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Agent Carter : A View in the Dark – Season 2 Episode 2

The Isodyne case becomes a lot bigger when the SSR is attacked.


Frost and Chadwick come up with the plan to cover up the incidents at Isodyne by releasing a story accusing Dr. Wilkes of being a spy. Peggy doesn’t buy it for a second and correctly believes that Isodyne is setting up Wilkes to take the fall for them. Peggy goes to see Howard Stark to get some more information. After pulling him away from his exceedingly meta role as the director of a Kid Colt comic book movie, she gets some useful information from him. The pin with the “A” symbol on it belongs to members of the “Arena Club”. It’s an all-white, all-male club filled with people with a lot of influence. Peggy enlists Howard’s help in order to get her in the Club’s door so that she can plant listening devices. The club seems to have some defense set up against listening devices, but Peggy does find some newspapers with fabricated stories that look like they were used to force Chadwick’s competition out of the race.

Agent Thompson is in L.A. as well. He’s been called there by Vernon Masters in the hopes that he would turn over evidence that the SSR might have obtained from Wilkes. He’s most likely talking about the video that shows the creation of the Zero Matter, which Thompson did watch. Thompson didn’t turn over the video, but he did go along with the story being reported in the media about Wilkes. Thompson wants to modify Peggy’s story to corroborate what the media is saying so the SSR isn’t dragged into possible collusion with a spy. Even after Peggy tells him about what they found at the Arena Club, he’s not willing to continue the investigation. When Peggy calls Thompson a coward, he tells her to get on the next plane back to NYC. Once Peggy leaves the room, she and Sousa notice that objects are floating around Peggy. They’re afraid that she’s been contaminated by Zero Matter (which would mean she’d freeze like the others). When they go to see Stark he tells them that it’s something else. After some science-y talk, he sprays a solution in the air that reveals the visage of Dr. Wilkes, who claims that he’s been following Peggy since the explosion. The solution wears off before he can tell them much more, but it’s enough to give them a lead.

Favorite Moments

  1. Code Pink
    I don’t remember the name of the poor man in charge of the Arena Club, but he looked like someone just released a brothel into Downton Abbey and it was wonderful.
  2. Director Kenneth
    This episode gets it’s required dose of chauvinism from Whitney Frost’s director. The guy just happens to be played by one of the Sklar Brothers (I believe Randy).


Well, it appears that things are going to get more complicated for Peggy and Sousa. I was sure that they would try to just quickly move on from her and Sousa’s relationship and focus on something else, but it doesn’t look like Peggy is so easily moved on from. The way that Sousa reacted when Peggy was in trouble didn’t make me think he’d give up on Violet, but I don’t know if Violet is going to turn out to be as understanding as Ana if these kinds of things keep happening. Speaking of which, I love Ana (aka Mrs. Jarvis) so much. She is easily my favorite thing about this new season. She’s completely self-assured and confident in herself and her relationship. Ana is also a delight in almost every scene that she’s in.

This episode was originally packed with episode 1 as a 2-part premiere to the second season. Overall, I like the direction that things are going in. Even though they haven’t diminished the stakes in the show, things feel much more light. Being able to balance some stakes with a decent amount of levity is where MCU titles have excelled. While it can occasionally feel necessary to deviate from that tone, I thought that last season was too much of a downer overall. So far, this season has managed to deal with sexism, racism and death in ways that don’t make them feel toothless, but also don’t drag the entire show down.