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Hataraku Mao-Sama (The Devil is a Part-Timer!)

The Devil is a Part Ttimer covers a lot of bases. It jumps between action, slice of life, harem, romance and parody, but at its core it is a comedy. More importantly, it’s actually a pretty good comedy. Unfortunately, at 13 episodes, it is currently an incomplete comedy.


The show starts out with a heavily stylized medieval style sword and sorcery action as the hero, Emilia battles against King Satan with the fate of Ente Isla hanging in the balance. King Satan is pushed back and retreats into a magical gate, vowing to one day and conquer Ente Isla again. Upon emerging on the other side of the gate, Satan and his right hand man (demon) Alciel find themselves to be transformed into regular young adults in modern day Japan. Once they gain their bearings, Satan and Alciel integrate themselves into society (as best they can) and begin to try to work their way back to the top. Soon, however, Satan (now called Sadao Mao) runs into a girl named Emi Yusa, that has a direct connection to Ente Isla.Back on Ente Isla, Emi was the hero who was the sworn enemy of King Satan. However, in Japan, she can’t see him as the absolutely evil being that she knew him as. So, despite her vows to defeat him, she ends up helping him. Especially when some of his old minions and enemies from Ente Isla show up and start wreaking havoc in Japan. As each of these new characters arrive in Japan they have to deal with their conflicts from Ente Isla as well as learn to adapt to their new lives. Often with comedic consequences.


I wasn’t really sure what this show was gonna be about. The heavy swing from the first scene to the rest of the series threw me off at first, but I recovered. Then, the end of the series hits and I was really thrown off. For a while, I was sure that I had just missed an episode somewhere because episode 13 does almost nothing to acknowledge that it’s even the end of a season, let alone the potential end of the series. That lack of direction describes the most of the back end of the season as well. Time is spent just playing with the characters and world that’s been built. That’s not to say that those episodes aren’t entertaining, but they seem to completely lose any sense of the need to advance the plot.

The primary point of the show is watching the characters from Ente Isla try to adapt to life in modern Japan while also trying to come to terms with the differences and similarities between in their lives in each world. While this sounds like a pretty simple idea, the dynamic it creates between characters is actually pretty interesting and isn’t something that I can say I’ve seen in many anime. It’s the duplicity of character within the individuals that allows the show to jump between the characters being cooperative and adversarial while still trying to maintain a normal life. This dichotomy is usually played for laughs throughout the show, but it is effective. There’s also lots of pop-culture references and other little jokes laced into the show that work well. I found the style of comedy in the series to be pretty clever, which is a little surprising given how wacky some of the characters can act at times.


The show’s first run was Summer 2013 and the manga is still ongoing, so a second season isn’t out of the question. Personally, I’m really hoping for that because the first season just comes to an unceremonious screeching halt. Because of that, it’s really hard for me to recommend that anyone watch this if you’re the kind of person who cares about plot at all. Which is unfortunate because, up until the end the show is charming, entertaining and moves along at a very good pace. It’s worth checking out if you want to watch something that’s light hearted and a funny and feel-good type of show. Just be aware that the plot doesn’t conclude in the anime. But hey, there’s always the manga and light novels.

Hataraku Mao-Sama (The Devil is a Part-Timer!)

Hataraku Mao-Sama (The Devil is a Part-Timer!)












            • Light hearted and fun


            • doesn't have any type of ending