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Sword Art Online II – Episode 21 : The Monument of the Swordsmen

After the way the last episode ended, there’s really only one thing to do in this episode: FIGHT!


The other guild leader tells Kirito that he needs to back down. He also calls him “Blacky” because…racism? Kirito stands his ground and the guild’s mages open fire. Kirito cuts the magic attacks claiming that they’re still slower than bullets. The other players almost crap themselves when he does that and they start visibly cowering when he reveals Excaliber. Klein also shows up behind the guild, claiming he’s late because he got lost. Asuna decides to leave the other guild members to Kirito, Klein and Yui and gets the Knights to focus on the 20 players ahead of them. They attack with a pretty awesome display of coordination, but they’re able to heal. Asuna reminds us why she was called “Flash”, and takes out their healers allowing them to defeat the other players. The PVP action in this episode really does look good.


The boss battle animation is still good, but not quite as good as the earlier action. The Sleeping Knights enter the boss room and prepare for the fight. Yuuki feels a little guilty that Asuna’s friends came to help them, but she tells them not to worry about it. As the fight progresses, Asuna realizes that the boss has a weak point. When she points it out to Yuuki, she’s able to exploit it and kill the boss with her Sword Skill. After winning the fight, they great the spying guild with “V” signs when they enter the room and find it empty. Later they decide to have a party but when Asuna mentions coming back to her place Yuuki starts to act a little strange. When Siune (the Knights’ healer) starts to speak up, she stops her and they decide to have it at Asuna’s place after all.


When they arrive they find a congratulatory meal already left their for them (looks like it’s from Yui and Kirito). During the party, Asuna asks Yuuki a lot about everything that she’s done in different games. Eventually, they realize that they forgot to pay Asuna. In exchange she asks them to let her join their guild even if it is for a short time. The request seems really difficult for Yuuki and she becomes somber. In order to lighten the mood, Asuna suggests that they go visit the Memorial so they can see their names. They get there and take a picture. While they’re talking, Asuna points out to Yuuki that she’s started to refer to her as “Sis”. Even though she says it makes her happy, Asuna sees tears start streaming down Yuuki’s face and Yuuki immediately logs out. Something’s clearly going on with Yuuki (and I think, Siune too). I was starting to suspect that she was some kind of sick child based on how often she plays games, but I’ve got no idea what the “Sis” thing is about.

Episode Rating B+