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Supergirl: For The Girl Who Has Everything – Season 1 Episode 13

Supergirl adapts the concept from famous Superman story, “For the Man Who Has Everything”.


After being attacked by the Black Mercy, Kara is plunged into a dream world. In this world, your greatest dreams are realized. Kara is back on Krypton with her parents, her aunt and even her cousin, Kal-El. She fights it for a time, but the Black Mercy soon absorbs her completely into the dream. Winn and Jimmy notice that Kara’s missing and contact Alex. The trio find her in her apartment, with the plant on top of her. Alex goes on a rampage trying to figure out what to do. She tries to beat an answer out of Maxwell Lord, who’s in the dark for once. Alex and Hank try to remove the Black Mercy by force, but they find out that doing that would kill Kara. They find out what to do when Astra pays Alex a visit. She reveals that Non was the one who sent the Black Mercy to Kara. She also tells Alex that the only way for Kara to get out is for her to reject the dream. supergirl-s1e13-supergirl-black-mercy

Alex and the DEO try to figure out how to get Alex into Kara’s dream. Fortunately, they have Maxwell Lord available. He’s able to figure out how to get Alex into Kara’s dream and all they have to do is convince him that he’s doing it to fight the Kryptonians. Alex enters the dream and struggles to get Kara out. On the outside, there’s a tense stand-off between Jimmy and Hank when Hank tries to pull Alex out of the dream at the first sign of trouble. They’re able to give Alex enough time and she and Kara both make it out of the dream. supergirl-s1e13-tense-situation-at-deo

After she awakes, Kara wants to know where she can find Non. Winn is able to figure out that the Kryptonians were using the Black Mercy and the current solar storm as a distraction. Their real plan involved using Maxwell Lord’s server to do…something. The DEO and Supergirl scramble to deal with the Kryptonians. While Supergirl takes on Non, the Martian Manhunter and Alex take on Astra. Supergirl rages out on Non, easily beating him but she’s stopped from finishing him off when she stops to ask him about the “Myriad” he mentions. Myriad isn’t explained, but Non does take the chance to laser-eye a satellite dish that Supergirl has to fly off to catch, allowing him to escape. Astra ends up getting the upper hand on the MM, but Alex runs her through with what appeared to be some kind of Kryptonite sabre (I guess we make those now). Supergirl is able to fly back over and talk to Astra before she dies. Not wanting to spoil her view of Alex, Hank tells Supergirl that he was the one who killed Astra. With the Kryptonians temporarily defeated (not without casualties), Kara returns to home with Alex and her friends. They have a little house party before Kara has to go back to work and deal with the damage that Hank did while he was posing as Kara at work.

supergirl-s1e13-supergirl-awake supergirl-s1e13-astra-killed

Favorite/Notable Moments

  1. Jimmy and Winn make it to the DEO
    I kind of agree with Hank on this one, I don’t even know why they have a secret base. At a certain point in this episode, they had every major character (save Cat) inside the DEO base.
  2. “Remind them that I am still holding on to their Hamilton tickets” – Cat Grant
    Cat seemed to be fuming with extra rage during this episode, and I love it.
  3. Visuals
    I feel like I notice some of the visuals in this show more than any other. I loved the way that the made the Black Mercy look. I also loved the scene where they showed the galactic map on Krypton. Every frame of this show isn’t a masterpiece, but it feels like every episode has a few moments that look outstanding.


I gave the last episode a lot of credit for trying to manipulate the Superman Bizarro story into something that could be used by this show. However, to be honest, this one hurt my heart a little bit. I don’t know if that’s so much because the show did a bad job with this subject as it was that I just didn’t want to see THIS Superman story adapted to the show. The story this was based off of, “For the Man Who Has Everything” contains¬† one of my top 3 favorite Superman “freak out” moments of all time. The way that he ends up leaving the Black Mercy’s dream is heart breaking and his response is to beat the being who put it on him to death. The only thing that stops the Man of Steel is seeing the visage of his parents and a timely intervention from Robin, the boy wonder. I won’t go too much more in to it, but my point is that it’s hard to make that story work without actually having Superman in it. After two Superman stories in a row, I’m starting to get concerned that this show might start trying to just use Supergirl to tell Superman stories instead of delving deeper into that character’s source material. If that does happen, I’d just have to hope that they don’t hit stories like this one that are personal favorites.