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Agents of SHIELD: Maveth – Season 3 Episode 10

The mid-season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD resolves the trip to Maveth, the name that they’re now using to describe the alien planet.


With Fitz, Ward and Coulson on the other side of the portal, Mack continues to lead SHIELD. They see that the Inhumans that were taken by the ATCU have been brought to the castle as a present for the returning alien/demon/inhuman/thing. So now they have to take the castle, save the Inhumans, save Fitz-Simmons and recover Coulson (easy right?). Their task gets a little easier when Simmons manages to free herself. She finds Andrew and releases him, causing a distraction for HYDRA. Lash does save her, but he also kills the other Inhumans who were in stasis before he flees. After taking out the other HYDRA agents, the team convenes at the portal room. As they wait for the countdown to the portal reopening, Simmons gives everyone the rundown on what’s gone on up to this point. With HYDRA banging on the door of the portal room, Mack sends everyone back to the plane while he and Daisy stay behind to wait for Coulson and Fitz.


On Maveth, Fitz and Ward make their way towards the extraction point. Fitz takes a little detour to Will’s bunker in order to bring him along. After convincing Ward that Will was the only one who could get them to the extraction point in time. After Fitz explains the situation to Will, he helps him set an ambush for the HYDRA agents and they escape. As Ward is about to go after them, he’s captured by Coulson. Coulson has Ward lead him in the direction that Will and Fitz went and manages to catch up to them. As they get closer to the extraction point, Will starts to talk about the ancient civilizations that existed on this planet. That and a gaping hole in his leg, reveal that he’s not Will. He’s the inhuman that they’ve been searching for. Will died saving Simmons and this thing took his body. shiled-s3e10-fitz-flare-will

As soon as Fitz finds this out, the portal opens. Fitz begins to fight with Will’s body as Ward breaks free and starts fighting with Coulson. Fitz is dropped, but begins firing shots into Will’s body as it starts to walk towards the portal. He lands the finishing shot with a flare gun that burns the body up. As the body burns, a small worm-like creature crawls out of the head. Coulson beats Ward, who’s already been shot twice. As Fitz is convincing him to leave, Coulson decides to end Ward there. He crushes his chest with his prosthetic hand and leaves the hand there. He and Fitz make it out and are extracted back to the jet with the rest of the team. There’s a heroic montage of everyone reuniting. Simmons is both excited to see Fitz and heartbroken to see that Will didn’t survive. As things end, Fitz and Coulson share a knowing look about what happened on Maveth.shiled-s3e10-coulson-crush-kill-ward

In the tag scene, we see that Ward survived and made it back. He’s standing in the road in front of Malick’s car, holding Coulson’s hand. As the camera focuses on his face, it’s shown that whatever that worm was is now in his head.

Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  1. One-liners: 
    1. I’ll be…tatooine – Coulson
    2. You take the power rangers – Mack
    3. This is the part where the plan goes to rubbish.  – Hunter
    4. I never considered the smell. – Fitz
    5. Did you see that? I’m Bulletproof! – Joey
    6. [Shoots Ward] Gotta say, feels pretty satisfying to me – Coulson
  2. Fitz vs Will
    Fitz comes face to face with this Inhuman that everyone’s so terrified of. When he realizes what’s happened, he just attacks the thing and, ultimately wins. It was kind of understated, but that’s a really ballsy move from a guy who started the series confined to a lab. I think Fitz has really been one of the stars of the show over the last three episodes.


I think this was the first episode I’ve seen where I really started to feel just how many people are in SHIELD now. There were several wide shots where they showed most of the team all together in one room. I thought that it makes sense for a spy organization to have that many members but, for a TV show, it seems a little unwieldy. That’s probably the reason that things like Daisy and Lincoln’s relationship feel a bit under served by the show. Maybe they just need to start making 2-hour long episodes to fit everything in.

I think what they are fitting in is working very well. Even though the mid-season finale resolved a bunch of issues, it seems to have opened more doors than it closed. Coulson now has to live with what he did, and Fitz knowing about it even though he seems to not have effectively killed Ward. It remains to be seen how much of Ward still remains now that he’s been taken over by whatever that worm is. Simmons and Fitz are now obstacle free, but Simmons will likely be mourning Will for a bit. She’ll also probably be dealing with the fact that she made the decision that got all of those other Inhumans killed. May’s still got a serial killer husband on the loose. The other two Inhumans are still getting used to SHIELD, so I’m sure they’ll have some issues as the season ends.

It really is a credit to the people making this show that they can manage to juggle all the things going on in this show. Going in to the mid-season I think it’s left itself on a really strong footing.