s guilt comes from not being with the team to help them in some way when Laurel was killed. The guilt party gets interrupted when Thea realizes that Diggle is MIA. Felicity is able to track him and they find him attacking Darhk’s wife in order to find out where his brother is. Oliver stops him before he does anything permanent. This attack, coupled with Evelyn’s attack on Alex gives Ruvé all the cause she needs to order a shoot to kill order on the new Black Canary and to re-institute the Anti-Vigilante Task Force.


As if this isn’t enough to deal with, Oliver is summoned by Nyssa al Ghul. Nyssa was contacted by Quentin Lance and came to Star City when she found out about Laurel’s death. What she didn’t realize is that Quentin wanted her to use the Lazarus Pit to bring Laurel back. Nyssa has to break the news to Quentin that she destroyed the Pit after Sarah’s resurrection. Nyssa reaches out to Oliver to warn him that Quentin isn’t handling Laurel’s death well. Oliver goes to see Quentin and allows him to finally start to try to accept the death. This also gives Diggle and Felicity time to convince each other to take Oliver’s advice and not blame themselves for Laurel’s death.


The Team has to mobilize again when Evelyn’s face triggers a warning. They figure out that she’s going to target Ruvé and that Ruvé is going to use the attack to not only create open season on vigilantes, but to ruin Laurel’s legacy. Evelyn makes it all the way to Ruvé before the Green Arrow is able to talk her down. Both vigilantes manage to escape without injury, but that still leaves the issue of what to do about Laurel’s legacy. In order to stop the Darhk’s from tarnishing her name, Oliver goes public with the information that Laurel was the Black Canary at her funeral. After the funeral, there is the now infamous grave scene that’s been teased throughout the season. Oliver leaves the funeral with Felicity, who tells him that he has to find a way to kill Darhk.


The Island / Flashback

This episodes flashbacks take place in the time after Tommy’s death. It starts at Tommy’s funeral when Oliver was a no-show, forcing Laurel to deliver the eulogy. The flashbacks show how Laurel stopped Oliver from blaming himself for failing Tommy even though she doesn’t know that he’s the Green Arrow (The Hood at that time) yet. We also see that Laurel and Oliver started to get close again after Tommy’s death, even sharing a kiss at one point. However, that never amounted to a relationship because Oliver immediately left to go back to Lian Yu. Before leaving he left Laurel a note and the picture that she was carrying.

Favorite Moments

  1. Evelyn hides in plain sight
    This is a small thing, but I loved that Evelyn actually walks through the opening scene in the hospital. She’s right in the middle of the team as everyone is grieving.


To be honest, I really just want to type “meh” as a commentary and move on, but I shall soldier on (not that anyone cares). I felt like this episode tried to do a few too many things at once and none of them were really served that well. The flashbacks were particularly confusing to me. I don’t get the idea of wrapping Laurel’s story up by going back to the middle of it’s beginning with her and Oliver or, rather, it’s second almost beginning. It would’ve been interesting if we’d have known that Oliver and Laurel had restarted their romance back when it happened, but bringing it up now just feels like it’s fishing for some kind of emotional connection that wasn’t there.

The idea of having a new Canary seemed very rushed, especially since it happens within hours of Laurel dying. It would’ve been nice for Evelyn to get an entire episode to flesh out her character instead of just her backstory. Especially since her backstory was something that was related to a previous episode but, ultimately, happened off camera.

Evelyn ended up just being a pawn that was used in a pretty pointless stunt by Ruvé. I mean, what exactly was the point of her trying to pin all of this on the new Canary, especially knowing that it wasn’t part of Oliver’s gang? At first, I thought she might’ve been trying to find an excuse to mobilize the anti-vigilante task force, but that doesn’t seem to take very much. Then, I thought that maybe she was trying to martyr herself, but that’s obviously not the case. I just didn’t get what the point of the Canary smear campaign was other than that it makes our heroes sad, because feelings.

The best part of the episode was Quentin dealing with his feelings. That poor guy (and his wife) have really been put through the emotional ringer by everything that’s happened. Really, he seems to be the only person who’s really grieving about the death of Laurel as a person. Everyone else is too busy trying to figure out whether or not they’re to blame for Laurel’s death. When you think about it that way, it makes everyone seem pretty selfish. Obviously, Oliver is the one who brings it back around and gives a big speech about Laurel, but even that is only done to counteract Ruvé’s tactics. It’s all just evidence that killing Laurel, for the show, is more about pushing the other characters in a certain direction.