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Agents of SHIELD: Bouncing Back – Season 3 Episode 11

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD┬áreturns and introduces a new member of the Secret Warriors.


Coulson meets with the President in Rosalind’s old apartment. The gist of the conversation is that the President won’t authorize SHIELD but, instead, he makes Coulson the new head of the ATCU. That will allow SHIELD to continue to do what it does, while giving Coulson a direct line to the President. With the ever growing publicity that the Alien outbreak is garnering, the President needs to be assured that the situation is being handled. Later, the President would drop the bomb on Coulson that he’d be naming General Talbot (remember that guy?) as the public head of the ATCU.shiled-s3e11-coulson-president-meeting

Aside from taking over the ATCU, Coulson wants to root out the man responsible for Ros’s death, Gideon Malick, the acting head of Hydra. The President tells Coulson that Malick is too connected for him to tangle with but, as a black ops agent, Coulson is free to go after him. In order to get a lead on Malick’s whereabouts, Coulson puts the comatose Werner Von Strucker into the mind reading machine. With some electroshock help from Lincoln, they’re able to find a way to trace a large chunk of Malick’s network. Coulson also takes the opportunity to let Malick know that he’s coming after him. What Coulson doesn’t know is that Malick is harboring Ward, or rather Hive, who is recuperating from his imprisonment on Maveth and recuperating in Ward’s body. To be accurate, the entity still hasn’t been named on the show, but the show runners have already confirmed in interviews that Ward has become Hive. shiled-s3e11-alien-ward-powers

The rest of the SHIELD team is looking in to a report of a powered person stealing weapons from the police in Columbia. It turns out to be a woman named Elena Rodriguez, who was stealing the weapons so that the corrupt police couldn’t use them to oppress people. Of course, they don’t find this out until after she kidnaps Mack and Daisy, Joey, Hunter and Bobbi have to come save him. They end up verifying her story when they find her cousin dumping the weapons in the river. The police arrive and an inhuman in their ranks disables Hunter and Bobbi and takes them in for questioning after killing the cousin. Wanting to do good with her powers, Yo-Yo (as Mack calls her) agrees to help Daisy and her team. She reveals that her specific power is to cover any distance with super speed. The catch is that she can only go as far as she can reach in the span of one heart beat, she’s then slung back to the position she started from. YoYo, Joey and Daisy prove to be more than enough to rescue Hunter and Bobbi, and capture the police’s Inhuman. However, before they can extract him, HYDRA aircraft arrive and snatch him up. Even though it’s clear that HYDRA is trying to build its own Inhuman team, Daisy thinks that it may be better to let the members of her team head home and live normal lives until they’re needed again. Everyone except for Lincoln, who wants to stay wherever she is (and who could blame him?). shiled-s3e11-coulson-phone-malick

The end of the episode deals with some lingering issues for different characters. Fitz has been distant with Jemma because he killed Will on Maveth. Jemma assures him that the thing he killed had already killed Will and that they need to get their relationship, whatever it is, back on track. Coulson’s also been contemplating what he did on Maveth. He told Fitz that they both did what needed to be done, but he confides in May that he wonders what he did. She reassures him by saying that what he did was “join the cavalry” meaning that, like her, he took a life for the greater good. As they talk about that and his new hand, they watch as the stock of Malick’s company, Gothite Industries, plummets as he scrambles to cover his tracks. Malick is having his own doubts as he watches a weakened Hive convalesce in Ward’s damaged body. Seeing that Malick needs a sign to believe in, he rises and chooses to display his powers on a nearby Inhuman. The effect of those powers isn’t seen on screen, but I’d guess we’ll find out what they do in the next episode.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  1. Bobbi and Hunter want superpowers
    It makes complete sense that Bobbi and Hunter would be thinking that it would be good to have super powers. Given the way that powers are seemingly given out, it’d be interesting to see what kind of powers they would have.
  2. The Secret Warriors are starting to come together…kind of
    Watching Daisy, Elena and Joey invade the police station together was awesome. Apparently, Daisy’s going to be functioning kind of like the team’s tank with Joey and Elena working as support. With no real training together, they were able to fit their roles pretty well. Granted, it looks like the show is moving towards the idea of keeping the team connected but distributed until they’re needed.


Well, it looked like the SHIELD team was going to be united for a few minutes but now, it looks like Daisy and Coulson will be leading SHIELD almost as two independent heads. It was kind of telling that we didn’t really see them interact in this episode, it was only referenced as something that happened off screen. At the end of the episode, May even mentions that Coulson’s been giving Daisy more free reign in her operations. This is most likely to keep the number of moving parts manageable for the show. Coulson will be free to deal with running SHIELD and hunting Malick while Daisy will be focused on recruiting and fighting Inhumans (and Lincoln). I suspect that the other members of the team (Fitz-Simmons and Hunter and Bobbi) will end up bouncing back and forth between which cause they are helping until the two objectives overlap. Given the large cast that the show has, I think they’re doing an admirable job of trying to manage everyone without bogging things down.

I do wish that the show wasn’t trimming the fat by removing the new Inhumans from the day-to-day activities. It’s not because I really care about those characters, I just liked the way the show was portraying their powers and the potential that they had to do some really cool things together. With Hive on the scene and the show focusing on Inhumans, I suspect that there will be plenty of other chances for the production team to showcase some powers. They can use some of that extra energy they’ll have from not having to give Coulson fake hands for a while.

I don’t know where this second half of the season is going, but I am looking forward to it.