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Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 24 : Akame ga Kill!

Well, there’s not too many people left on this show, so it’s time for the fight we’ve all been waiting for: Akame vs. Esdeath…FIGHT!!!

If there’s one thing this show does well (and it there may not be much more than one thing it does do well), it’s fighting. This episode gives us the fight they’ve been building up to for the entire season. That is, unless you were wanting to see Najenda take on Esdeath…’cause that’s not happening. After seeing Tatsumi dead, Esdeath wipes out a good contingent of the nearby soldiers and seals herself and Akame within a ring of ice. Najenda yells the order to Akame to take out the target. I don’t think that was really necessary given the situation, but Akame confirms and the fight is on. The two trade blows in a fight that would do any show proud. There’s a lot of creativity in the choreography given that Esdeath’s powers are ridiculous and Akame only has to nick Esdeath with her blade for it’s curse to take effect.


Esdeath is outmatching Akame, causing her to reveal her own trump card when she cuts herself with the Murasame blade. This transforms Akame and increases her speed. She explains some nonsense about how the sword carries around the feelings of the people it kills and how absorbing that somehow gives her a power up. The why/how isn’t important here, what’s important is that Akame now has hyper speed and is able to keep up with Esdeath. She even manages to stab her arm, but Esdeath cuts it off before the curse can spread. Akame’s power does have a time limit, so she pushes to end the fight quickly. She baits Esdeath into using her trump card to stop time, but she ends up stopping it while looking at an after image of Akame. She can’t find the real one before time unfreezes and Akame gets the drop (literally) on Esdeath and lands the final blow. The two exchange words and Esdeath walks over to Tatsumi’s body, freezing both of them together in her dying moments. I know that she’s supposed to be unbalanced, but this image / story line just feels like the strangest plot in the entire show. I mean, even in death, she manages to abduct Tatsumi.

akame-ga-kill-s1e24-Akame-curse-release akame-ga-kill-s1e24-Akame-trump-form akame-ga-kill-s1e24-Akame-Esdeath-kill-shot akame-ga-kill-s1e24-Esdeath-Freeze-Tatsumi-death

Elsewhere in the capital, Leone has run down Minister Onest. It turns out that he has a ring that can destroy Imperial Arms. He uses it on Leone, but that doesn’t stop her from literally smashing his face in with her bare hands. However, in the process she basically allows Onest to unload an entire clip of handgun fire into her abdomen. It doesn’t kill her immediately, but she does succumb to it later after bidding farewell to her remaining comrades. She dies alone in an alley with a smile on her face.

akame-ga-kill-s1e24-Leone-Kill-Minister akame-ga-kill-s1e24-Akame-Najenda-survivors

The aftermath of the revolution is joyous for most people. The people are already starting to rebuild the kingdom. We see that Wave and Run have taken up with the new regime and are continuing to work to make things better.  Najenda executes the child king who leaves her with the charge to make the kingdom better. As the only two remaining members of Night Raid, Akame and Najenda have one last conversation. Najenda clarifies that she doesn’t know how long she will live because of how much she sacrificed to Susanoo. Akame tells her that she’s leaving and that she can pin any wrong doing Night Raid did on her. Najenda thanks her and asks her to survive. So Najenda is left to spend her remaining time rebuilding the kingdom while Akame wanders the world as an outlaw, fighting to survive. In the prologue of the series we hear that the heroes of Night Raid, who formed the kingdom were eventually erased from history.


Episode Rating: A