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Agents of SHIELD: Spacetime – Season 3 Episode 15

A homeless man with the power to show people a grim future, reaches out to Daisy.


When a store-owner calls 911 asking for Daisy Johnson, the team arrives on the scene. He reveals that a homeless man, Charles, gave him a vision of him dying. HYDRA appears on the scene and Daisy figures out that the homeless man is an Inhuman. He’s taken by the HYDRA retrieval plane but, touches Daisy before he leaves, showing her a disturbing vision of the future. Daisy explains what she saw as best she can to her team. They spend most of the episode trying to piece together what the vision is and how to prevent it from happening. Daisy sees herself fighting agents, Coulson shooting her, Lincoln’s face covered in blood, among other things. Despite Fitz’s insistence that time is unchangeable, Coulson and the team are determined to stop this future from happening. After they meet with Charles’ ex-wife, they learn that his ability is to show people glimpses of their future, that he also sees. Being unable to prevent these things from happening drove Charles mad and caused him to leave his family for fear of subjecting them to the visions. As terrible as the power is, Lincoln asserts that Inhumans are given their powers for a reason, which means that the visions will likely lead to something. shiled-s3e15-malick-hive-table

While they’re making plans, Hive has taken Charles and Malick to the company that made the neural interface for Coulson’s hand. Hive tells Malick that they’re there to buy out the company, but the real reason that they’re there is so that Malick can experience “true power”. Hive wants Malick to experience the power of taking another person’s life. After doing whatever he does to people that leaves them as red skeletons, Hive gives Malick a power suit that allows him to crush the head of the company’s former owner. Around this time, SHIELD finds out that HYDRA has taken the building and they head out to stop HYDRA with their well rehearsed plan. shiled-s3e15-headcrush

As they’re about to leave, Andrew shows up at the base and completely turns everything upside down. He believes that he’s about to turn into Lash for the last time and came to say goodbye to May. Coulson can’t allow May to miss that, and orders May to stay behind. That allows she and Andrew to spend time together before Andrew changes back into Lash, for good. Andrew also believes, like Lincoln, that there may have been a reason or a cause behind Lash’s actions which is why he turned himself in. Coulson changes the plan, so that instead of keeping Daisy away from the fight, she goes in alone. That plan is also scrapped when Coulson sees Ward’s face on the monitors. He and Fitz believe that it’s the monster from Mavaeth inhabiting Ward’s body which means that Daisy needs help. So, thing play out like they did in Daisy’s vision. The one big difference is that Coulson doesn’t shoot her, he shoots a one-way mirror in order to save her. It still looks like it did in the vision, Daisy just realizes that she misread the situation. shiled-s3e15-may-andrew-goodbye

Daisy rushes to the roof, where she squares off with Malick in his power suit. He gets the better of her until Charles steps in and touches Gideon, most likely showing him a vision of his own death. In retaliation, Malick crushes Charles’ throat. Before he dies, Charles touches Daisy one more time. As the final pieces of Daisy’s vision come true, Daisy is shown another vision that suggests that a member of the team is going to die in what appears to be in a spaceship.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  1. Time travel hurts everyone’s head
    It’s an episode with time-wimey shenanigans. That leads for lots of opportunities for time-based banter like when Coulson discovers that Lincoln never saw the original Terminator movie. It was also funny that everyone’s response to Coulson asking if seeing the future was even possible, it was an resounding “yes”.
  2. “I wish we could practice every moment of our life like this” – Coulson
    Having Skye walk May through her entire fight over and over again was a fun little effect. It looked like the characters reenacting a stunt team’s trial run for the actual scene. Also, Fitz and Simmons are horrible stunt people.
  3. “Yeah, day got weirder” – Coulson
    I just loved this line and the acceptance that things had already been completely weird in this episode.


I’m really starting to lose patience with this Hive character. He’s kind of been in the background so I haven’t talked about it much, but his whole thing seems very inconsistent. First he looks like he’s Ward. Then, in one episode he states that he’s not Ward. In this episode, he says that Coulson killed “him”, meaning that he’s now identifying as Ward. It’s all very confusing. The inconsistency also seems to be turning into a consistent pattern for the characters on this show. I find myself having a hard time nailing down what’s going through the heads of Fitz, Simmons and Daisy in a given episode. I feel like the character’s actual emotions and motivations are being used more to further the over all story of the show than they are to inform the characters and that’s why things feel a little strange. For example, Daisy’s bravado with her powers fits the narrative of feeling the grip of power and the purpose behind power, but it doesn’t really fit with what we’ve seen from Daisy’s character up to this point. Just a couple of episodes ago, Lincoln describe her relation to her powers as Zen-like. I’m not saying that the characters are actually inconsistent, I just feel like what’s being relayed to the audience is inconsistent.

Character inconsistencies aside, I did think that this was a really good episode. There were some great shots, especially the ones that tied the future vision elements of the episode together. I loved that opening shot of the wooden robin in the ash rain and how it was book ended at the end of the episode, suggesting that it was actually us seeing Charles vision of his own death. Time travel of any kind is hard to do, even this kind of self-fulfilling prophecy kind of time travel or prediction. Unfortunately, it ended with another prediction. I can think of shows like Arrow and The Walking Dead that have forecast character deaths recently and I don’t think it’s worked out well for either of those shows. Hopefully it will be handled better here.