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The Americans: Born Again – Season 3 Episode 6

The time for Paige’s baptism finally comes and everyone in the family is trying to open up to each other. Philip finds a way to let Jesus help him in his work.

The Mission:

Philip returns to Kimmy’s house to finish the deed. He’s doing everything within his power to stop from having to sleep with this girl. They get high and he introduces her to the magic of Pink Floyd. When she tries to take a bath with him, he manages to convince her to go by herself. This gives him the opportunity to let another operative into the room and plant a bug. However, Kimmy comes back out of the bath before the job is done and Philip has to stall for time. First, he gives her the other operatives your rings (good thing it was a woman who came to help him). Then, when Kimmy decides to drop her towel in front of him, he takes a page from his daughter’s book. He claims that he’s found Jesus and that that’s why he can’t sleep with Kimmy. This entire scene went from being incredibly tense when Philip and the other agent were hurrying to try and install the bug, to having a sense of levity when he faked finding religion. Elizabeth had been waiting up nervously to find out what happened on the mission and whether or not Philip had gone through with sleeping with Kimmy. When he comes back home the two white up a joint he had left over from the mission and have a good laugh about how he got himself out of it. However, if the mission drags on he says he may end up having to sleep with her one day.

Later, Philip goes to report to Gabriel about everything that’s happened. While talking to Gabriel, he gets to surprising pieces of information. The first, is that the Centre wants to have weekly updates from the field which means Philip has to go see Kimmy once a week instead of once a month. The second, is that his¬†former lover was captured in Brazil by the KGB. She told them about the sun that they had from back when he was in Russia, before becoming a spy. His son has been deployed to Afghanistan and as a loyal soldier but, being the son of a defector he is being looked into. Philip is concerned about his son, but he’s also concerned about whether or not Gabriel has told Elizabeth about any of this. Philip chooses not to tell Elizabeth any of the news about his son, and doubles down on his religion story with Kimmy. Phillip (as James) folds the story about his son into the lie that he’s telling to Kimmy and says that the reason he found religion is because he wants to reconnect with the son that he lost. He invites Kimmy to pray with him and to his surprise (and to be honest, mine too) she goes right along with and even offers up some prayers of her own for his lost son.

TheAmericans-s3e6-Philip-Kimmy TheAmericans-s3e6-James-Kimmy-praying

The Prisoner:

Nina is still pursuing her new position with Evi. While she’s working on this mission for the warden, neither is at least able to get some decent food and wine in prison. She gets Evi to open up by talking about her two lovers back in America. Like others before her, Evi falls for the trap and reveals to Nina that she was more than just a patsy for her former boyfriend.¬†Nina turns her over and, in a heartbreaking display, Evi is dragged from their cell kicking and screaming. She just keeps screaming to me the, “what did you do”. What Nina did, is what she always does. She looked out for herself. As Oleg told her, she is a survivor. And man, is she coldhearted when she needs to be.

TheAmericans-s3e6-Evi-Nina-prison TheAmericans-s3e6-Evi-Nina-prison-taken


The episode begins with Paige’s baptism. After the baptism, Philip tries to have a discussion with Paige about being her own person. Paige interprets it as her father talking to her about peer pressure, staying off drugs, and the like. What he’s really trying to get through to her is that she doesn’t have to become a spy if she doesn’t want to, even though it’s going to be her parents who are going to be asking her to do it. Paige has her own little agenda. While Elizabeth is waiting anxiously for Philip to return, Paige comes to talk to her. She knows that religion isn’t her mother’s thing, but she’s trying to get her to start praying. My guess, is that Paige wants at least one of her parents to come to the religious side with her if not both.

Gabriel has a separate meeting with Elizabeth and confides in her that he feels Philip is losing faith in him. The problem is Paige. Elizabeth reassures Gabriel that she’s going to forward with Paige’s transition with or without Philip. However, Gabriel points out that Elizabeth isn’t really willing to move forward with it herself. Elizabeth takes the, and decides to show Paige some of she and Phillips background. Not any of the spy stuff per se, but she tells Paige a half truth about how she and Philip used to be civil rights activists. She takes Paige to the hood and shows her were some of the African-Americans that she and Philip uses assets, specifically Gregory, came from. She doesn’t find out that there spies, the Paige now knows that there’s more to her parents than she thought.

This is also kind of messed up because Gregory and Elizabeth were having a legitimate affair. Of course, Elizabeth leaves that part of the story out. It’s an interesting first look at how Elizabeth plans to bring Paige into their real world. Namely, what she’s willing to tell Paige and what she isn’t. It is very similar to what Philip is doing with Kimmy. However, the one big difference is that Kimmy is an asset will likely be discarded as soon as possible. Whereas Paige, is their daughter and someone that they need to not only trust them, but to work with them in the future. I’m not sure that introducing her into this new life with lies and half truths is the best way to do it. Then again, I’m not a spy or parent, so what do I know.

TheAmericans-s3e6-Paige-mother-garageOther Observations:

  • Stan brings his EST girl, Tori, over to the Jennings’ for dinner. Later she talks him through having sex in his home for the first time without his wife.
  • Agent Aderholt has stopped the classified files from being carried by the mailbot. He also delivers the news of the death of a former colleague to Stan.
  • Hans, Elizabeth’s TA asset, has turned up some information about African radicals potentially bombing college campuses.