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Kuroko No Basuke 2

At the end of last season the Seirin team found themselves watching the final rounds of the Inter High championships. Fortunately, their dreams of making it to the National Tournament weren’t completely dashed.


As we find out, there is another path to the tournament: the Winter Cup. In addition, Kyoshi Teppei has returned to the team. Kyoshi is a center who is also one of the founders of the Seirin team. Kyoshi missed the previous games because he was recovering from an injury sustained during a game. Instead of having surgery, he’s chosen to risk shortening his playing career in order to continue playing with his teammates at Seirin. There’s also a short story at the beginning of the season where Kagami, Kuroko and the other first years play in an street ball tournament in order to gain more experience. During the tournament they run into Kagami’s brother, Tatsuya Himuro who plays for Yosen High. They also meet his teammate, Atsushi Murasakibara a member of the Generation of Miracles. The two teams game gets rained out, but it’s enough to leave an ominous feeling surrounding meeting the Yosen team at the Winter Cup.

Before the team can get to the Winter Cup they have to play in a preliminary tournament, where two teams will end up going to the Winter Cup. The preliminary games are easy enough for the team to win even though the other teams do have some potentially troublesome players. Even though they’re playing against teams they should be able to beat, the preliminary games do show how much the team has improved as individuals and as a team. The extent of their improvement is put to the test in the championship rounds when the team has to play against several formidable opponents. From there, they head to the winter cup where they have a very difficult draw to get through. The major games played this season are:

  1. Seirin vs. Shutoku
  2. Seirin vs. Kirisaki Daichi
  3. Seirin vs. Touou
  4. Seirin vs. Yosen

There’s also several other games played during this season. Even though those games aren’t the highlights of the season, they contain some fun moments. For instance, there’s the first preliminary game against Josei. That game is the first time that Kiyoshi plays in a game with the team. It also features the moment where the other Generation of Miracles players sense that there’s another player who might be their equal when Kagami makes a spectacular display at the end of the game. There’s also some time between the Kirisaki Daichi game and the Touou game where the team recovers and trains for the Winter Cup with Riko’s dad. There’s just too much that goes on in these smaller games to mention them here. By the end of the season, the Yosen game has been decided, but there’s still much more of the tournament left to play.


Really, if you already watched the first season, you know if KuroBasu is your kind of show. If it is then you’ll love this season. Everything’s bigger and brighter and more exciting than the first go around. Production I. G. really stepped their game up from season 1 to season 2 of this show. It wasn’t like the first season looked bad, but this one looked even better. Especially that opening sequence that they added at the beginning of the season. The action shots in this show have always looked above average but there are moments in this one where they look outstanding. Especially when players start to enter the zone. Couple that with music that’s always trying to play up some of the big emotional moments and you’ve got a show that’s really good at drawing you into some of its big “sports moments” even if you’re a more cynical watcher like me.

I also thought that they tried to add some more depth to the story, even though it might not have always worked. We get a lot more information about the backgrounds of characters like Kagami, Kiyoshi and Hyuga as well as finding out about the origins of the Seirin basketball team. I didn’t think all of it was pulled off very well because some of the information was spread out over too many episodes to feel relevant. However, that was more the exception than the rule. These flashbacks and side stories also allowed for a lot of the show’s trademark humor to be retained despite the fact that the team was constantly playing in do-or-die games.


Overall, the season is great. There’s so much action with the tournament going on and so many highlights and new techniques to see. The only complaint that I could really have about this season is that we have to wait until season 3 to see the conclusion of the Winter Cup. I would definitely recommend watching/buying this season if you watched the first one.

Kuroko No Basuke 2

Kuroko No Basuke 2












            • More great basketball action


            • ...really can't think of any. Unless you just hate basketball.