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No Game, No Life – Episode 8 : Fake End

Sora brings everyone right up to the front door of the Eastern Federation’s embassy in Elkia. This time, the plan is to directly challenge the Warbeasts using the information that Blank had already gathered thanks to Steph’s grandfather. To be honest, most of the episode is set-up but, as Steph points out before the episode begins, “the game has already begun”. No Game No Life - 08 - Large 13

Once they’re inside Sora and Shiro finally get to see the cute animal people they’ve been longing for. They meet with an older warbeast named Ino Hatsuse. He is the one who handles the negotiation but the player is his niece and a princess. After freaking out and petting the Warbeast princess (and ¬†kemonomimi loli), Izuna Hatsuse, and freaking out again when they find out she’s got a foul mouth, Blank gets down to business. First, Sora uses a combination of logic and cold reading to confirm his suspicion that Warbeasts are not actually able to read minds like everyone thinks. Instead, it turns out that they use heightened senses of perception to predict people’s actions or tell if they’re lying. With that out of the way, the challenge the Eastern Federation to a game. Before Ino can turn down the request Sora and Shiro paint him into a corner by explaining that they had figured out that the game that the Eastern Federation must’ve been hiding was a video game. Quite simply, if Ino refused their challenge they would know that they were right which meant the only thing he could do is accept and take their memories. So, the bet was set, Blank would play against Izuna in order to reclaim the lands that Elkia had lost to them and Sora, in return bet Imanity’s race peice (and Steph’s panties).

This episode is a lot of fun, from the moment that Blank, Steph and Jibril step into the Eastern Federation’s embassy there’s almost non-stop back and forth and visual tricks. The series is really having fun with Sora and Shiro’s explanation as well. So many things happen that it’s nearly impossible to recount them all, it’d be easier to just watch the episode than try to read about it. I do think my favorite moments where in that explanation though. Especially when Sora starts counting down through the 4 questions that led them to their conclusions.

No Game No Life - 08 - Large 37

In the back end of the episode Sora and Shiro start to explain their plan to Steph and Jibril. Which isn’t a bad idea since Steph, like the rest of Imanity, is pretty pissed at Sora for gambling their race piece. Losing the race piece means that the 10 pledges no longer apply to that race. What that really means is that that race is now susceptible to violence again. For a race like Imanity that is already weak, it’s a death sentence. Sora and Shiro assure Steph that they won’t lose at a video game. As they told Ino earlier, they will never lose at that type of game, no matter what cheats their opponent uses. So Sora and Shiro wait in their castle for the Warbeasts to begin the game. In the meantime, Sora says that he’s going to get the last piece that they need to win the game. As he says that, the episode starts to cut flicker for fractions of a second and Sora tells Shiro that he believes in her. As the end credits play the episode’s distortion gets worse. After the credits Shiro awakes in the royal chambers to find Steph. When she asks where Sora is, Steph says she doesn’t know who that is.

I love that little skipping/distorting effect they put on the last couple of minutes on the episode. It’s clear that something happened to Sora although it’s almost impossible to tell what. At first, I thought my video stream was breaking but they did a really good job of spacing the distortion so that it was¬† clear what was happening after a little while. I was a little surprised that Shiro seemed like she was able to pull her self out of her panicked episode when she realized that Sora wasn’t there. It’ll be interesting to see what the explanation is for this turn of events.


No Game No Life - 08 - Large 47Episode Rating: B