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Agents of SHIELD: Chaos Theory – Season 3 Episode 7

Melinda now knows the connection between Andrew and Lash. While dealing with the other revelations made during the last episode, SHIELD and the ATCU learn the same information.


Daisy turns her attention to yelling at Coulson about what the ATCU is doing with the Inhumans. Coulson defends the ATCU’s practices by telling her what Rosalind told him, but he does say that Rosalind has arranged a meeting with the President where he plans on turning them to SHIELD’s point of view. To that end, Coulson and Daisy send Andrew to evaluate Joey Gutierrez as an example case for positive Inhuman conversion. Daisy is also tasked with showing Rosalind around the SHIELD base. In exchange for Coulson showing her around, it’s now Rosalind’s turn to see inside SHIELD. Of course, the dialogue between Daisy and Rosalind soon breaks down as they both have different views about the Inhumans.


Melinda and Bobbi return from their mission and Melinda immediately starts checking in to what Andrew’s been doing the last few months. May runs in to Daisy, who tells her that Andrew’s been sent to a different facility. Ignoring Daisy, who’s thrilled to see her, she rushes back out the door. Melinda gets to Andrew and reveals that Werner von Strucker survived and told her his secret. Andrew panics, shoots May with the icer and takes her off the base. He ties her up and tries to convince her that he still loves her and that he needs her help.

shiled-s3e7-bobbi-hunter shiled-s3e7-andrew-shoots-may

Back on the base, SHIELD’s most complicated couples have some interaction. Bobbi tries to get Hunter to back off of the hunt for Ward. She tells him that she doesn’t want to take the risk of one of them getting killed over it, or becoming monsters like Ward. Meanwhile, Simmons turns her phone back over to Fitz in the hopes that he can recover data from it. Fitz watches Simmons’ entire ordeal unfold through the recordings she left. He also hears the sweet words she said about and to him while she was away.


Lincoln contacts Mack to have a meeting off base. He believes that Lash is someone within SHIELD. They bring this information back to Coulson and, based on several other factors, the group figures out that Andrew is Lash. They then realize that he and May are both missing and scramble to find them. With Rosalind still on board, they find the abandoned building where May’s being held. Coulson goes in first to try to talk Andrew down, but Lincoln is less willing to let diplomacy be an option. Lincoln provokes Andrew and Lash comes out. May is eventually able to talk him down before shooting him until he falls into a containment unit.


In the aftermath of the day’s events, Coulson and Rosalind go out for a drink. Fitz-Simmons watch the sun set together and Simmons confirms that she meant everything she said in those recordings. Ward also makes an appearance in the episode, meeting with Malick. He tells Malick that his plan is to cut off the head of SHIELD by killing Coulson. It’s at this  point, that Malick receives a phone call and two more surprises are revealed. The first is that Rosalind is the person on the other line, and she works for Malick. The second, is that Coulson and Rosalind had more than drinks and have now become intimate.



Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  1. Coulson and Rosalind get it on…but…
    Well, looks like Coulson’s first relationship in a while isn’t going to end very well.
  2. How’d you know that wouldn’t kill him?
    May’s always been one of the more pragmatic characters around. Coulson’s question to her was a strangely light-hearted way to reveal that she had resolved to use lethal force against Andrew, knowing that it could kill him.
  3. Fits-Simmons sunrise
    It was probably no coincidence that Fitz-Simmons had their heart to heart while watching the sunrise. That mirrors the moment that Simmons and Will had on the alien planet before Simmons was saved.



I love the angry step-child dynamic from Daisy in this episode (really through the season). Coulson and May had been parental figures for her through the first two seasons. As Daisy’s grown their relationship dynamic has changed like it would with a child becoming an adult. Now, mom (May) is gone and dad (Coulson) looks like he’s getting into bed with a new lady (Rosalind). Daisy is distrustful of her and doesn’t think she’s good for her dad and all dad wants is for his two girls to get along. The metaphor gets a lot stronger with Coulson now having actually slept with Rosalind. Even before that though, the mother/step daughter day where Coulson left them alone together played out exactly as you’d expect. Daisy continues to blurt out idealistic ideas and Rosalind shuts her down and offends her with her pragmatic views.


Unfortunately, it looks like Rosalind is actually working for Gideon Malick and HYDRA. That means that Skye was right and Coulson’s probably about to have his heart broken (unless he’s still playing her).