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Supergirl: Blood Bonds – Season 1 Episode 9

Kara tries to come to an understanding with the other Kryptonians after the attack at Lord Technologies.


The confrontation between Non and Supergirl ends quickly, with Non in the dominant position. Hank takes a shot at Non, but gets captured for his troubles. Non’s plan is to use Hank as a bargaining chip to get Astra back. With Hank’s capture, General Lane reappears to take control of the DEO from Alex, who was named Director in Hank’s absence. Of course, the military minds have no intention of bargaining Astra for Hank, as they can’t (and won’t) trust the aliens. Kara tries to reason with Astra, referencing her blood bond not only with her, but with the people of Earth. This is one of the times we hear the phrase “Blood Bonds us All” which is repeated at different times through the episode.When that doesn’t work, General Lane decides to go the traditional route of torturing Astra in order to give up Hank’s position (despite Kara and Alex’s objections). As you’d expect, that doesn’t go well and Astra leads General Lane and the DEO into a trap that Supergirl has to get them out of.

supergirl-s1e9-jimmy-and-lord-faceoff Meanwhile, Maxwell Lord goes on air and dismisses the Fort Rozz inmate’s attack as corporate espionage gone wrong. Since Kara is too busy dealing with the DEO to look into it, Jimmy goes to take a look at the site of the attack. Lord’s no dummy and quickly realizes that Jimmy is trying to figure out why he’s covering up what happened. It seems like Lord is planning some kind of counter attack against all of the aliens, but Jimmy doesn’t want Kara to know about it just yet, especially considering how upset she is about what’s going on with her aunt. Jimmy enlists Winn’s help to investigate further into Lord. Jimmy gets inside but ends up getting captured and beaten by Lord as a warning (he also smashes his camera). At the end of the episode, it’s shown that Lord is hiding a “Jane Doe” who he had retrieved at great expense. She seems to be in need of some kind of medical help, and may possibly have powers.


Adding to Kara’s frustration in this episode is Cat Grant’s preoccupation with forcing Kara to admit that she’s Supergirl. Cat tries to trap her with questions and spends some late nights, theory crafting, but Kara holds firm. Kara even goes so far as to resign her job. Everything falling apart around her leaves Kara ready to lash out at anyone or anything she can. Winn and Jimmy are able to calm her down and restore her faith that things can be better.

supergirl-s1e9-supergirl-alex-astra-releaseKara goes back to her aunt to tell her that she’s ready to listen to what she has to say and that she understands the feelings that drove her to do what she did on Krypton. Through flashbacks, it’s revealed that Kara’s mother did actually believe in what Astra was doing, but was forced to send her to Fort Rozz because she had killed in her attempt to save Krypton. Kara steps out on faith, and decides to show Astra that she and the DEO are better people and trades Astra for Hank. When Non surrounds, the DEO after the trade, Astra returns the favor and has her side stand down without an altercation. Before she does though, Alex whispers to Hank that he needs to transform to fight back, which Kara overhears. That leads to them having to explain to Kara that Hank is actually J’onn J’onzz. Fortunately, Kara is in need of a shapeshifter right now. Hank appears as Supergirl along side Kara in Cat’s office so that Cat can finally put her theory to rest. Afterward, Kara thanks Hank and tells him that the reason she wants to stay at Catco is because her friends there are what keep her human.


Favorite/Notable Moments

  1. Things Cat finds more believable than Kara not being Supergirl
    Yoko and Paul McCartney being just friends.  Elton John being straight. Unfortunately, it looks like she’s going to be forced to believe that Kara is just her assistant. 
  2. Supergirl saves Alex from an explosion
    This wasn’t a big story moment, but there’s a shot where we see Supergirl and Alex being engulfed by flames. It just looked great. supergirl-s1e9-supergirl-alex-bomb-defense


To be honest, this episode didn’t really do any of the things that I wanted it to. The fight between Kara and Non was brief and ultimately, didn’t really reach a conclusion because it was interrupted. The episode also completely ignored the romantic dynamic of Kara and Winn’s relationship, which they had brought off the back burner in the winter finale. With Lucy’s seeming disappearance after the Red Tornado episode, it seems like the show’s trying to ignore most of the romance angles of the story. Most disappointingly, they bailed on Cat discovering that Kara was Supergirl.

It felt like the show was kind of trying to have it’s cake and eat it too with that part of the plot. They had Kara make her emotional half-reveal to Cat, telling her how much she needed her as an adviser. I appreciated that moment for Kara’s character, but I felt like it would’ve been much more poignant to see Cat actually accept the role of an adviser to both Kara and Supergirl. Instead, things just went back to the way they were between those two. You can argue that Cat may have gained some modicum of respect for Kara after the exchange, but I don’t think it’ll result in any significant change in their dynamic.

The same goes for the dynamic between Astra and Kara. The episode mostly just gave us a little more backstory between Astra and Alura, but it wasn’t much more than what we already knew about them. The standoff between the Fort Rozz inmates and the DEO ultimately ended in both sides back where they started. Even though Kara may understand her aunt better, I don’t see it making a difference in the fight to come. The idea of focusing on the “Blood Bonds”, was an interesting one, but I didn’t really get much from that theme other than the insistence of using phrases centered around “Blood Bonds us All”. The best thing this story did was give Kara the chance to have some real emotional moments and learn to fight against her rage. It also revealed J’onn’s secret to Kara. Although I find it ironic that Kara got to learn someone’s secret identity while continuing to keep hers a secret.