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Supergirl: Strange Visitor From Another Planet – Season 1 Episode 11

This episode of Supergirl features three new visitors to National City: Miranda Crane (Tawny Cypress); Cat’s estranged son, Adam Foster (Blake Jenner); and a white Martian.


You may recall that Cat has a secret son that lived somewhere else in the country. Apparently, during one of her fits of rage, she threw a half composed letter to her son at Kara’s head. Kara then took it upon herself to finish the letter and send it to Adam. Not knowing this, Cat’s surprised when Adam shows up in her office. After immediately (albeit temporarily) firing Kara, Cat agrees to meet with her son. Of course, Cat is her usual self, and the meeting doesn’t go well. Fortunately, Kara is able to persuade Adam to give his mother another chance. After a brief mediation session with Kara, the two are able to reconnect. In addition, it seems like Adam has a little thing for Kara and (with a little assist from mom) he asks Kara out on a date. In case you were wondering about Winn, he and Kara still aren’t really talking after their impromptu kiss. Potential complications aside, Kara’s excited to go out with Adam, but that date will have to wait for a later episode.

supergirl-s1e11-kara-cat-letter supergirl-s1e11-kara-cat-adam

The other visitor to the city is Miranda Crane, a senator who’s known as an alien-hating bigot. Her press conference is attacked by a White Martian. Hank realizes that the Martian is there to find him. Using his powers to infiltrate Lord Technologies apparently tipped off the White Martian that he was there (no, that doesn’t explain why him using his powers any other time didn’t tip them off before). The Martian takes on the appearance of Miranda and tries to infiltrate the DEO in order to find out which one of its officers is a Martian. Through flashbacks and conversations J’onn reveals that the White Martians were responsible for the genocide of the Green Martians, including his wife and daughters. Through the course of the episode, J’onn goes from being petrified of the creature to being determined to kill it. When Alex is captured by the White Martian, J’onn and Supergirl head out to fight it directly. They win the fight and Supergirl is able to convince J’onn not to murder the unconscious alien. They lock the White Martian up the DEO and, as an added bonus, the real Miranda Crane reforms her stance on aliens after being saved by Supergirl.

Favorite/Notable Moments

  1. You don’t know me
    I love angry J’ank. Granted, he started to a develop a little “Batman-voice” syndrome throughout the episode. But I loved his determined speech to Alex about wanting to go after the white martian and break it in half. Also, fun fact, we now know he’s over 317.


Of all the plot points that this show set up in the last episode, I said that the J’ank story was my least favorite one. Of course, that’s the one this episode focused on. I guess the best part of that is that now it’s out of the way. I think part of my problem is that I’m already pretty familiar with the back story of J’onn J’onzz. So, I didn’t want to spend time going over it again. This episode didn’t really do anything to enhance that backstory, so it just ends up being kind of “meh” for me. Probably the most notable thing they did was giving the White Martian a particularly monstrous look, but then it was hidden by fast motion or darkness for most of the episode.

What did stand out about this episode was the Cat-Adam story line. The story felt like it got short changed a little with respect to screen time, but there were some nice character moments for Cat. It was fun watching her go through the stages of accepting what Kara had done and to see her actually behaving like a human being during the episode (well, as human as Cat seems to be able to be). I suspect the reason that they didn’t focus too much on the Adam-Cat relationship without Kara was that this was really just an excuse to introduce Adam as a romantic interest for Kara. With Jimmy and Lucy happy and her and Winn not speaking, Kara will need someone that she can interact with normally that isn’t her sister. Even though I don’t believe that Kara and Winn will/should end up together, I don’t think Adam is a long term solution either, but we’ll see how things go.