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The Americans: Martial Eagle – Season 2 Episode 9

All of that righteous indignation is replaced with some self loathing and quiet introspection after Philip and Elizabeth’s Martial Eagle mission gets messy.

Boy do things get messy. It seems like all they were planning to do was to drive onto the base and take some pictures. Well, at least that seems to be Philip’s plan. Elizabeth walks right in and shoots a guy in the head without batting an eye. Philip is approached by a young man who doesn’t buy his cover. So, Philip takes him down and slits his throat. He also has to kill two other soldiers in order to escape quietly. Because the base is a secret, the soldiers can’t report anything when the bodies are discovered and report it as a vehicular accident officially. Philip is walking around with a far away look in his eyes, clearly in a bad mood after everything that went down. The next day, they have to take a trip to Paige’s new church, where they learn that she gave them her entire life savings. When Philip and Elizabeth confront Paige about it, she’s her normal rebellious self. Philip’s in no mood and starts tearing her bible apart, saying that it’s teaching Paige to respect Jesus, but not her parents. I think we can all agree that there’s not much more of a way to make yourself seem like a dick than tearing up a little girl’s bible. When Elizabeth tries to comfort him, he lashes out at her too and leaves to go to talk to Fred, Emmet’s old asset, who’s been called in by the FBI. Later, Elizabeth decides to teach Paige a lesson by waking her up in the middle of the night to do chores, telling her that “being a grown up means doing things you don’t want to…all the time”. Another great lesson in parenting from the Jenning’s family (he said, sarcastically).

TheAmericans-s2e9-Philip-murder-kid TheAmericans-s2e9-Jennings-bible-tearing

Stan’s stunt at the end of last episode seems to have worked. He got his codeword clearance for the project involving Anton and the other scientists. After meeting with them, they give him information about a meeting between the Department of Defense and engineering firms that are fighting for the Stealth airplane contract. Stan’s investigation is momentarily interrupted when he goes back to the office and finds Agent Gaad preparing for his deposition. Stan comments on the unfairness of the situation and Gaad points out that they are both responsible. He says that the difference between them and the KGB is that the KGB was just better at not leaving clues when they kill people. It turns out that Gaad isn’t going down without a fight though. In an unexpectedly ballsy move, Gaad finds Arkady and tells him that, if he goes down for Vlad’s death, he will release the testimony of Richard Patterson about being kidnapped and tortured by two KGB illegals. The threat is that the media frenzy would cause the KGB to have to rebuild their illegals program because of a mass of Russian deportations. If that happened, Arkady would likely lose his job or worse.  Arkady doesn’t flinch at Gaad’s threat, but he does leave the cafe quickly.


Unaware of Gaad’s gambit, Stan continues his investigation into the scientist kidnapping. He interviews each of the scientists, including Fred, in order to assess them and to warn them about the threat of the KGB coming after them. He also gets information from Martha related to his case. She offhandedly mentions that the big DoD meeting took place at the same time as the murders of Emmet and his family (despite not knowing anything about them). Stan gets a hunch and starts to look into the evidence of the murders, which leads him to go through the information of the former KGB agents. That night, Philip plays his doctored tape for Martha, unaware of what’s happened at the office. His ploy works and she turns against her coworkers. But Philip’s not finished there. He heads to the church to threaten the Pastor Tim into keeping his daughter away from the church. Philip confronts the pastor with murder in his eyes. To his credit, Tim doesn’t back down and instead tells Philip that he needs to deal with his pain and that there is grace and forgiveness for everyone. Tim’s words seem to actually get through to Philip and he leaves the church without incident. So, he doesn’t double down on the bible ripping with Pastor murdering. Gotta, say I’m kinda surprised because he looked like he was going to end that guy with extreme prejudice.

TheAmericans-s2e9-Philip-church TheAmericans-s2e9-Clark-Martha

Other Notes :

  • When Stan comes back home, his wife openly admits to him that she’s leaving to go have an affair. When she asks him to tell her that he hasn’t been having an affair, it stops him dead in his tracks. Not sure why he suddenly seems to care that she’s unhappy. Even more amazingly she says that she’s not leaving him…despite having openly leaving to go have an affair. WHAT IS THIS FOOLISHNESS!TheAmericans-s2e9-stan-wife-affair