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The Flash: The Darkness and the Light – Season 2 Episode 5

The Harrison Wells of Earth-2 has arrived to help the Flash stop Zoom.


We see a flashback to Earth-2 showing that Jay Garrick blames Dr. Wells for the creation of meta-humans. Even though both of them seemed to want to help the world, they did not get along. Now that he’s on this Earth, Garrick is very hesitant to work with him. The rest of Team Flash also has their reservations. This is understandable, since he does share the face of the man who betrayed all of them (and did a bunch of bad stuff to each of them individually). Instead of fighting about it the whole time, they have to deal with the most recent meta that zoom has sent after Barry, Doctor Light. When Barry confronts Light, he realizes that she’s being controlled by Zoom and doesn’t actually want to come after him. When she removes her mask, he sees the face of Linda Park (Malese Jow). The distraction causes Barry to hesitate and Dr. Light blinds him before escaping.


While Barry’s eyes heal, he goes out on a date with Patty. Realizing that he revealed to Dr. Light that she has a double on this planet, Barry sends Jay and Caitlin on a stakeout to keep her safe. As Barry and Patty’s date is coming to an end, Dr. Light attacks Linda. Iris is able to save her, but not before their editor was killed in the crossfire. Realizing that Light is now willing to kill, they get to work trying to find her. Dr. Wells has the idea of using Cisco’s power to find her. Of course, in suggesting this, he reveals Cisco’s secret to the group. Wells forces Cisco to use his ability, which leads Barry to Dr. Light. While getting advice from Jay and Wells, Barry manages to run fast enough to create after images of himself, or a Speed Mirage.


After the fight, is over Jay excuses himself from the team. He says that he can’t, in good faith, work with Wells and he won’t encourage Barry to fight Zoom. Earlier, Jay had confided in Caitlin that he’s basically scared of Zoom and that he doesn’t think Barry should fight him. He also cautions the group to consider why Wells has suddenly decided to fight against Zoom after shirking responsibility for creating the metahumans for so long on Earth-2. The last scene of the episode reveals Wells motivation. His daughter, Jesse Wells (Violette Bean), has been captured by Zoom.

Favorite Moments

  • Our Dr. Wells was evil, but you’re just a dick
    He really is a special kind of dick.
  • Joe shoots at Wells
    All of the reactions to Wells were interesting, but Joe’s was my favorite. No questions asked, he just opens fire on the guy.
  • Kendra Saunders
    Cisco decides that he’s going to demonstrate his game to Barry by hitting on the new barista. It just so happens to be Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee), who we actually saw at the end of the season 1 finale. She’ll be playing Hawkgirl.
  • Barry and Patty’s date
    At first I was unsure about this couple. It seemed like they were almost too perfect for each other. But it’s hard to root against them after watching this first date. It seemed doomed to fail, but they managed to make it work. Flash-s2e5-barry-patty-kiss


I liked this episode much better than last weeks. It’s also nice to have Tom Cavanagh back playing a significant role with the team. Now that Jay’s been pushed away and Dr. Stein’s off getting new Firestorm training, it seems like he’s going to be the group’s mentor for a while. Mentor may be the wrong word since he doesn’t seem to particularly care about any of them. Even with Barry, his only interest seems to be in getting him to fight against Zoom. Granted, this does make them allies in that “enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of way, but I wonder how far that will carry. It was fun seeing everyone handle the freaky circumstance of him being there in different ways but fun reactions can’t be the only thing they do with his character. It seems like this version of Wells is much more about getting stuff done, so he may be a catalyst for the group. I’m just not sure what he would be moving them towards.  Whatever it is, it’s obvious that it’ll involve Zoom sooner than later.