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Sword Art Online II – Episode 24 : Mother’s Rosario

Yuuki is able to continue her life with Asuna and everyone else for a few months. Then, Asuna gets an email from Yuuki’s doctor.

Following the theme of the previous episode. This season’s finale was anti-climactic in some ways. There was very little excitement but a lot of emotion and drama. The episode begins showing snippets of Yuuki and Asuna together in the real and virtual world along with everyone else. Everything seems to go well for them and there’s even a one-on-one duel between Zekken and Kirito in a dueling tournament. Even though things are going well, Yuuki is still sick. One day Asuna gets a message from Yuuki’s doctor that her condition has started to deteriorate.


Yuuki rushes to the hospital where she sees that Yuuki has been taken out of the Medicuboid. Asuna takes her hand and, after seeing her try to utter something, asks the doctors to reconnect her. They meet under the same tree that they met before and Yuuki spends the last of her energy transferring her unique sword skill to Asuna. The name of the skill is “Mother’s Rosario”, a name created with the memory of Yuuki’s praying mother. As they share her final moments, everyone arrives to pay their last respects to the strongest swordsman in ALO. Not only Kirito and Asuna’s friends and the Sleeping Knights, but seemingly everyone in ALO descends upon the tree. The result is a sky full of fairies kneeling beside Zekken. Yuuki is able to painlessly fade away while being happy with the life she had.


Not the most climactic ending to a season or story arc, but it was more dramatic than I expected. It was clear that Yuuki wasn’t going to make it soon after she was introduced. Because of that it was easy to not get emotionally attached to her. The most interesting part of the episode (aside from the visuals in ALO) was finding out that Kayaba (I still kind of prefer to call him Heathcliff) was, in part, responsible for the Medicuboid technology. With that revelation, Asuna gaining a new skill, and some of the things that happened in the wake of the GGO incident it feels like the show is ramping up towards something big. I’m just hoping that whatever it is happens at the onset of season 3 (assuming there will be one). Unfortunately, if there isn’t a season 3 then this season’s going to go down feeling like a big waste of time.

Episode Rating: B