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Agents of SHIELD: Among Us Hide – Season 3 Episode 6

Now that we know what happened to Simmons, it’s time to find out what happened to Andrew; and what happens next.


Werner von Strucker’s assassination attempt on Andrew failed. After his hunt for vengeance failed, Hunter is benched. May, on the other hand, is back in the field and on the war path. She confronts Bobbi and Hunter individually and brings Bobbi back into the field with her. Together, the two agents try to find Werner before Ward can find him and silence him. Knowing that Ward will kill him for failing, Werner sought the help of an old family friend, Gideon Malick. Unfortunately for him, Malick turns Werner over to Ward, who sends his henchman to take care of him.

shiled-s3e6-andrew-injured shiled-s3e6-may-vs-bobbi shiled-s3e6-vonstrucker-friend

At the same time, Daisy has come to the conclusion that Lash had insider information. Daisy suspected that he worked for the ATCU, adding to her distrust for that organization. She, Mack and Hunter follow Rosalind’s right-hand man Banks, who seems like the most likely suspect to be Lash. That ends up being a dead end. The group abandons Banks so they can follow Coulson, who was supposed to be getting a tour of the ATCU facility from Rosalind Price. Coulson’s trip turns into a convoluted episode where Rosalind’s house is broken in to, causing a change of plans. This leads to another bout of mistrusting back and forth between Rosalind and Coulson that’s so murky that I honestly have no idea if either of them is actually telling the truth. Eventually, they get to the ATCU facility. With Daisy watching via a drone, they all see the “horrifying” truth behind the ATCU. They’re taking the Inhumans, putting them into stasis, and storing them. Rosalind claims that they are trying to do the right thing and that she was hesitant to show Coulson because she knows how bad things look. At the end of the day, they both agree that they’re on the same side, even if they don’t agree with each other’s methods. They also sort of admit that they like each other.

shiled-s3e6-hunter-mack-daisy-stakeout shiled-s3e6-coulson-rosalind-home

May and Bobbi work through their mission with support from Fitz back on the base. After a few twists and turns, mostly dealing with Bobbi having cold feet about seeing combat again, the SHIELD agents are able to track Werner to Lisbon. A brief fight ensues, where Bobbi is able to kill (at least, I think he’s dead) Ward’s right hand henchman. May gets to Werner, who is badly injured and dying. Before he goes, he mutters to Melinda that he wasn’t expecting Andrew to change into that “thing”. At that point, a replay of the ill-fated attack runs that reveals Andrew transforming in to Lash. The episode ends with an exchange between Andrew and Daisy. Daisy’s been in contact with Lincoln and it looks like Lash is just itching to get his hands on the young Inhuman.



Favorite/Other/Notable Moments

  1. Fitz is still looking 
    This episode didn’t completely ignore the Fitz-Simmons story line that it spent so much time developing in the last episode. Fitz has been looking for a way to get to Will, but nothing’s come up yet. In a sweet moment, Simmons acknowledges that she knows this is hard, but Fitz reaffirms his dedication to helping the man who helped her.
  2. Hunter in the dog house
    Everyone’s mad at Hunter for what happened to Andrew and it manifests in different ways. I liked how they just made him bounce around from person to person like the kid no one wants to play with. Eventually, Mack and Daisy have it out with him as the three of them kidnap an innocent man. In that moment, Hunter admitting he had a problem was, ironically, just as destructive as him not admitting it.
  3. You Know I run a spy organization right?
    I’m really not sure where things are going between Rosalind and Coulson, but I’m enjoying the journey. They always get some of the best lines when they’re playing off of each other.


After having a couple of weeks to speculate about the human identity of Lash, I have to say that Andrew wasn’t on my list of possible suspects. Well, this is gonna make things very interesting for May. Really, it’s going to make things interesting for everyone. During this episode we saw how much other agents like Coulson, Simmons and Daisy care about Andrew as well. The interesting thing will be seeing how they’re going to try to take him down, especially considering how strong he seems to be. Maybe he could even end up being an asset to them somehow.  Although, given his apparent drive to kill Inhumans, that might be wishful thinking.

The biggest surprise in all of this is that Lash was inside SHIELD. With all the mistrust flying around it looked like the ATCU were going to end up being the new evil organization that SHIELD had to fight against. Now, it looks like they might actually be on the up and up. Even though their human storage facility is a little sinister, there doesn’t seem to be any malice behind it; at least not from Rosalind. With a murderer in their midst, and Hunter knocking people out on the streets, SHIELD is actually coming off looking not too good right now. I suspect that this situation will be remedied soon.