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The Flash: Rogue Air – Episode 22

Wells / Thawne has set the particle accelerator to reactivate. Before they can stop his plans, Team Flash has to figure out how to save the metahumans locked in the pipeline without freeing them.


The episode begins with Team Flash finally finding Eddie. They figure out that Wells has been hiding inside the pipeline this whole time and they go in to try and find him. After they open the door, Wells escapes and frees Peek-a-boo as a diversion. They get Peek-a-boo back in custody and get Eddie out of the holding area and into the lab. After Eddie tells them what he saw Wells working on, they figure out that Wells was building a power source to turn the particle accelerator back on. The problem is, that if the pipeline turns on, all of the middle humans locked in the pipeline will be killed. They have a finite amount of time before the particle accelerator turns itself back on and Barry is it going to let anyone die just because they’re villains.

Flash-s1e22-Barry-Joe-Pipeline Flash-s1e22-iris-knockout-peek-a-boo

He comes up with the idea to move the metahumans to Lian Yu, the Arrow’s private prison island. Joe tries to go to the DA for help transporting the prisoners, but she declines because what they’re doing falls under the crimes of human trafficking and unlawful imprisonment. Barry puts in calls to anyone he can think of, but no one’s available to help. So, Barry goes to see Captain Cold, who’s apparently not much up too much more than making puns at the moment. Barry asks Cold to help them transport the prisoners without incident. He agrees, on the condition that Barry erase all records of Leonard Snart existing from the police, ARGUS, and FBI records as well as online. Despite Joe’s warnings, Barry agrees and Cold and his sister, join the team. There’s some great awkward moments with Cisco and Snart’s sister. One of the almost sweet moments is when shes pesters him for a “cool name” and he dubs her the “Golden Glider”.


Cisco comes up with a way to neutralize the metahuman’s powers while they’re being transported. Peek-a-boo, Deathbolt, Rainbow Raider, Weather Wizard, and Mist are all locked in the truck together and not getting along to well. Fortunately for them, Cold sabotages the prisoner transport and frees the rogues. A fight ensues and Cold kills Deathbolt, claiming that he owed him money. He lets the rest of the Rogues escape and tells the Flash that he did it so that they would owe him one for not letting them get sent away for the prison. Cold leaves the Flash unharmed (relatively) and actually tells him he’s looking forward to seeing how things play out.

Flash-s1e22-flash-vs-mist Flash-s1e22-Cold-double-cross

Even though the Rogues get away, they are now out of danger and that was Barry’s goal to begin with. Barry and Joe have a heart-to-heart about Barry’s walk on the dark side in this episode. Barry talks about wanting to try to be like Oliver, who can sacrifice and hurt in order to get the job done. Joe tells him that it’s his inability to compromise that makes him different from the Arrow and that that’s not a bad thing. Their conversation is interrupted when the particle accelerator countdown ends and Wells returns to STAR Labs.  The Flash confronts Wells outside the lab and is determined not to let him back in. It turns out that Barry’s earlier calls did get through, because he’s joined by Firestorm and Oliver Queen (in his League of Assassins gear). The three heroes all take on the Reverse Flash at once and are eventually able to bring him down with the help of some power-stopping nano-tech from Ray Palmer.


Favorite Moments

  1. The Reverse Flash vs The Flash, The Arrow and Firestorm.
    This was a great “epic hero” moment for the show. The fight was fun and I think it incorporated the very disparate abilities of some of the fighters really well.
  2. Well, Well, well, if it isn’t the Scarlet Speedster.
    Captain Cold is the most perfectly camp comic book villain on this show. These are Adam West-era Batman levels of camp he’s going for, from the dialogue to playing “Cold as Ice” in the background of he and Barry’s conversation.
  3. Well’s monologue
    DCTV has made this a staple of their big shows and I really enjoyed hearing Cavanagh do one.


It took me a while to figure out if I wanted to do a separate write-up for this episode or just include it with the finale like it was a 2-parter. The way this episode leads into the finale, it kind of feels like that’s what it was meant to be. I also wasn’t sure if I should do an individual write-up because there were several things that could’ve been ignored in this episode. One thing that I actually did ignore in my write-up is that Eddie broke up with Iris after getting free of Wells. Eddie seemed pretty determined to be a little snot about the whole thing from the beginning, but he ultimately ends up just admitting that he’s known (just like everyone else) that Barry was between him and Iris all along. Of course, after the events of the finale, it really doesn’t matter whether or not Eddie chose to end the relationship here or not because it was going to end one way or another.

Then there’s the whole Rogue’s escape storyline. Yes, having all the rogues on screen in the same episode is fun. However, I don’t think it really hit the mark as far as trying to develop Barry. They were trying to show Barry flirting with a “dark side” but it never really played that way. I mean, as several people pointed out, they’ve always been doing stuff that’s illegal. The only issue was whether or not Barry should trust Snart. Joe sees that as Barry going down a bad path. I would argue that only someone as naive and good hearted as Barry Allen would’ve believed that Snart wouldn’t double cross him to begin with. With that in mind, I think all the warnings about not becoming like the Arrow or turning into the people they’re fighting, was much ado about nothing. Although, it did give us that fun scene with the Snarts in STAR Labs.

The real highlight of this show was the fight with the Reverse Flash. It was really just the back 1/3 of the episode, but it’s the part that really ties in to the big events going on in the show right now. We haven’t seen these Rogues on screen for a while now, but we have been dealing with the Reverse Flash almost exclusively for the last month or so. This fight is a nice little payoff to that as well as a good way to integrate guest stars in a way that’s not just them showing up and quipping or throwing out references. That being said, it was kind of funny to have them just show up, fight and then leave everything to Barry. Now he has Wells, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know exactly what to do with him.