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Being Human: Series Finale

Being Human, SyFy’s American take on a British property of the same name, came to an end last night with the 13th episode of its 4th season. Rarely are series finales a home run, as was recently evidenced by the HIMYM finale, so I was nervous going into this one fearing that I would see another finally that would prove to be divisive for the fan base. While I understand that no finale can please everybody, I think that this finally did a very good job of being something that the majority of its fans would enjoy.


Ramona now has Aidan thoroughly entranced in rage. Just as he’s about to snap Josh’s neck (the same way Sally had seen him do in the past) Sally teleports herself, Nora and Josh into the basement so they can form a plan. Thinking, quickly (and perhaps hastily) Sally disables Aidan and then sacrifices herself to make him human again, which also breaks Ramona’s hold over him. Aidan awakes feeling his heart beat only to see Sally go pale and start to fade away. She has just enough time to say goodbye to everyone until she disintegrates.

Realizing that Sally is gone, Ramona throws a supernatural tantrum that causes the windows to blow out of the house. Aidan, Josh and Nora are able to escape the house in the aftermath. The trio holds up and has a moment to come to terms with Sally’s sacrifice. Aidan tells Josh and Nora that he’ll be moving out to the RV in order to give them the space they need. But before they go their separate ways we get to see Aidan take his first steps to readjusting to human life: eating a cheeseburger and chili fries.

Later on we see that Aidan is falling apart. He spends his time out at the RV drinking and mourning Sally between visits from his friends. He also finds out that his now 200+ year old body is feeling the effects of his lost immortality. In short, he only has a week to live. Everyone is already together as Aidan reveals his fate to Josh and also accidentally breaks the news to Josh that Nora is pregnant. Josh and Nora contemplate their life together as parents and Nora reassures Josh that she believes in his ability to control his wolf on his own. While they’re doing that, Aidan┬árevisits some of his old haunts and even attempts to have another vampire turn him before Josh shows up and intervenes. The two have it out and Aidan reveals that after all this time he’s afraid to die and that he’s not convinced that his limited time being human will make up for all the atrocities he has committed in his life.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Ramona wants to find a way to bring the gang back to the house. She sends them a “message” by murdering a contractor in the house. After getting through Aidan’s breakdown, Josh and Aidan see the report in the news paper and head back to the house. Aidan tricks Josh into letting him enter the house by himself where he confronts Ramona. After a brief confrontation Ramona attacks Aidan causing him to fall down the stairs of the house and die in the same way Sally had years ago. Before he dies Aidan is able to burn the house down and with it, Ramona.

Josh and Nora return to the house to see everything burned down. As they stand in the middle of the wreckage, Josh promises Nora that he will always be there for her and the children. As the two embrace, Aidan appears from his death spot now a full fledged ghost. Just as the three are adjusting to the situation Aidan’s door appears. Josh and Nora say their goodbyes and Aidan reluctantly opens the door to find Sally on the other side waiting for him. The two embrace and as the door closes Nora and Josh are able to tell that Sally is there with them.

In the last scene of the show, we see the two couples together eating a meal in the familiar kitchen. Everyone is happy and very much in love. The scene fades out and we see that Josh and Nora have been asleep in a field. Apparently, they are both sharing dreams of Aidan and Sally and the couple vocalizes their belief that it is actually their two spectral friends visiting them. However, they have little time to contemplate this as they have to get up to tend to another Aidan and Sally; their two children.


As I said at the top, I think this finale will make most people happy. Josh and Nora end up together and so do Aidan and Sally. I also thought it was appropriate that the house ended up being destroyed if the 4 of them were going to end up separated from each other since that house was really the representation of their bond. That being said, I am little surprised that they didn’t try to find a way to have the entire group end up together living a regular life. Even though part of me wants that, I admit that I’m not sure how exactly that could’ve been accomplished.

The show also doesn’t really address what happens to the world around the core group. Both Josh and Aidan were constantly being pulled back in to the werewolf and vampire culture. Even Sally would occasionally become entangled with other supernaturals. With Kenny’s death, Donna being sealed away, and Josh slaughtering the primary members of his last pack; it is reasonable to think that those are conclusions to their involvement with that kind of stuff. Although as Aidan says, “What has ever led us to believe that life is that simple?” Had the show continued I would fully have expected more werewolves or young vampires to have come after Josh and Aidan but, in the interest of having a happy ending, I’m willing to let these ideas go and accept that death has freed Sally and Aidan and that Josh and Nora managed to live a life without being interfered with.

Instead of worrying about those kinds of things I’d like to focus on all the good things that this episode did. They brought back the voice over to the show that we get to hear some final words from each character. They also hit so many different notes, sentimentality, humor, nostalgia, danger, triumph it’s amazing to think of how many emotions you feel during this episode. More than anyone, I feel like this finale belonged to Aidan. Sally and Josh have both had a chance to be a focal point at different stretches through this season and, I guess, this is Aidan’s turn.

We’ve seen Aidan go through a lot over the past 4 seasons. However, this episode really puts him through the ringer. He’s at the height of rage and despair when he attacks Josh. Later he absolutely falls apart when he has to deal with Sally being gone. After that we see him crumbling in fear at the prospect of his own death while, at the same time being funny about it in a lot of ways. At the end, we get to see him perform one great act of bravery by being the one to take down Ramona. It’s hard to put into words just how good Sam Witwer was in this episode.

Being Human has been one of my favorite shows and I’m sad to see it go. But, unless its Doctor Who, every show has to end some time. You just hope that when a show ends it gets a finally like this. One that doesn’t give you a cookie cutter ending but still leaves you feeling content and happy for the characters you’ve grown attached to.