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Kamigami no Asobi – Episode 1 : The Forbidden Academy

From an all-out battle between the gods to a reverse harem in a high school, the first episode of Kamigami no Asobi (aka Mischief of the Gods) shows off quite a bit before settling into a familiar premise. Based off of a visual novel / otome game, this show is based off of a premise where the point is for a girl to pick her primary love interest. So, that should let you know what you’re getting in to here.

I wonder which Sailor Scout he turns into
I wonder which Sailor Scout he turns into

The opening scene of the show appears to be a flash forward to events that will probably transpire at the end of the season. There’s an all out battle between several characters and we see one of them go through a magical girl-type transformation sequence that actually had me thinking that it was going to reveal a little too much of the anatomy, if you know what I mean. All of this is surrounding a purple haired girl, who is the main character of the show.

The main character is Yui Kusanagi. She is a high school aged girl who has grown up at a shrine, giving her a relatively close connection to the spiritual realm. She’s also pretty good with a sword and has no real plans or ambitions in life. One day, she finds a mysterious sword in her shrine. When she touches it, she’s transported to a strange world. When she wanders around she runs into 5 different beautiful guys as well as a flying horse and some very unique landscapes.


Eventually, she is summoned by the headmaster of this mysterious (and empty) school. The man introduces himself as Zeus and, in short order, convinces Yui that he is a god. He explains that she is part of his plan. Gods are beings that must love humanity and be worshiped by them. However, the connection between them has become weak. So, he has summoned her along with 6 of the gods that struggle the most with their connection to humanity: Apollo, Hades, Susanoo, Tsukiyomi, Balder, and Loki. Yui’s job is to learn along side them and teach them about humanity.

Surprisingly, Yui doesn’t just drop everything and go “oh okay, that sounds like a reasonable plan”. She actually fights back against Zeus, pointing out that he’s basically kidnapping her and holding her hostage. Of course, it’s Zeus, so it’s not like he really cares. Yui leaves his chambers under protest before meeting the one student she hasn’t met yet: Apollon (aka Apollo, if that wasn’t obvious enough), who seems like he’s going to be the main love interest here.

The show ends with that but the end sequence is worth noting just because it features the main cast of gods as a boy band. They’re in the standard dark colored settings for an anime end credit sequence, with each cast member highlighted by brighter coloring. The kicker is that each character is singing the end theme. I’m sure that’s a little thing that fans of the original material will enjoy. Actually, both the opening and ending are done in a boy-band style,but this one actually animates the characters singing, so I noticed it a more.

Episode Rating: B