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The Flash: Legends of Today – Season 2 Episode 8

This is part 1 of a two part crossover event between The Flash and Arrow. It’s the complete setup for DC’s new  Legends of Tomorrow TV show.


An unknown man shows up in Central City saying that he’s on a hunt. He ambushes Kendra and Cisco at the coffee shop, calling her Priestess Shiera. When Team Flash looks into him, they find something something supernatural about him. Since they’re specialty is science, Barry figures that they need some outside help to deal with this. So, he speeds to Star City to find Oliver, who has more experience with these things. After saving the Green Arrow from the hands of Damien Darhk, everyone reconvenes at the new Arrow Cave. After Cisco gives Felicity crap for poorly implementing his plans for the Arrow Cave, they get down to business. What they find is that they don’t really know anything about this guy and that he appears to be much older than he looks. Oliver’s upset that Barry’s brought a dangerous enemy after them that they know nothing about, but Felicity manages to calm him down. They decide to go back to Oliver and Felicity’s place so that everyone can catch up, but they are ambushed by the mystery man. Between Barry, Thea and Oliver, they are able to fend him off but they are surprised that falling out of their loft didn’t kill him. When they go back to the cave, Malcolm Merlyn appears with the League of Assassins in tow and explains that the man they’re dealing with is an immortal named Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).

Flash-s2e8-vandal-savage Flash-s2e8-thea-oliver-barry

Back in Central City, Wells and Caitlin have been working on a drug to enhance the Speed Force in Barry. It’s something Wells has tried before, but he’s never been able to get it to work. With Caitlin’s help, the drug is created. When Wells calls on Jay Garrick to have him help test the drug, Garrick explodes. He tells Caitlin that he doesn’t want any part of this and to keep the drug away from Barry. Wells storms out of the lab, and is spotted by Patty Spivot, who’s surprised to see him. She follows him back into STAR labs to arrest him for the break in at Mercury Labs earlier. When Wells approaches her, Patty shoots him, thinking the device he’s holding is a gun. This leads to Jay having to come back and take the speed drug (called velocity 6) in order to perform a surgery and save him. The serum works and Wells is saved, but Garrick still doesn’t want it given to Barry.


When she learns about Vandal Savage, Kendra is overwhelmed and heads outside. Cisco goes to comfort her, but she’s abducted by a flying man who introduced himself as Khufu and refers to her the same way Vandal Savage did. he Flash and Green Arrow give chase and are able to take him down, using Oliver’s strategy and Barry’s lightning bolt. The man is Carter Hall, aka Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) and he’s also there to save Kendra from Vandal Savage. Khufu explains that he and Kendra are reincarnated lovers who are hunted by Savage in every lifetime. So far, he’s succeeded 206 times. Every time he kills them, he becomes more powerful. He also explains that Kendra hasn’t yet “awakened” to remembering her true self. He suggests that the best way for her to do this, is to be thrown off of a building. That doesn’t exactly work, but Barry is there to save her. Even though it didn’t work, Oliver still believes that Kendra has to play a role in saving herself.

Flash-s2e8-shiera-khufu-reunite Flash-s2e8-hawkman-captured

Merlyn appears from the shadows again to tell them that Savage is likely looking for the Staff of Horus to get a power up to complete his mission. Oliver figures out that the staff is likely in Central City. He and Barry go to check it out, but Vandal Savage beats them to it. At the same time, Kendra takes it upon herself to force her awakening. She jumps off the roof and her wings appear. Savage feels the awakening and tries to make quick work of Oliver and Barry, creating an explosion with the staff. They are able to outrun it, but they lose Savage. Knowing he’s in Central City, and having a newly awakened Hawkgirl, the group decides to take the fight to Savage. They all hop on Felicity’s private Jet to get back to Central City. The next day, Oliver and Barry are at the Coffee shop when Barry runs into a kid. He recognizes the child’s mother as an old girlfriend of his, who told him that she lost their baby.

Flash-s2e8-Barry-oliver-arrow-cave Flash-s2e8-hawkgirl-wings

Favorite Moments

  • The entire opening Team Arrow fight
    Magnetic arrows, a wise cracking Damien Darhk, Felicity doing an Oliver impression, Thea finding out that they know the Flash. There was so much great stuff crammed into this one sequence of the episode.
  • Hawkman vs Green Arrow and the Flash
    This scene was more fun for the quips than for the fight itself. Especially the nerd moments between Cisco and Felicity.
  • Is that the only way this guy knows how to enter a room?
    Merlyn’s entrances were great. Just lurking around in the shadows, popping up with a crew of assassins behind him like the bad man he is. Flash-s2e8-merlyn-arrives
  • The rules keep changing
    Barry listing all the stuff he’s had to deal with, from talking gorillas to running through time, really does put into perspective just how crazy his life has become. Oliver’s isn’t necessarily normal, but that’s a lot to put on a guy.


These crossover episodes are always good. They really do feel like they take the best of both shows and mash them together. The best part is that having so many people on the screen allows for everything to be high energy because everyone is working with smaller parts. It does run the danger of being a little bit unweildy, but I think this episode handled it well by splitting Team Flash up into two different groups for the episode. Now that it looks like everyone’s headed to Central City, the follow up Arrow episode is going to have to figure out how to deal with them all at one time.

As fun as a lot of the scenes were, my one problem with the episode was that Oliver felt really uneven for the first half of it. He was really on edge when Barry showed up and almost unnecessarily snappy. I guess it was supposed to be because he was concerned about Barry bringing danger to Star City, but it just came off as him being grumpy. Then, he suddenly transitioned back to his calmer, mentor-like persona. I prefer him that way, the shift was just kind of awkward. But, that’s just one thing in a really fun episode with a lot of other great moments.