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The Flash: Family of Rogues – Season 2 Episode 3

Jay Garrick warns Barry and Team Flash about the dangers of Zoom.


The episode begins with Iris dodging gunfire at the top of an office building. She found a crime ring running real estate fraud and getting people evicted. She calls Barry who’s in his lab. He tells her to jump out of the window and runs to catch her midair. This has almost nothing to do with the rest of the episode, but it’s still an awesome scene. Back at STAR, Dr. Stein’s body is still out of whack after his sudden collapse, but it hasn’t stopped him from studying the breach inside STAR Labs. All of the scientists have determined that the breach is an unstabilized portal to the multiverse, they just have to find a way to stabilize it. While still lamenting the loss of his speed, Jay stays behind to work on the breach.

Elsewhere, Joe has a meeting with his estranged wife, Francine (Vanessa Williams). Joe had told everyone that she was dead but now, she wants back in to Iris’ life. While the rest of the episode is going on, Joe is wrestling with whether or not to tell Iris what happened. Eventually, he decides to tell Iris about her mother and her sordid history. Francine was a drug addict who disappeared after Joe tried to get her help for her problem. Rather than letting Iris feel abandoned, Joe told her that she was dead. Now that she’s back and trying to find Iris, Joe felt like he had no choice but to tell her. This is all hard for Iris to hear, but she agrees to sit down with her mother.


The actual meat of the episode starts when Lisa Snart arrives at the coffee shop looking for Cisco. It turns out that she’s actually looking for the Flash to get their help. Her brother, Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold) has been taken by their father, Lewis Snart (Michael Ironside). She asks the Flash to save her brother, but when he shows up at the scene of a robbery, Snart shoots him with his cold gun. To prove that Leonard couldn’t be working with their father, Lisa shows the team the scars she got from their abusive father. After that, Barry tries to talk to Snart in person. All Snart will offer is that things are complicated, but he does try to assure Barry that he will uphold his end of the bargain and not let anyone get killed. That promise goes out the door, when Lewis explodes a guy’s head for insulting his son. When the police show up at the scene where the body was dumped, Joe and Barry figure out that Lewis put a bomb in Lisa’s head and that’s what’s forcing Snart to work with his father.

After they figure out what the problem is, they still have to figure out how to fix it. The bomb in Lisa’s head will expose if it’s exposed to air, making extracting it difficult. In the meantime, Barry decides to infiltrate the Snarts as their new tech guy. Leonard plays along and Barry manages to get them into the building with no casualties. Something that proves to be a challenge with the trigger happy Lewis on the team. Barry cracks the safe for them, and Lewis shoots him for his trouble. Of course, Barry is able to stop the bullet and fake his own death. With the Snarts closing in on their score, Barry calls in to the lab to tell them that the bomb has to come out now. After a few tense moments, Cisco is able to extract the bomb. Once the Flash informs Snart that Lisa is safe, he shoots his father in the chest with the cold gun, telling him that he hates him even more than the Flash. Because he broke their deal, the Flash takes Snart to jail but he does tell him that this experience has proved to him that there’s good in him.

By the end of the episode, Jay has successfully completed the Speed Cannon, which allow him to go back home. However, Jay agrees to stay until Zoom is taken care of. After that’s resolved, Dr. Stein has another episode. This time he flares up as if he would if he were Firestorm, but the flame turns blue and he passes out. The team rushes to stabilize him, leaving the Speed Cannon. Later that night, Dr. Harrison Wells from Earth II (pressumably) comes through the portal.

Favorite Moments

  • Opening Scene
    Cisco’s reaction to Joe trying to follow Stein explaining multiverse theory. It really isn’t the easiest thing to understand.
  • Barry can throw lightning
    That’s an ability that’s sure to come in handy later. I wonder if they’re going to allow Barry to just stock pile these powers and use them all at once or if they’re going to continue to be used only on an “as needed” basis based on who he’s fighting.
  • Patty Spivot
    I’m sure this is the point, but she’s like a female Barry. The moment when they both quote, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was one of those simultaneously sickeningly cute but dork moments.
  • Comic Book moment
    I appreciate that they took a moment to recreate the shot from the iconic comic book.


The theme of this episode was obviously family. Apparently, the focus was on dysfunctional families. We find out that mother West is a former drug addict who abandoned her child and the Snarts came from an abusive home with a father literally willing to kill them. It was an episode with two strangely sobering moments in them as both Lisa and Joe detailed the ways in which the troubled members of their family had hurt them or their other family members. In the case of the Wests it was a source of despair and sadness, while the Snarts (specifically Leonard) manifested a good amount of hatred. It was an interesting theme to put into the episode, although it did feel unprovoked.

Speaking of things that were unprovoked, the moment with Patty giving Barry her number at the end of the episode really just kind of came out of left field. During the last episode, I mentioned that they seemed to be too perfect for each other, but this was really going for it. Those two make more sense than whatever this Cisco and Lisa friendship/relationship is. I’ve never really bought that relationship. I think his has to do with how babyfaced Cisco is compared to how mature Lisa looks. Every time I see them use that relationship it feels like Lisa is just toying with Cisco, which seem cruel. I know that we’re meant to believe that it’s sincere, I just don’t. We also have Caitlin and Jay joining the awkward relationship family. Caitlin not wanting him to leave felt just a little bit clingy. Then again, I don’t believe that we’ve truly seen the last of Ronnie, which would just make any potential relationship messy for Caitlin.