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Agent Carter : Monsters – Season 2 Episode 7

Frost makes getting the uranium rods back from Peggy a top priority.


Peggy and Jarvis have their attention divided between trying to track down Dottie and helping Wilkes. That doesn’t sit well with Wilkes, who lashes out and suggests that they just terminate Dottie using her collar. He immediately backs off of that position, but the outburst does help Peggy realize that she may have been neglecting one person’s life for another. They don’t stop looking for Dottie, but they do make helping Wilkes a priority. They do manage to create a containment device for him. Coupled with the Zero Matter extracted from Whitney Frost, they do successfully make him tangible again. As soon as he can touch, he plants a kiss on Peggy. Later, Jarvis would take a chance to point out that this does make things more complicated for Peggy as he overheard her intimate conversation with Sousa in the previous episode. agentcarter-s2e7-ana-wilkes-dinner

Vernon Masters has been working on getting Dottie Underwood to give up information on Peggy Carter, but he’s not having much luck. Dottie’s severe training makes her impervious to most kinds of torture. Masters is interrupted by Frost, who demands that he focus on recovering the stolen uranium. Masters goes to the SSR office to try to lean on Sousa for help, but he seems unaware that Sousa knows what he really does. However, dealing with Masters prevents Sousa from being able to help Peggy throughout the episode. Later, Masters would send masked thugs to Sousa’s house to send him a message. Sousa takes the beating and comes to the office the next day, where Masters forces Sousa to take a vacation while he takes over the operation of the SSR in LA.agentcarter-s2e7-Dottie-whitney

After dismissing Masters, Frost takes over Dottie’s interrogation. After one up close demonstration of Frost’s powers, Dottie spills everything. She tells Frost about Peggy and Wilkes, which gets Frost’s attention. Peggy and Jarvis go after Dottie but they’re captured when Jarvis puts the wrong code into a device that was meant to neutralize their assailants. Fortunately, the code he did put in set the device for a delayed detonation, which allowed them to escape after being brought to where Dottie was being held. Once they find out what information Dottie gave up, they realize that Wilkes and Ana are in danger. They rush back to the house, but Frost and Manfredi are already there. agentcarter-s2e7-jarvis-peggy-captured

Frost approaches Wilkes but is surprised when he absorbs some of the Zero Matter from her. The Zero Matter makes Wilkes tangible without the containment unit and Frost realizes that they are linked and tries to convince him to come with them. He declines, but the unfortunate thing about being tangible is it means he can be knocked out. Frost takes him but stops Manfredi from shooting Ana. However, when Peggy and Jarvis pull into the drive, Frost shoots Ana in the stomach in order to buy some time to escape. They get Ana to the hospital, but Dottie is able to escape while Peggy and Jarvis are tending to Ana. The episode ends with Ana still in surgery and Jarvis and Peggy waiting to hear the news. agentcarter-s2e7-jarvis-carter-hospital

Favorite Moments

  1. Ana Jarvis is the most awesome wife.
    In the last episode, I thought they were laying the seeds for Ana to get in the way of Jarvis adventuring with Peggy. Instead, she just does something way more mature than I would’ve expected. She admits that she worries about him, but leaves the decision of what to do up to him. It was also very telling that she admitted that she was the one who wanted to know what Jarvis was up to. Now that she knows, she’s trying to deal with the information the best way she can. I love Ana and the way that she and Jarvis handle each other. Too bad that she ended up getting shot. Jarvis is gonna be pissed. agentcarter-s2e7-ana-wilkes-dinner
  2. “A Sticky What” – Peggy Carter
    I’m not sure why Jarvis felt the need to bring up Peggy’s love life complications but I love that he did. Peggy didn’t seem to comfortable with it either, but it looks like the conversation may have been needed.


There was a lot that went on in this episode. Dr. Wilkes is tangible again. Peggy’s love life got immediately more complicated. Sousa found himself taking a beating and losing his command. Dottie showed that she’s not invincible after all. Of course, the big moment was poor Ana being shot. It was a real “full speed ahead” kind of episode. This is the kind of thing that I was hoping would happen when Frost came out in the last episode. Now that she’s pushing the action, things are happening a lot faster. The most impressive thing about the pace of this episode is that they were still able to have a good number of character moments with all of these things going on. Ana, Peggy and Wilkes all had some emotional moments in this episode that came of as organic, which can be hard to do with this much going on.

The one problem (and it’s a small one) that I had with this episode was Dottie’s reaction to Frost’s powers. I get that they’ve been trying to explain the horror of Frost’s powers through representations of first hand experiences. Peggy and Dottie have both felt that power and survived it and Wilkes seems terrified of his own version of the Zero Matter experience. However, it just doesn’t seem all that intimidating to me. So, having Dottie go from aloof and playful at the idea of traditional torture to terrified and whimpering, didn’t really work for me. I get that it’s supposed to drive home how terrifying these powers are I’m just not sold on it for some reason. Somehow, I found it more believable that Peggy was back up and moving around uninhibited after being run through recently.