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Heroes Reborn: Under the Mask – Episode 3

The pieces of the larger story continue to come together slowly in this weeks single episode.


Noah takes Quentin to a hospital where he runs into a doctor that knows him. The last time the doc saw Noah was on the day of the Odessa bombing. The doctor tries to discretely call security, but Noah disappears. When the guards come back, he captures one of them and has him take him to the surveiliance records of the last time he was in the hospital. When he sees the videos, Noah quickly realizes that there are several things wrong. He’s talking to a person that can’t be seen on camera, parts of the video have time jumps in them, he sees himself finding Claire in the morgue and he leaves with Molly Walker. He assumes that the time jumps are the work of Hiro Nakamura and he knows that it wasn’t possible for Claire to have died in a hospital like that with her power. Before he finds anything else, Quentin comes in and urges him to get out before any more guards arrive. HRG leaves and decides to go try to get answers from Molly.

Back in Japan, Miko’s rampage in the office building is halted when she encounters a man named Harris (denoted as Harris Prime). He quickly subdues her, takes her sword and brings word of what’s going on to the head of the Renautas company, Erica. Fortunately for Miko, Ren has shown up at the building and starts to snoop around to find her after overhearing that she’d been taken. Before she leaves for America, Erica instructs Harris to get information from Miko. He starts off his interrogation by telling Miko that she doesn’t know the whole story about her father and pulls out a bunch of knives, like he’s going to attack her. At that moment, Ren bursts in the room and Miko uses the distraction to attack Harris with a clever, cutting his arm off. As Mike and Ren escape, they decide to follow Erica to America. Back in the holding room, Harris regenerates his arm and the arm that was cut off regenerates into a full blown clone of Harris.

In LA, Carlos has taken over his brother’s Evo underground railroad, and is working to find out who killed him. He finds the crooked cops responsible. They are interrogating a woman for details about the Underground Railroad but aren’t having much luck. They let the woman escape, hoping that they can follow her to the railroad. Carlos blows his cover and the men chase him, but the pastor uses his smoke power to swoop in and save him. He urges Carlos that this isn’t the way to avenge his brother. Still, Carlos decides to don his brother’s costume and go try to save the escapees before they can be found. He gets them away from their hideout just before the crooked cop shows up. As El Vengador, he tries to fight the guy but realizes that he’s got powers that make him super strong. Overmatched, El Vengador has to flee.

heroes-s1e3-crooked-cops heroes-s1e3-el-vengador-in-trouble

Molly has been taken all the way back to Midian by Taylor, the woman who took her in the previous episode. We find out that Taylor is also Erica’s daughter along with being one of her operatives. Erica is using the old Primatech strategy of “one of us, one of them model” but she doesn’t approve of Taylor being with her partner in the bedroom. Quentin and HRG make their way to Rinauta’s EPIC tech launch just in time to find Molly after Taylor drops her off. They rescue Molly from her captors but Molly doesn’t want anything to do with HRG. When he asks her to help him remember what happened that day (June 13), she tells him there’s too much at stake and runs away. Unfortunately for her, she runs right into the arms of Harris, who was sent there to collect her. Harris takes Molly and plugs her into a machine as Erica is going on stage to release EPIC. Along with causing Molly a lot of pain, the EPIC product harnesses her power to allow the glasses to scan and locate any Evo anywhere.

heroes-s1e3-taylor-erica heroes-s1e3-epic-glasses

Other Stuff

  • With new found confidence coming from his recent boost in social status, Tommy decides to go to a party with Emily. His mom follows him to the party. She finds the man who’s been helping/following Tommy and sticks a gun to his neck. He tells her that he intends to keep his promise to protect the boy and that he’ll be needed soon. Tommy’s mom tells the mystery man to stay away from them and quickly takes her son away from the party. Tommy and his mother are attacked by some unseen force as they’re trying to drive away.
  • The arctic girl is named Malina, and she’s being aided by some invisible entity. Apparently, her power holds the key to keeping something pretty bad from happening. It also looks like she’s being hunted by Renautas.
  • The Renautas motto is “Where doing good is good business”.
  • Luke has started to manifest some powers of his own. From what is shown on screen they seem to be heat/solar based and not under control. The last scene of him in this episode shows him looking like a human supernova. This may have been part of the reason he didn’t seem so into their hunt recently. Even so, they are currently on their way to find El Vengador.


I felt like this episode continued the momentum created by the series premier pretty well. However, I have to start off by pointing out my one big problem with this episode: Molly. She spent most of her screen time in the episode kicking and screaming about how Renautas was going to kill her and how much danger she was in. Still, when faced with an opportunity to escape via HRG, she chose to run deeper into her enemy’s territory. I get that that behavior should be indicative of the magnitude of HRG’s actions and what the memory wipe was supposed to protect. It just seemed like, knowing HRG and how he operates, she would realize that coming with him was a better option than running into the situation she ended up in. It’s not like she even ran away and then slipped up, she literally ran into her captors arms.

Other than that, I thought the biggest moment in the show was finding out that Luke has powers. Not only does he have powers, it looks like he’s going to have some pretty spectacular ones as well. The way he started glowing seemed to indicate that he’s got some kind of solar energy stored up inside him. Maybe he’ll be a solar battery kind of character, ala Superman or Sunspot. Given the history of the show, I’d expect his powers to ultimately be more low key just because they don’t like to give people powers that strain the effects budget too much. Still, it’s fun to imagine what he could turn in to. More than what he could turn in to as an Evo, he’s the most interesting character for what he could turn in to as a hero. We’ve already got to see that he’s a person capable of doing bad things and I’m kind of hoping that we get to see him do more. However, it’s clear that he’s already developed apprehension about what he and Joanne have been doing. Having that happen so early makes it clear that he’s being primed to “jump sides” at some point, I just hope that transformation isn’t rushed.

ThisĀ  series continues to be about multiple stories being slowly would together. To my surprise, some of those stories have already intersected. For instance, HRG and Quentin have already converged with Molly and Renautas while Ren and Miko are following closely behind. Luke and Joanne are headed to meet Carlos and have already come across Tommy. Eventually those two halves of the story are likely to collide as well. Then there’s also the continued references to past characters like Hiro and Claire that are likely to bear fruit as well. My guess is that whoever this Malina is, her story will be the one most likely to bring these characters all together. Until then, we’ll just have to patiently watch little pieces of the story unfold. It’s like watching a painting being done a stroke at a time. It can be a little frustrating, but I still feel like the end result will be worth it. Of course, I wouldn’t blame anyone for just waiting for the whole thing to be done and then just coming back to look at the entire project as a whole.