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Agents of SHIELD: Devils You Know – Season 3 Episode 4

Coulson is testing the waters working with Rosalind while Hunter is getting closer to Ward.


The Inhuman multiplier that Mack nicknamed the “Ginger Ninja”, came to Coulson to get some help for friends of hers. She has contacts with other Inhumans living in the world and Coulson wants to use her to reach out. A meeting between her and her old friends is interrupted when the monstrous Inhuman hunter appears. He kills Alicia’s duplicate as well as the other Inhumans before Coulson’s team can move in. In the spirit of cooperation, Coulson calls in the ACTU. Mack and Daisy aren’t thrilled to see Rosalind and her soldiers on the scene, but tensions eventually give way and an investigation starts once they see that the killer is gone. Even though Coulson and Rosalind have agreed to work together, both of them are holding back details of their operations while trying to get the other side to show their hand.


Coulson offers an olive branch by having Daisy reach out to the ACTU to decode the source of a virus in an email that was sent to the Inhuman couple before they were found. Of course, she’s able to trace the source to a government employee named Frye. Daisy’s still very skeptical of the ATCU, but Coulson calls them in anyway. A combination team infiltrates the virus creator’s apartment, but Daisy is the one to find him first. That’s when they discover that Frye has some kind of almost allergic reaction to Inhumans. So, it’s not much of a surprise that he would help Lash. Oh yeah, the big blue guy’s name is “Lash” BTW. After being persuaded by Coulson’s special hand, Frye tells them that Lash is just trying to do the right thing and send the Inhumans back to where they belong. In exchange for their help to that point, Coulson gets Rosalind to agree to let Mack and Daisy go along with Frye to see how the ATCU operates. However, the convoy is attacked by Lash. After knocking everyone else out, he tells Frye, “I’m not merciful, I’m necessary” and kills him. As Lash leaves, Daisy can see his shadow change shape, leading her to believe that he can transform into a normal shaped person.


Coulson also has a HYDRA issue to deal with. May believes that Hunter’s gotten himself in to deep. She’s afraid that taking on a meeting with more HYDRA agents will expose him to Ward and get him killed. Believing that he needs more backup than she can provide (quite a statement from the Calvary), she goes back to SHIELD to ask Coulson for help. While she’s there, she runs into Andrew and the two have an exchange about Andrew disappearing on May during their Hawaiian get away. Of course, no real information is given and Andrew only offers the promise of an explanation before May storms off. Sure enough, Hunter does end up needing backup. He ends up in a warehouse with Ward and the other HYDRA agents. May ends up getting to him in time, but Coulson’s team is still on their way when the altercation takes place. After May, Hunter and Ward exchange a few verbal barbs and some henchmen are killed, Ward reveals his trump card. He shows May that he’s had Andrew under surveillance (remember Werner von Strucker signed up for his class in an earlier episode). He tells May that she’ll let him go if they let him go. Hunter either doesn’t believe him or is to blinded by revenge, but he attacks Ward and manages to shoot him in the back. Ward escapes through a window and Andrew is apparently killed by Werner von Strucker and some other HYDRA goons. However, the death is implied and we don’t actually see any confirmation that it’s Andrew’s body. At the very least though, we know that Andrew’s phone was definitely blown up.


During all of these events, Fitz-Simmons and Bobbi have been a little at odds back in the lab. Bobbi is getting antsy because she wants to be back in the field. On top of that, Coulson doesn’t tell her (or Hunter doesn’t want her told) that they’re taking a team to go help Hunter. It looks like her patience with the quirkiness of being Fitz’s lab partner is wearing thin. Meanwhile, Fitz is becoming more and more concerned about Simmons fascination with the Monolith. He figures out that she wants to try to reopen the portal. Andrew came to the base earlier to help diagnose Jemma and, as you’d expect, he believes her to be in rough shape. With all the evidence for concern piling up, Jemma finally decides to confide in Fitz about what happened to her while she was gone and why she wants to go back. Of course, that story won’t be told until the next episode.

Favorite/Notable Moments

  1. That’s level 7
    Even though Ward’s revealed himself as a murderous bastard, he still has his sense of humor. It was interesting that he actually admitted that his plan (or part of it) is to bring down SHIELD. So, he’s basically targeting Coulson.
  2. Dragon lady
    That’s what Skye calls Rosalind when she’s talking to Coulson. She’s got an interesting dynamic with the whole Coulson/Rosalind thing. It almost feels like a teenage daughter that doesn’t like her dad’s new girlfriend. And I do swear, if Rosalind and Coulson aren’t flirting, I’m gonna be very confused.
  3. We have 19 Agent Johnsons
    Just an interesting thing to note that Rosalind acknowledges that they have powered people working for the ATCU. However, she also admits that none of them are as powerful as Daisy. It’s also interesting that Daisy seems very confident in the idea that the ATCU couldn’t take her down if they tried.
  4. Ward “kills” Andrew
    It may be obvious already, but I don’t believe that Andrew is actually dead. There are a few tell-tale signs of the fake death trope you see in TV and movies. Aside from that, there’s the fact that there’s still the big mystery surrounding what happened with he and May. Based on their conversation, Andrew’s the only one who really knows what happened. That means that we need him alive to find out. All that being said, I was really kind of impressed that the show would let Ward go that far. It seemed pretty clear that, no matter what the outcome, he’s out for blood. SHIELD-s3e04-Andrew-Malinda


It’s kind of easy to forget all of the stuff that happened in this episode because of the two big moments at the end. It’s kind of a shame too because, once I remembered, I really liked the kind of broken family dynamic that was being given off by Coulson, Daisy, Mack and Rosalind. It really does seem like they’re on the same side. It’s just that both sides are too prone to mistrust to actually believe it. Maybe Daisy and Mack will actually see something promising when they get back to the ACTU base. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if they turned out to be evil. Although I think the show gave a pretty heavy handed misdirect towards that when Skye said that Lash could be anyone, only to have Rosalind walk in at that moment. I doubt that Rosalind would actually be Lash but, now that they know to look for a regular person, figuring out just who he is will be interesting.

Of course the big moments at the end of the episode were ward killing Andrew and Simmons admitting that she wants to go back through the portal. I went over my thoughts about the Ward thing already. Although, I will add that I wonder how much May is going to blame Andrew’s death on Hunter’s reckless behavior.

I’m more interested in why Simmons wants to go back to wherever she was. She said she gave up hope while she was there, but she didn’t kill herself. She’s also in fairly good shape for someone who’s been in a desert for 6 months. Factoring that in with Simmons’ personality and it suggests that there’s someone (human or alien) that’s back on the other world. In the last episode, we did see that people weren’t sent through the portal on purpose in the past. Maybe one (or several) of them or they’re descendants are still there. My guess is that Simmons found something maddeningly important, like some kind of scientific discovery that she just can’t stand to leave behind. The way the episode ends, I suspect we’re going to get some very straight answers about what happened to Simmons in the next episode.