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Supergirl: Worlds Finest – Season 1 Episode 18

The Flash and Supergirl combine all of their feel-good powers into one crossover episode.


Siobhan is taken to the DEO where they tell her that she can emit high frequency screams. It turns out that the powers are the result of some ancient gypsy/banshee curse placed on the women of her family. The point of the curse is for her to use the power to take out the source of her anger: Kara (and maybe Cat). Even before she knows this, she tries to kill Kara. She storms into the CatCo offices and screams Kara out of a window. Fortunately, the Flash just happens to jump through a breach and see Kara falling out of the CatCo skyscraper. He runs her out into the hills, where he realizes that he accidentally set her clothes on fire. When Kara flies away as Supergirl, the Flash gives chase. The two settle down and get acquainted with each other. Barry tells her about the multiverse and that he’s from a different Earth and is stuck for the time being. Barry and Kara become fast friends, which makes Jimmy jealous, something that both Winn and Cat (and anyone with eyes) notice. BTW, Cat is now helping Kara with her love life for some reason.

After failing to kill Kara herself, Siobhan decides to get some backup. She noticed Livewire when she was leaving the DEO and figured that the enemy of her enemy is her friend. So, she breaks Livewire out of the DEO. Realizing that she may need some backup, Kara asks Barry to help her out. With the extra power, Kara’s pretty sure that they can make short work of the two villains. Barry is able to track down Livewire and they race off to fight. When they get to the abandoned warehouse (because bad guys love abandoned warehouses) they find Livewire and Siobhan, now the Silver Banshee, to be tougher than anticipated. They make a tactical retreat to come up with a better plan. They take a little time to let their ears stop ringing, during which Kara confides in Barry about the problems she’s had since the Red Kryptonite incident. Barry gives her some advice, and assures her that time will make things better.

Not long after that, Livewire and Silver Banshee show up at Cat’s office and kidnap her. They put a call out to Flash and Supergirl to lure them into a fight. Barry’s had enough time to create earbuds that will protect them from Silver Banshee’s powers. Armed with those, they head out to fight. They’re able to save Cat, but Flash is knocked out by Livewire. Livewire then opens fire on a helicopter (because, she hates those). When she does, Supergirl takes the shot instead. Her willingness to sacrifice herself to save the chopper causes the people to stand between her and the villains. When Livewire prepares to attack again it’s actually some firemen who hit her with a water stream to stop her and Silver Banshee is zapped for being too close. Barry shows the police how to keep metahumans as prisoners so the DEO doesn’t have to and Silver Banshee and Livewire are locked up. Barry gets the idea to have Kara user her speed to help boost his, and the two are able to send him back through the breach.

Before he goes, Barry also decides to get on the Kara/Jimmy train and tells Kara not to take things too slow with him. Taking everyone’s advice, Kara invites Jimmy over to her apartment. She clumsily tries to talk to him about them being together before just giving in and  kissing him. However, Jimmy just stares at her and walks out of the apartment. When she looks outside, Kara sees that people all over the city are walking through the streets like automatons. Cut to Non, who reveals that Myriad (still don’t know what exactly it is) has begun.

supergirl-s1e18-Kara-on-fire supergirl-s1e18-livewire-electricity supergirl-s1e18-flash-supergirl-combo-wind-attack supergirl-s1e18-flash-supergirl-race supergirl-s1e18-kara-jimmy-kiss

Favorite/Notable Moments

  1. All of the Cat Grant
    Another episode, another set of stand out Cat Grant quotes. Probably the most notable is when she said Kara and her friends looked like the cast of a CW show.
  2. Barry and Kara’s “meet cute”
    “I’m Supergirl.” “You’re who, now?” “I’m The Flash.” “The who, now?”. Their whole first meeting was pitch perfect.
  3. All the interactions
    Barry and Kara are already adorable little characters when they want to be. This episode allowed them to really play off of that. Which lead to so many great moments, and most of them where when they were out of costume.
    – “Speaking was the wrong choice. I see that now” – Barry to Cat
    – “Yessss!!!” – Kara when Barry gets ice cream at super speed
    – Barry explaining the multiverse, complete with examples of actual other universes from the comics (that Hitler one is a real thing!)
    – “Is this a spaceship?…I love this earth” – Barry
    – “I see bad guys love their abandoned warehouses on your Earth too” – Barry
    – “Catch the bad girl. Bring her back here so she can’t hurt anyone. 85% chance of punching.” – Kara’s big plan
    – “So I whipped up these bad boys. Sorry I keep saying bad boys” -Barry to Kara
    – “What do you say we step away from the nice lady; settle this like women” – Barry with too many women around
    – “He was so unfailingly charming and nice that he had to either be a superhero or a Mormon” – Cat explaining that she knows about Barry/Flash


The show really hit a home run with this episode. It wasn’t perfect. The Jimmy/Kara jealousy thing was fun for the episode, but felt like it was a little forced after the events of the last few episodes. I also continue to take issue with Supergirl shoehorning Supergirl into Superman moments. Even the title, “World’s Finest” is a direct reference to a comic in which Superman and The Flash race and the shot of them running side-by-side is also a reference to a Superman comic. That being said, the content of this episode was unique to these TV shows.

Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have cultivated very specific, bright personalities for these characters and the way they came together was just so heartwarming that it can’t not make you smile somehow.  Supergirl isn’t a show that takes itself too seriously and adding a carefree Barry Allen to the mix, really allowed them to hit some of the comedy notes that they don’t usually get to because their characters are still learning the ropes. It was kind of interesting to see how Barry took a similar role to the one Oliver Queen took with him in their first crossover episode. He even kind of referenced it when he mentioned that he ran around the warehouse to check the perimeter, which was somehting Oliver taught him to do. In Kara’s world, Barry’s the one with more experience who can offer more sage advice to an upstart superhero. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from nerding out the way that he normally would.

Now that this is over, the next couple of episodes are going to wrap up Supergirl‘s first season. I guess we’re going to finally figure out what Myriad is all about.