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The Flash: Gorilla Warfare – Season 2 Episode 7

Barry’s recovery is interrupted by Gorilla Grodd.


Barry’s injuries from Zoom’s attack are recovering quickly, but he’s still not sure what to do about Zoom. He’s also lying to Patty about why he’s been out of commission. Barry’s struggling emotionally with failing in front of the city that looks up to him as their hero. Iris decides that the best thing to do to help Barry get his confidence back is to call Henry Allen. She figured if one dad didn’t do the trick, two would. Henry is able to relate to Barry by telling him he was able to get through being blamed for his mother’s murder because of Barry’s belief in him, and now he’s giving that back to him.

Wells also seems to think it’s time to give up. He wants to go back home to Earth-2 so that he can figure out a way to stop Zoom from there. When Caitlin goes to try to convince him not to give up, he comes up with a new idea: close all the breaches except for the one in STAR labs so that they can set a trap for Zoom. Caitlin goes back to the lab to work on the plan along with Cisco. Cisco’s having his own issues because he vibed on a bird-man-creature during his date with Kendra.

Their work is interrupted when Caitlin suddenly prompts Cisco in the face, takes some equipment and leaves. The team figures out that she’s being mind controlled by Grodd, who’s already done similar things at other labs around town. Grodd remembers Caitlin because she was kind to him and wants her to help him to create other gorillas like him. Wells and Cisco are able to find the lair and they come up with the plan to have Wells impersonate his Earth-1 counterpart to fool Grodd. The plan doesn’t work perfectly, but it’s enough to get Caitlin free. Flash-s2e7-grodd-caitlin

With Barry mostly recovered and Caitlin free, the team comes up with the idea to send Grodd to Earth-2 using one of the breaches wells was going to close. The place seems to be some analog of Gorilla City. It’s a refuge for gorillas that have been subjected to experiments. Just like the plan before, this one doesn’t go exactly as scripted, but Barry is able to conquer his fears and push Grodd through the breach.

The end of the episode has Barry see his father out of town again. He then has to explain to Patty why he lied to her about being sick. He lies to her saying that it was because his dad was in town. Fortunately for him, he’s charming, so he gets away with it. Cisco also has some apologizing to do to Kendra. He explains that he left their date because of his work with the police department (lies for everybody!). When Kendra kisses him, he gets a clearer vibe and sees that the winged figure he saw was actually her. Flash-s2e7-cisco-vibe-hawkgirl

Favorite Moments

  • Why is Barry so bad at lying in the moment
    Seriously, telling everyone on earth his secret identity at a whim is one thing, but now he’s being uncovered by chicken soup. Granted, his follow-up lie about his father was much better.
  • Cisco’s date
    This was a cute little moment for the 60 seconds it lasted. That poor girl is really getting mixed signals from him. Granted, she probably won’t mind as much when she turns into Hawk Girl.
  • We’re still attacking Harry
    When Barry sees Wells in the Reverse Flash suit he rushes straight to attack him. Maybe he needs to start announcing himself before he comes in to rooms or something.


I guess the “next time” that they had to impersonate a supervillain came a lot sooner than I was expecting. Barry’s recovery also came a lot sooner than I was expecting. I guess that’s been kind of a theme with the first few episodes of this season. Story lines that would traditionally take a show weeks to get through are being resolved in single episodes. In some cases that would cause the plot to feel a little rushed, but I think it works for The Flash. This show thrives on being light even in its darkest times, so not dwelling to long on any one subject is clearly working for it.