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Arrow: Haunted – Season 4 Episode 5

Sarah is free and on the rampage in Star City.


Sarah’s been running around the city attacking and killing people. Laurel was trying to keep it under wraps, but that fails when the Green Arrow and Speedy respond to reports of a crazy blonde woman attacking people. They find Black Canary fighting with a crazed Sarah outside of a club. Felicity and Oliver figure out that Sarah’s attacking women that look like Thea. They try to warn Thea, but Sarah’s already made it into her apartment and attacks her. Oliver’s upset at Laurel and Thea for their secret pit trip, but Laurel’s upset at Oliver for not caring as much about her family as hers. Ironically, Oliver had actually been advised by his new campaign manager, Alex Davis (Parker Young), that he should distance himself from Laurel because of his scandalous past with her family.Arrow-s4e5-speedy-hospital

In the meantime, Captain Lance is given a the task of installing a virus into some secured servers. Oliver enlists Diggle to help Lance, but first the two have to clear the air about Lance working with Hive. Lance explains the situation to him, and Diggle is okay with it because it will allow them to bring Darhk down. They infiltrate the server room together and install the virus. While the program is working, Diggle notices his brother’s name is among the list of people who’s information is being removed. After the mission, Lance questions Darhk about it and is given a file on Andrew Diggle. The news isn’t good. According to the information, Andrew was a drug dealer who was killed in a territory dispute with Hive. Diggle isn’t happy to find this out, but he is thankful to find out the truth about what happened to his brother.

After Sarah makes another attempt on Thea’s life, Oliver has to think of a way to stop Sarah. When he gets a look at her eyes, he realizes that Sarah’s come back without her soul. They set a trap for Sarah, who attacks them all viciously. Even Laurel’s ready to give up on her, but Oliver convinces her that there is another way. He summons John Constantine (Matt Ryan), a mystical man from his past to help. Constantine arrives and, after a few glib comments, starts a ritual that will allow them to retrieve her soul. The ritual sends Constantine, Laurel and Oliver, in full hero gear, to a mystical representation of the League of Assassin’s lair. While Constantine battles the avatar of Sarah’s captor, Laurel and Oliver work to pull her soul from the Lazarus pit. The ritual works and Sarah awakes with her soul fully intact. With the work done, Constantine heads out. Before he does, Oliver happens to mention Damien Darhk and Constantine gets a very worried look on his face. His only advice is for Oliver to get far away from him.

Arrow-s4e5-john-constantine Arrow-s4e5-sarah-restitution-symbol

As the episode wraps up, Curtis has finished piecing together what they believe to be Ray Palmer’s last words. Instead, he and Felicity hear a message from Ray saying that he’s alive and he’s in trouble.

The Island / Flashback

Oliver is introduced to John Constantine on the Island. He’s captured by Reiter as a spy. It turns out that the island is a kind of supernatural nexus that draws a lot of people to it. Constantine believes that Reiter has some kind of supernatural purpose for being there. Constantine is there to find a grimoire hidden in the Orb of Horus, an mystical artifact. After recovering it and transcribing a spell onto Oliver’s body in the form of a tattoo, claiming that it will protect him from Reiter. Arrow-s4e5-constantine-oliver

Favorite Moments

  1. The Arrow Cave has a PA system
    These are the little moments that you love this show for. Felicity coming on the PA saying, “This is your overlord, Felicity Smoak”.
  2. If I’d known you were surrounded by so many pretty girls, I would’ve stopped by sooner
    It was fun having Constantine as a guest star on this episode. Granted, some of his mystical stuff felt like it was rushed through for the sake of getting things done, but his humor was still spot on.
  3. Thea takes a beating
    I don’t know who Willa Holland’s body double is, but they deserve a cookie for the beating they had to take in this episode.
  4. Diggle and Lance teamup
    I thought the best moment contained within the Arrow stories was having Diggle and Lance team up. It was really emotionally charged, but it was a big reveal about what’s went down with Diggle’s brother. Now that he knows this information, I wonder if we’re going to hear anymore about it or if he’s just going to let things go as they are.


This wasn’t the best episode of Arrow just because it felt like some of the Constantine stuff was shoe horned in awkwardly. The scene where he takes Laurel and Oliver to save Sarah, wasn’t really set-up at all, it just kind of happened. Even so, I liked that they added the character and found a way to make him useful. I feel like he may pop up again in this universe. This episode was already obviously working towards the set-up of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow TV show. Not only are Ray Palmer and Sarah Lance being restored, but the artifact Constantine rescued, was an artifact of Horus. Horus, the hawk god, is usually associated with Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Since those characters will be showing up in the show, along with Sarah Lance and Ray Palmer, it’s likely that there’s a connection there.

Whatever they do, it’ll be nice when some of the prep for this new series go by the wayside. TV shows usually don’t stand up to microscope when you start looking at things like, “Well, how did this person get her, or figure something out”. That’s just a byproduct of the medium and time. With the show trying to pile on all these new and returning characters though, some of those plot holes and little weird moments are getting harder and harder to ignore.