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Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 23 : Kill the Emperor

It’s the penultimate episode and, to be honest, they’re running out of people to kill. So, why not the emperor? Of course, we all know that the Emperor isn’t the real problem; it’s Minister Onest. So, Najenda gives the 4 remaining members of Night Raid their final mission: Kill the Minister.

Najenda leads the other Revolutionary Army soldiers in their revolt while Tatsumi, Akame and Leone launch a direct assault on the capital. The trio is met by Run (the angel-looking guy). During the fight, Run admits that he has his own grudge against the Capital for their past crimes. However, he doesn’t feel like starting a revolution was the right choice,  he wanted to change the things from within. Leone decides to take him on by herself and let Tatsumi and Akame go on without her. You’d think that these guys would’ve learned by now that this isn’t a great strategy for guaranteeing their own survival. Leone launches in to attack Run up close and is surprised to see his Imperial Arm’s trump card: God’s Wings.

akame-ga-kill-s1e23-Run-leone-gods-wings akame-ga-kill-s1e23-Tatsumi-throne-room-entrance akame-ga-kill-s1e23-Akame-throne-room-entrance

Akame and Tatsumi make a dramatic entrance into the throne room where the Minister is reassuring the Emporer that he’s done nothing wrong. Akame identifies Onest as their target and launches an attack, but it’s deflected by some kind of force field. Tatsumi and the Emperor have a brief back and forth about whether or not the empire is corrupt. That conversation is interrupted when the Emperor summons the “Utlimate Imperial Arms”, Shikoutazer. It’s basically a giant mech, because what else what you expect at this point. With the minister still goading him on, the Emperor starts to destroy everything around him in this ridiculous device. He starts to destroy his own kingdom and citizens, which prompts Tatsumi’s righteous anger and the two begin to fight / argue.

Even though Tatsumi’s starting to get through to the Emperor, he’s still under the Minister’s influence. He’s about to kill Tatsumi, when Wave steps in and saves him. Wave figures that defending the people must fall under the scope of a soldier’s duties. Run seems to figure the same thing as he and Run work on the ground to protect the nearby civilians. Wave and Tatsumi continue to attack the Shikoutazer and Tatsumi remembers Susanoo’s advice about everything having a weak point. Tatsumi, strikes a damaging blow but is knocked back by the emperor. As he lies on the ground, he hears Bulat’s voice telling him to keep fighting and to shout out Incursio’s name. When Tatsumi does, Incursio evolves into a golden winged armor. I know that this sounds really cheesy, and it kind of is, but it’s also kind of awesome hearing Tatsumi and Bulat’s voices overlap.

Tatsumi’s transformation allows him to take out the giant imperial arms, but it begins to collapse one the civilians. Tatsumi sacrifices himself to stop the giant armor from striking the innocent people. It’s a very Gurren Lagan style moment with the way that it’s animated. Tatsumi sees the faces of all the other Night Raid members that have passed away as he’s fighting. Tatsumi collapses into Akame’s arms, apologizing for not being able to keep his promise. Akame holds him as his armor begins to fade away. As she’s on the ground Esdeath appears over them with a stone look on her face simply saying, “Tatsumi died”.

akame-ga-kill-s1e23-Golden-Incursio akame-ga-kill-s1e23-Tatsumi-Gurren-lagan-death akame-ga-kill-s1e23-Tatsumi-Akame-Fading

Other Stuff:

  • Wave finally reveals why he joined the Imperial Army. He was saved by a Naval officer and looked up to them. That admiration led him down his current path. Even so, he’s not sure what he’s fighting to protect anymore.
  • Has anyone else wondered why Night Raid keeps identifying who they’re there to kill?
  • I should be upset that Tatsumi’s dead, but I just can’t be anymore. This series has taken away all ability for me to care about someone dying. Plus he’ll probably be wished back with the Dragonballs or some such thing in the next episode, right?