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Suits: Gone – Season 4 Episode 9

At the end of the last episode, Louis confessed to Harvey and Jessica about what he’d done. In this episode they all have to try to find a way to deal with this before it gives Cahill the “in” he needs to pin anything on them. While that’s happening, Cahill’s deposition begins and puts a strain on Mike and Rachel’s newly reformed relationship.


Harvey gets to Jessica’s office right after he’s told her everything. Harvey tells them that he already knows what’s happening and suspects that there’s more. To Jessica’s dismay, Louis also reveals that Forstman leveraged him into embezzling money. When Harvey starts to go off on Louis, Jessica calls him off. She wants to look for a solution but she tells Harvey, in no uncertain terms, that she plans to fire Louis as soon as this is all over. Harvey storms into his office only to be caught by Donna who asks what’s going on. Harvey tells her about Louis’ imminent firing for endangering the firm and Donna reminds him that Harvey put the firm at risk himself when he hired Mike Ross. Harvey tries, once again, to go to Forstman directly, but he refuses to budge because it would let Louis off the hook as well.


With that plan off the table, Mike comes up with the idea to divide Cahill’s attention by deposing him at the same time he’s deposing them. Basically, he wants to create a race to see who can find the other guilty first. Jessica and Harvey go for it and, after some banter about a birthday party and clowns, Harvey serves Cahill with a notice of the depositions. While they’re working on that, Louis goes to Donna to ask if Harvey’s going to fire him. Knowing full well that Jessica’s the one planning to fire him, Donna tells him that Harvey’s not. This puts Louis at ease until Katrina points out to him that Jessica’s likely bidding her time until she terminates him. This realization spurs Louis into action (which is directly against what Jessica asked him to do). Jessica has her own plan, which involves Jeff. She wants Malone to dig up dirt on Woodall’s past cases so that they can get him off their trail. Jeff demands to not be kept in the dark again and Jessica gives him more information, but she still keeps him in the dark about what Louis has done which is the real reason for her request.

Donna goes to Jessica to ask her to forgive Louis. Jessica’s a bit taken off guard by this and has a very candid conversation with Donna. She believes, like everyone else, that Louis made a choice that put the entire firm in danger. Donna reminds Jessica that she had also made a bad choice and that she had been forgiven for it.  Jessica also points out that she fired her for that choice. Donna comes back by saying that she would let Harvey find a way to fix things. Jessica retorts that that is true but that’s because she has the confidence that Harvey would. She goes further by telling Donna that she’s overstepping her bounds and that, if she continues, she may end up getting fired again.


When the depositions begin, it’s Jessica and Harvey’s turn first. They begin by questioning Woodall with Cahill in the room. Thanks to Jeff, they were able to find emails from a previous case that proved Woodall was going after someone years before an actual case was made against them and that he had admitted that he was going to get them on anything he could. Cahill stops the deposition but not before Harvey gets Woodall to admit (off the record, of course) that that’s the same thing he was doing to Harvey. Jessica tells Jeff the good news and the two go off to celebrate. Meanwhile, Mike is prepping Rachel for the deposition. Mike didn’t want to do this but Harvey thinks that it’s the best way to prepare Rachel for what Cahill will do. Of course, the prep questions quickly turn to questions about Logan which leads to Mike and Rachel getting into an argument. Mike yells that he’s clearly not over what happened. Rachel continues to apologize but says that, more than anything, she needs Mike to believe that he’s more important to her than anything else. The scene ends with Rachel’s emotional speech and Mike saying that there’s been enough questions.

The next day Harvey and Jessica going to court with Cahill. Louis is there to help after reading the deposition, but Jessica bites his head off and has him sit in the back of the court room. The PS duo claims that the deposition with Woodall should be enough to get the case thrown out. Cahill counters by revealing Jessica’s relationship with Malone and suggesting that she hired him to help him navigate bypassing the law. The judge thinks that’s enough to let the depositions continue and Louis finds out some new information. He goes to Jeff and tells him everything that happened and asks him if he’ll talk to Jessica for him. Malone hides his surprise about the information and tells him that he’ll talk to Jessica.


Cahill changes the order of his deposition and decides to start with Mike and Harvey instead. During the deposition Cahill questions how Harvey could hire Mike back after he screwed up the Gillis Industries deal. Despite Cahill’s bashing of Mike’s performance, Harvey stands up for him and says that he did a great job on the case. That leads Cahill to ask why Mike didn’t send out a resume to any other firm between being fired and ending up back at Pearson Specter. That’s what’s convincing Cahill to believe that something’s up between them. They sidestep the question that guaranteeing that neither of them got any money from the deal. That leads Cahill to the realization that someone else did get money from the deal. Harvey and Mike realize that Chaill’s now on the right track and that they have to find a way to shut him down. Between the two of them and Jessica, they realize that Cahill could’ve only found out about Malone by abusing his power to follow him. Jessica goes in to confront Cahill and has the suspicion confirmed but also finds out that Louis went in and confessed earlier.


Louis had read the transcript of the deposition and knew that it was only a matter of time before he was found out. He goes to tell Harvey what he did but Jessica storms in at the same time. In the middle of Harvey and Jessica berating Louis, Mike realizes that Louis should be in jail and not in their office. When they ask him what happened specifically they find out that Woodall hid Louis from Cahill. They wonder why he wouldn’t take Louis in when doing so could’ve landed the SEC Forstman as well. They realize that Woodall and Forstman must be in bed together. They spend the night trying to find a link between Woodall, Cahill and Forstman. Mike and Harvey are at a dead end but Louis comes in with a suggestion, that Cahill doesn’t actually know that Woodall is crooked. He guesses that Forstman would’ve made Woodall take an insurance payment just like he did.


The trio bank on the idea that Cahill does actually think he’s a good guy. They go into Cahill’s office and hand him the document implicating Louis and Forstman and also tell him about Woodall ignoring Louis’ confession. Seeing Louis again, Woodall comes into the office where Cahill tells him about the accusations. Woodall goes silent, leading Cahill to realize the truth of what’s been going on. With the problem solved, they head back to the office where Harvey has it out with Jessica one more time over firing Louis. Even though Louis fixed this situation, Jessica just can’t get past the litany of things he’s done wrong and is determined to fire him. Harvey requests that she let him say goodbye to Louis. When he and Donna go into his office, they find a letter of resignation from Louis on his desk.

Favorite Moments

  1. Jessica vs. Harvey
  2. Jessica vs. Donna
  3. Jessica vs. Louis
  4. Jessica vs. Cahill
  5. Jessica vs. Harvey 2

Seriously, this may have been the largest number of confrontations that I’ve ever seen Jessica in and she’s great in all of them. They could’ve just called this episode “Jessica fights everyone”.


Did anyone else feel like the whole Forstman/Woodall connection was a little too convenient? I think we all knew that things would get tied up somehow but it seems a little too convenient for these two Pearson Specter adversaries to have been in bed together this whole time. Still, the way it came out was pretty well done. Louis’ great weakness turns out to be the thing that ends up saving everyone. Although, as Jessica points out at the end of the episode, this instance was the exception to the rule. I don’t know if Louis’ firing will stick (probably not, knowing this show) but it was nice to see him legitimately get something right for once. It was also nice to see Harvey and Cahill’s mutual respect get put to good use. Kind of like with Mike earlier in the season, I got the sense that Harvey was somewhat enjoying going up against Cahill. I also really enjoyed the final confrontation between the Pearson Specter trio and Cahill/Woodall. The rapid fire dialogue being fired at Cahill seemed like something that was either incredibly natural or incredibly well practiced from those three characters (and I’m guessing it’s the former).

Of course, the real star of this episode was Jessica. It seemed like she was just all up in everyone’s faces this episode. Gina Torres has always played the strength of Jessica very well but she really stood on her own  in this episode. She went up against almost everyone else she comes across in this episode and manages to assert her will in each situation. It was also interesting to me that she, like everyone else, harped so much on the idea of “choice” when talking about Louis. As the episode pointed out, each of them has made bad choices (even though they did fix those things later). However, for Louis there was no coming back from this choice. I do admit that it’s understandable but I just hope that his sacrifice really does end this. With one episode left it doesn’t feel likely that Cahill’s case has been completely put to bed.

Episode Grade: A