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Supergirl: Medusa – Season 2 Episode 8

Supergirl starts off the 4 day DC crossover.


Things start off normally enough with a Thanksgiving dinner at the Danver’s place. Jimmy and Winn are planning to tell Kara about the Guardian. Alex is planning to come out to her friends and family. Mon-El is planning on scoring points with Kara by sucking up to her mother. All of those bumbling social attempts are interrupted by a strange rift that opens in the middle of their dining room. The group (minus mama Danvers and Jimmy) head back to the DEO. They put investigating the rift on the back burner while they continue to investigate Cadmus and what they wanted to do with Kara’s blood. Cyborg Superman unleashes an alien targeting virus in a bar that kills a bunch of aliens and puts Mon-El in serious condition. After Kara’s mother analyzes the virus, they figure out that Cadmus used Supergirl’s blood to infiltrate the Fortress of Solitude and steal the virus, Medusa.


Kara flies to the Fortress to find out what the virus is. After a skirmish with the Fortress’ security, Kara is horrified to find out that the virus was constructed by her father as a weapon to fight against invaders. She returns to the DEO with information on the virus so her mother and Alex can work on a cure for Mon-El (and anyone else). While they’re working Alex’s mom reveals that she’s figured out that Alex is gay, and that she’s okay with it even though Alex is having a hard time spitting it out. While the research is being done, J’onn also takes some time to reassure Kara that she’s her parent’s legacy, not death.

Alex and her mother find out that Cadmus needs a rare isotope 454 in order to further their plans for the Medusa. Supergirl flies off to secure the isotope, but Cyborg Superman gets the upper hand on her. He’s distracted by another rift opening in the room and the arrival of Maggie and the rest of her squad. Supergirl tries to subdue him, but Maggie is wounded during the fight and she gets distracted. Maggie is taken back to the DEO to get patched up. Meanwhile, Mon-El carpes-the-diem and kisses Kara while in between sleeping spells. However, at the end of the episode he claims that he doesn’t remember doing this (I don’t think anyone actually buys that).


Kara goes to see Lena Luthor as both a reporter and Supergirl to get information about Lilian. Lena isn’t on good terms with her mother, but she hides her mother’s secrets from Kara and defends her to Supergirl. Even so, she doesn’t know what her mother is up to until Supergirl reveals that Lilian is running Cadmus. Lena summons Lilian to her office and freely offers her mother her help. Together, the two Luthors plan to launch the virus into the water supply. J’onn and Supergirl arrive just in time to see the missile launched. Supergirl flies off to stop the missile while J’onn fights against Cyborg Superman. However, when Supergirl catches the missile, Lilian detonates it and releases the virus into the air. For a moment, everyone waits for aliens to stop dropping dead. When nothing happens, Lilian realizes that Lena double crossed her. Lena confirms that and also reveals that she called the police, who arrive in time to arrest Lilian but not Cyborg Superman. Dr. Danvers is able to reverse engineer a cure for Mon-El after the attack. She’s also able to use the information to cure J’onn’s White Martian blood cells.

At the end of the episode, the crossover fully begins. The rifts that have been showing up throughout the episode are Barry and Cisco trying to get to Kara. They finally get it right and appear in her living room. She comes through the door to find Barry in need of her help, and all she wants to know is what they’re fighting.


Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  • After the rift opens in Kara’s living room, Winn mentions looking for Tachyon particles. Those are most commonly referenced when talking about time jumping and dimension bending abilities in The Flash.
  • While Maggie’s at the DEO, she and Alex have another conversation and Alex is actually able to tell Maggie that she’s moving on from her initial crush. Of course, after that, Maggie figures out that she likes Alex. She shows up later that night at Alex’s apartment bearing pizza and a confession. The two kiss, and the romance that the show seemed like it was going to avoid has officially started.
  • Some group of people in a spaceship are searching for Mon-El, but that’s about all we find out. supergirl-s2e8-mon-el-hunters


I guess Lilian really doesn’t pay attention to her daughter, or she would’ve known how out of left field it was for her to offer to help her. When her initial turn happened I thought it was incredibly unbelievable. I’m glad that it turned out to be a ruse. The thing that’s unclear is whether or not Supergirl was in on it or if Lena lashing out against Supergirl was also part of the act. I wouldn’t be too surprised or upset to see Lena try to step in and take over Cadmus if her mother’s arrest leaves a power void. She might try to use it for good, or she could still become a greater source of evil. It’s really hard to tell where Lena is truly leaning.

I’m also glad that the show resolved the story line of J’onn turning into a White Martian (I guess he’s just J’onn now that Hank is back). That whole thing was kind of weird. The point of this whole thing was just to force M’gann to reveal that she was actually a White Martian. Now that that’s out in the open there’s no real reason to pretend that they were going to replace the Martian Manhunter with a more monstrous alien.

I think my biggest disappointment with the episode was the Maggie/Alex hookup and, really, Alex’s entire coming out arc. The only real conflict that Alex has had in coming out has been internal. While this does present a hopeful message about acceptance, it does miss a big opportunity to have Alex display strength by dealing with some form of push back from a person that she’s close to. I’m sure that, at some point, there’s going to be some other character to come around and be a more obvious bigot. By that time, Alex will likely have the swell of support from her friends and family to lean on. Again, it’s an uplifting way to go but it’s not very exciting or new. The same can be said about her new relationship with Maggie. I gave the show a lot of credit for not letting Alex and Maggie go for the easy, feel-good relationship but that only lasted for a couple of episodes. To make it even worse, they had Alex claim that she was essentially moving on only for her to immediately come back to Maggie once Maggie changed her mind about dating Alex.

It does seem like things in the series are pretty neatly tied up right now. Cyborg Superman is in the wind, Cadmus has lost their leader and Lena seems to be on the up and up. The only real loose threads are the Guardian identity reveal and Mon-El and Kara’s budding relationship. That makes it the perfect time for Kara to head off to another Earth for the crossover story. I’m sure that when she returns she’ll find that there’s a whole other set of problems to deal with.